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Born to Die
Nothing to say.


I just love this song.. Her voice when she say "we were born to die" is really to die for.. I'm addicted to this song..
My favorite song on the planet!
She is amazing! I love this song! And CHILDREN OF A BAD REVOLUTION is incredible too :D
Lana del rey is the hit!
I'm kinda torn between this song and young and beautiful. So amazing!
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2Summertime Sadness
Give this song a listen. You won't regret it. LDR at her finest.
This songs means so much to me.
The way her voice directly hits your nerves.
The beauty she has in her eyes sais it al.
Rank of this song is just too low! It should be in top 5!
It's such a great song, great melody, great lyrics,...
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3Young and Beautiful
I just so love this song I don't know why I mean her voice is so smooth and I don't get bored of her voice by the way most of the songs in my iPod her songs not to be creepy but ya I'm just a normal fan of Lana del Rey big fan big fan haha and it's a really lovely song so touching I love her voice and especially her beauty it's the best song EVER and my favorite song forEVER
Its a lovely song! Very touching, it touches your heart...
"Will you still love me when I have nothing but my aching soul? "
I like this song best among all her songs, makes me go back to hear her other songs. But I still find that this is the best, go check it out now!
"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful will you still love when I have nothing but my aching soul I know you will I know you will"

This is beauty in its finest and reminds me of a mixture of Radio and Born to die all at once
So soothing, relaxing and beautiful romantic song... I love it
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4Blue Jeans
"I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears? "
Amazing lyics and amazing song, will be definitely 1st for me
As much as I love "Born to Die" and "Video Games" this song is a brand new favourite!
Honestly like Blue Jeans a tee-bit more than Born to Die (: Love you LDR!
I Additted to her by this song!
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5Video Games
"Heaven is a place on earth with you... " Beautiful. By far my favorite song by Lana and it should be No. 1.
This song is haunting and touching, its very relatable! I love the piano that plays at the end when there's no singing, it has a lingering effect and this song is just amazing as a whole! Definitely should be 1st.
"Heaven is a place on earth with you..." This song is what got me into Lana. Every time I listen to it I get goosebumps, just so emotional. I've seen videos of her crying while singing this song, she's so raw with emotion, and I just love every second of this song. Much love x
Best song, I can relate to it
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This song is amazing! It deserves to be way higher on this list<3
"I've got a war in my mind... So I just ride" It's so inspiring and beautiful. One of my favorites of hers!
This song comes with a beautiful and artistic intro. Some people may not like it but I think there's no reason to no Love it :D
I believe this song is amazing and I love how it actually tells a story
The song makes you feel what she's talking about and honestly I feel freedom listening to it. It relaxes me and it makes me alive. It truly does and I think it deserves to be higher on the list. It's an amazing song of an amazing singer and I love it
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7Dark Paradise
This song is actually so beautiful, it should be number one. Seriously though this is my favourite. I mean oh my god her voice is stunning and full of such passion LOVE HER - so obsessed with Lana!
This is definitely the greatest of all. Passion, emotion, great lyrics and her voice. It just makes me feel I am feeling her pain.
I just love this song!. Touches every atom in your body! She just is COOL and a very good singer! You rock LDR!
It has the best vocals
She is my life I love her forever
Thank you Lana
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8Off to the Races
Everyone knows born to die and blue jeans but trust mr listen to others like off to the races.. Without U... Summertime saddness... Dark paradise... I love Lana del rey
Borderline strange at some points, but pure genius was put into every inch of this song. She has such a unique and mesmerizing voice... It's truly astounding. I'm seriously obsessed with the softness and babyish quality of her voice when she sings "I'm your little scarlet, starlet, singing in the garden..". Definitely not her most popular song but I think that's one of the best things about it. Perfection.
Cannot decide which part of the lyrics I like the most... And the rythim is superb!

