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1Ashes of the Wake

This album is hilariously and unprecedentedly amazing. I have been listening to this album continuously for more than 4 years and it never gets boring. First of all, the production is the best (in my opinion) among the rest of their album; the perfect balance among the guitars, drums, bass and vocal is outstanding--not too noisy or heavy, but clean and powerful. Also, the tones of the guitars and drums are just amazing; they are so lamb-of-god-ish that you can recognize them instantly. Second, the music is just mind-blowing... The guitars and drums. This is the best metal album I have come across (after having listened to thousands of metal albums in 4 years).

The best album lamb of god have done so far, from the kick ass balls-to-the-wall riffs to the awesome production. Easily the best album they've done so much so, that I tattooed the flaming bird off of the album cover to my arm. Laid to rest, now you've got something to die for, the faded line and ashes of the wake will always be seen as the most popular lamb of god songs. The songs in this album feature frequently in all their set lists to this day. enough said

This and Sacrament (and Maybe as the palaces burn) are the Lamb of God albums I can sit down and listen to from start to finish and want to listen to it again and again. What ISN'T good about this album? The song list, the instrumentals, the mixing and mastering, the lyrics. Its easily their best album. (Listen to the end of one gun where Mark and Willie trade off, brilliant.)

Hourglass, The Faded Line. Blood of the Scribe... This album doesn't have a single bad second on it! Resolution comes second then Wrath but this.. This is just something else

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Walk with me in hell, redneck, blacken the cursed sun, again we rise, beating on death floor... All lamb of god albums are kick ass but this one for me is the best... - nooreldeen

Definitely the most technical LOG album to date! Epic guitar work and fantastic lyrics! - AngryByrd

3VII: Sturm Und Drang

Oh my god! This album blew my nuts off! Best Lamb of God EVER!

Pretty good, considering we heard a lot of the songs before it was released. - IronSabbathPriest

This album is going to kick ass very brutal

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THE BEST instrumental work and experimentation YET! The hooks on the album are nuts!

Their heaviest album, plenty of groove, great reply factor, even their "soft song " Grace is heavy and catchy.

For me definitive number one, because this album is really really good in everything!

Heaviest album by Lamb Of God, this should be number 2. - GREYBOYY

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5As the Palaces Burn

Ok now this list is horrible. As the Palaces burn is hands down their best and Wrath was terrible. So their best album is below their worst album. This list is trash - Sabbath

Their best album in my opinion, followed by Ashes Of The Wake.


This should be No. 2 after Ashes of the Wake, it is so awesome, just listen to songs like Desolation or the blowing away King Me! - Philipp606

Hard for me to chose but I chose this one its personal preference. All there albums are awesome apart from there first 2 to be honest

7New American Gospel

My personal favorite album, love some of the breakdowns and styles they produced. This is when lamb of god was more experimental, "they've been there and done that." Randy bythes aggressive lyrics make this album even more compelling

New American Gospel gets my vote! Don't underestimate its brutality. Up there with Sturm and Drang and Wrath.

8Burn the Priest

Raw, angry, aggressive. Crunchy guitar riffs superb drumming, great album all together, before they were officially, Lamb of God.

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1. Ashes of the Wake
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