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Best car in the world. The car of the future
I think the reventon is the heaven of cars there is only 4 been made it should be the best car in the world. I agree with car of the future cars are epic
This is number one? Why? Miura definitely should be number one one of the most important supercars of all time
[Newest]Its awesome I wish I had it so bad

The newest addition to the lamborghini showroom. Introduced in 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show


When I got to go into this it was amazing and the it looks really great
The aventador is the newest and fastest Lamborghini it goes it to 217 mph I think it should be at number 1 I love it.
[Newest]Aventador has cooler name then reventon and is fast overall better

Combining the excitement of the old Lamborghini cars with the build quality of the newer ones, the Diablo, specifically the 6.0, is the perfect blend of old Lamborghini wildness and new Audi-Lambo reliability. I also think the Diablo is the best-looking Lambo, more exciting than modern Lambos but not too extreme like the Countach. The Diablo is truly timeless, and as a total package is the best Lamborghini ever.
I miss this beautifull car :*)

I think it should be top ten because on top gear they had it on there and it looked so cool and fast

5Gallardo Superleggera
best car ever! I have it on grand turismo 5 and it rocks!

Its awesome! That's all I need to say

The old and true Lamborghini!

Why the heck is this last sob website
Roadster should be on here

8Murcielago lp640
This a true super car and I can speak from experience being an actual owner. This car expresses craftsmanship and true raw power.

9Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera
Epicness! The car is boss and way better than Murcielago. Also Gallardo's are so boss that there are 4 of them in the top ten. Also the car has performed the best. This is very different to Murcieilago!

10Gallardo lp560-4

The Contenders

Too be honest I'd rather have the 2004 Gallardo than the new version


It looks cool! I especially like the yellow-colored one.


13Gallardo Balboni

14Gallardo Spyder

15Murcielago SV
Well, this just came out so it is my other 2nd favorite car

16Murcielago Spyder

It was the first supercar it started a whole new breed of cars and its gorgeous looking
Honestly how is this #16. Have any of you seen this car? It deserves top 5 at least, possibly numero uno
This is simply the sexiest Lamborghini ever made. LOOK AT IT!


19Gallardo Super GT


2125th Anniversary Countach

22Miura Spyder



25Murcielago R-GT


27Valentino Balboni


29Sesto Elemento


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