I'm not afraid to say that I'd die without him
Who else is gonna put up with me this way?
I need you, I breathe you, I never leave you
They would rue the day I was alone without you
You're lying with your gold chain on, cigar hanging from your lips
I said "Hon' you never looked so beautiful as you do now, my man. "
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9National Anthem
"Money is the reason we excist. Everybody knows it, it's a fact, kiss kiss"
Amazing song, amazing video, Lana, you are AMAZING!
This song is addicting! I simply love it and gives such a great retro feeling and you just feel like swaying yourself with the song!
I love everything about this song. If you ever get a chance please listen to this. It is amazing. It was hard to pick a favorite lana song, but I would have to go with this one :D
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Love this song and people need to listen to it she shows vocal. Ability and passion so you should hear it. MAKE IT NUMBER 1!
I absolutely love this song! It is one of my favourite songs ever! It is so emotive and basically just all round an amazing song! This should most definitely be number one! It is definitely my most favourite Lana Del Ray song! It really gives you an insight into her past and her involvement in drugs, alcohol and prostitution. MAKE THIS SONG NUMBER ONE!
Great song very good I think that she should be more popular than she is and I'm sure that she will get very popular due to this album and I recon that she will make los of more great albums!
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The Contenders

11Without You
Great song but don't know why it got put at number 10 it should at least be put in the top five or even number 1 'great song'!
The lyrics are so meaningful for me. And Lana sings it very deepful and beautifully amazing. Love it so much. "I've nothing without you. "
Hauntingly beautiful song. Beautiful meaning and lyrics too.
'I'm nothing without you. All my dreams and all the lights mean nothing if I can't have you. '
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12Gods & Monsters
Amazing voice in this song. Never heard anyone say f*** more beautifully than her in this song.
This is the most beautiful song ever! If you haven't heard it you've missed a lot! The lyrics are amazing, and the song is absolutely perfect! I am in love with this song! Listen to it! I love Lana for this song! Thanks to an amazing singer for an amazing song
People voting for Born to die are not proper Lana fans. Her voice is much more beautiful in songs like this one. This is definitely her best song.
People who put Young & Beautiful over songs like Gods & Monsters or Video Games aren't true friends. Gods & Monsters deserves top ten.
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13This Is What Makes Us Girls
To be honest this song should be at least in the top five! This song is truly for how lana got involved in partying and drinking and the lyric that
This is what makes us girls, we all look for heaven and we put our love first.
The statement about girls she is making is saying that girls will do anything for love. They all look for love and put it first before anything, it's an overwhelming need in so many girls. Its about her dark teen years where she suffered from alcohol dependence.. Its a really touching song.. There's a meaning for every word! This song is a must listen and you SHOULD listen! She puts all the emotions beautifully in each line and opens a dark side of fantasies if we look closely! I guess that's why we all love lana! <3 plus her amazing voice!
What the hell is going on here? I would've thought this would've been one of the more popular songs. The lyrics of this song are so haunting, yet she's able to maintain the mood even with a fast beat. Please listen and vote for this song; it definitely outshines Ooh Baby, Yayo, Pawn Shop Blues, and majority of the songs above.

Sweet sixteen and we had arrived
Walking down the streets as they whistle, "Hi, hi! "
Stealin' police cars with the senior guys
Teachers said we'd never make it out alive
Its my favorite song next to national anthem. I think the song is about her life. She said when she was 14 she suffered from Alcohol dependence. Its a disorder where your addicted to alcohol either physically or mentally. She was sent to a boarding school to get sober. Which is kind of mentioned in the song. Its cool that you think a song is about a unreal story it actually is someone else is life. She said the the song dark side is about her teen drinking years.
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14Black Beauty
Heard this song 2 days ago and I'm obsessed. The way she sings makes ne melt. Her voice in this number is really something special. Not sure if it'll be out longer since it's one if the few that got leaked this week.
Easily the most beautiful song she's made, next to Video Games.

Great intro music and the first line hits you like a brick. Great song
Cola is absolutely amazing, one of Lana Del Reys BEST songs ever! If you haven't listened to this then do it now!
Great Lyrics
Love you Lana
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16Serial Killer
Wanna play you like a gameboy what's the thrill of the same toy! Uh, can you awesome!
Amazing song. Amazing lyrics. So addicting, sexy, seductive, just like Lana Del Rey herself. It's unlike any other song by her or anyone else for the matter! Heard this song for the first time 3 months back and I'm STILL completely, COMPLETELY, in love with it! Love you, Lizzy Grant!
This is the first song I ever heard by Lana Del Rey, and it's absolutely AMAZING! A bit freaky, I've got to admit, but still such an addictive song to listen to... It can never be overplayed :D
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Oh my god this song, I'm still not sure which one is my absolute favorite, but I was so surprised American wasn't in the top five at least, her voice here is amazing, the way she says "like a child" is just so captivating, it's unlike anything I've heard before.
This song is the most beautiful. This honestly makes me think of all those memories where you're drunk and so carefree but having fun. It also reminds me of the memories where you're sitting at the beach, lying in the sand at sunset just listening to the waves.
I don't understand why this song is not top 5 AT LEAST!
I love it. I can't get enough of it.
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18Diet Mountain Dew
I am HORRIFIED at the fact that 'Diet Mountain Dew' is at 17th! This deserves to be a lot higher than 'Ride'! Where are your ears, people. This isn't just a stunning song; it's an artwork. You MUST listen to this song and vote for it!
This is by FAR the catchiest song I've ever heard. It's so glamorous. Picture a rich new york girl who is manipulative... Like cruel intentions. Anyways! This song is THE best.
One of my favorites, such a upbeat tune and is a extreme to tapping song. I'm a bit shocked it scored so low! Really a good song and would reccomend it to anybody
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19West Coast
Her sultry voice in this song feels like a ghost whispering in your ear. So magical and it deserves to be in the top ten!
This is her newest song. Its really good and I really think this deserves to be number 1
The first single of ultraviolence!
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20Never Let Me Go
The chorus is really beautiful and addicting. I seriously cannot go a day without listening to this song! It's not too loud or soft, and it never sounds wrong, it's always something to look forward to listening to. Love this song, very catchy. All of Lana's songs are amazing, this one just stuck out to me
So beautiful, so light hearted yet so rich in melody and message. Reminds me of a late night date with my boyfriend cuddling in the car, and it never gets old. This is by any standards, a great song.
Thia song is amazing!
"because baby we were born to live fast and die young,
Born to be bad, have fun" :)) its really catchy and it brings out all the emotions inside you. If you've never heard this song before make sure you check it out!
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21Once Upon a Dream
Lana's cover for this classical song is dreamy and haunting in the very best ways. Always got chills whenever I listen to this song. Applause for Angelina Jolie for asking Lana to sing this cover for the "Maleficent" movie.
Really amazing cover of a classic! Should belong at least in the top 20s if not the top 10s.


I love this song so much I could listen to it a million times. So much better than the original 1959 version. The music gives me chills and her voice… wow. Magnificent. I would die for that sultry, seductive voice of hers.
Listen to sample

If you just listen to the lyrics and what she is saying it is truly beautiful. Few people know this song compared to her other songs... Which are also phenomenal.
Best song ever~ so emotional and gorgeous. You will definitely get obsessed with lana after hearing this.
Radio is my all time favourite song from LDR, it's so beautiful
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Ultraviolence is going to be an epic album! Believe me, Jim told me that...
Ultraviolence is one of her best songs! Bravo lana! Really Queen!
Jim told me that... Ultraviolence is going to be an epic album!
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24Lucky Ones
This song should be in the top 10. It's AMAZING.
The melody, the lyrics, it's all PERFECT!

"Every now and then, the stars align
Boy and girl meet by the great design
Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones"
This may be one of Lana's happiest songs, yet it still has a very poignant sound to it. It's BEAUTIFUL.
The way Lana sings about a perfect relationship forming between what seems to be two who would usually never be interested in one another, fantastic.
I really love this song I fell like fall in love
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25Kinda Outta Luck
This is one of her best unreleased songs! This should've been at least in the top 30!
It would be lana's best!

26Playing Dangerous
This is the most addictive song I've heard... Also #CHILDREN OF THE BAD REVOLUTION#
It makes you fantasize a lot and you will enjoy it quickly... PURE LOVE THAT'S WHAT THIS SONG IS :D
Gosh... Love this one... So many sick songs. Love you Lana
Come on people... Listen to the original on

27TV In Black & White
This song is amazing it makes me think of me and my boyfriend! It describes my relationship

28Cruel World
The chorus is addicting. I love how it's about a lowlife loser.
This song is my favourite from the ultraviolence album. Lana has even bettered her last albums with this one. Go girl. Jtk
One of her bests

29Brooklyn Baby
Lana you are a brooklyn baby!
She gets high on hydroponic weed.
Why this isn't in the top 5 is beyond me
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30Back to the Basics
First time listening to this and I'm in love!

31Blue Velvet
So smooth and relaxing. Definitely deserves to be higher. So beautiful, reminds me of a walk through the streets of Hollywood in the 60s. A work of art just like her many other songs.
Its the entire sound of this songnthat makes it great. It should be in the top 10.
"She wore blue velvet.
Bluer than velvet were her eyes."

"Feeling the rapture grow.
Like a flame burning brightly."

"And I still can't see the velvet
Through my tears."

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32Damn You
Really great song... A different sound from her. Why is this so low? Just because its not exactly advertised as much.. It is beautiful! Check it out! My fave songs are Damn You, Off to the Races, Born to Die and This is What Makes Us Girls (should be way higher). She sings about the depressing truth and this is her finest. Esp. When she says "damn you".
Perfect song! Not really Lana's style, but beautiful and touching.
You all have to listen it, it should be in top ten!
I'm not saying it should be number 1 but it needs a better place
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33Angels Forever
Incredible song, shoulve been released with ride on paradise, should've been a second single :( Its heavenly, glorious and badass... doesn't get much better!
Sounds like an angel in this song. Very fitting title.

34Ooh Baby
This song makes me always so happy :D
Her voice is just oozing with sexiness in this song! I can't believe it's so low down!

"Cause I'm drinking diet coke a lot
Sucking on my lollipops,
I'm the one that grown up, but no one's better"

35Mermaid Motel

36Queen of Disaster
Queen of Disaster is Lana's famous unreleased songs. It's beautiful and catchy.

This song should be higher than 38! In the paradise edition her vocals are to die for... She can go so high and then so low its unbelievable. Yayo is defiantly my favorite lana song mainly because of the vocals and lyrics
20? This should be number 1 or at least in the top 5, it's a piece, the song turns epic from the part of "hello heaven", and I'm talking about the A.K. A lizzy grant version, the original, I really didn't like the "Paradise" version.

38Pawn Shop Blues
It's very quiet ans romantic song. Poetry is beautiful and sweet. Lana's voice is so pure^^ I ♥ Pawn Shop Blues.
This song is pure magic, about a love she can't live without but knows she needs to in order to survive and the heart break it cost to be alone!

Such an amazing and pure song please give it a listen
Gorgeous, raw, simple, effortless, classic, love.
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39Burning Desire
This song is raw, smooth and sexy. I love Lana. "I've got a burning desire for you babyyy" It makes me dreamy and so happy. I gives me shivers. Her voice is amazing!
Listen to sample

40Shades of Cool
122? This song should be in the top ten!
The second (albeit promotional) single from "Ultraviolence". Dreamy, stripped down and and reminiscent of her Lizzy Grant days.
You people don't know to listen to songs... Dis is #1
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41Live or Die
Are we gonna be Bonnie and Clyde? Awesome!

It's so aggressive and full of emotion I love this song

43Children of the Bad Revolution
This is the number one. If you haven't listened to it you should seriously go on youtube right now!
I so love this song, the new version of Lana Del Ray is wonderful
Love This song so bad...

Baby say gd night, call me when you get home safely, like you used to do when were first dating... Listen to this song, you won't regret :)

45Sad Girl
I'm a sad girl, I'Ma bad girl, I'm a bad girl <3.
Definitely one of Lana's best xox

46She's Not Me
This is one amazing songs. Trust me when I say you'll love this song!

47Prom Song (Gone Wrong)
I love this song so much... I don't know why it's so low I personally think is one of her bests and I have heard a lot
This song should rise higher. its definitely beautiful!
This is such a great song
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48Driving In Cars With Boys
I specifically search the entire list to vote for this song and it's not even IN the list! WHAT is going on here? This song is the epitomy of Lana Del Rey's true style. PLEASE LISTEN TO IT NOW!

"I wear my red lipstick, grab my coat and gun
Wonder if this is it, it's darkest before dawn
Sometimes I wanna give in but I just have to go on
Miss America now I'm gone, baby, gone."

I am seriously obsessed with this song I've never heard anything so amazing like this :o why isn't this higher up in the list? Some of the songs before Lolita shouldn't even be there
It's so bouncy and appealing!
Why this song is in the lowest chart? I really love this song so much. And the tune is really unique
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50Put Me In a Movie
Love this song, very captivating. I love when she repeats "you can be my daddy" and "put me in a movie" over and over. Very ghost like voice on this one. Haunting!
A creepy yet beautiful song, it truly conveys the message of hollywood
Haunting. Daddy-issu-y. Weird. I Heart.

51Hollywood's Dead
This is one of her best unreleased tracks! It leaked sometime last year and the lyrics are great and the music itself is perfect. This should at least be in the top 30
This is the most beautiful, gorgeous, perfect LDR song ever. I love it so much!

52Old Money
This is the only song that has ever made me cry. It is perfection. So much emotion, beauty, and divine lyricism. Her best song in my opinion.
This is my favorite song by Lana Del Rey. Ever. Ever! Could listen to this song on repeat for days 😁
This song is so hauntingly beautiful.. And the music.. God, how I love this one!
52?! Really?! I am her fan and this song is one of her best songs! It must be in the top 20. LDR FOREVER
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53Out With a Bang

54You Can Be the Boss
I can't believe this wasn't even up on the list! This song is just so fast paced, and Lana's voice is so seductive and unique!

"He's bleeding from his brain and his wallet
He's sick and he's taken but honest
The liquor on your lips, the liquor on your lips
The liquor on his lips I just can't resist! "

It makes me hot!


56On Our Way
This song is just awesome. The way it builds to the chorus at the end of the song, and then that lingers on in your mind. "We're on our way, on our way"
I love this song so much you have to check it out!
Just give it a listen and you'll love it
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57Jealous Girl
This song is amazing! It's less popular, but it's just so energetic and has a great beat to it.
One her greatest editions

58Chelsea Hotel No. 2
Leonard Cohen lyrics + lana del rey's voice makes this song absolutely perfect
Perfection for your ears, my favourite song, whilst listening to it I see beauty in life... I don't know, worth a listen definitely
I can't even describe how perfectly Lana delivers this song...
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59Summer Wine
NANCY SINATRA did it better, but still a gorgeous song and suits Lana's gorgeous voice
I just love it, Lanna's version is 10 times better than Nancy's (I love her too).

60Try Tonight

61Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight

62Velvet Crowbar
This is so amazing! Please check it out! I just can't believe that this isn't in the top 5!

63Behind Closed Doors

64Kill Kill
My definite favorite song of Lana, love the tone and the atmosphere of the song.
This song is the type you could listen to over and over again, and never tire of!
I'm in love with a dying man, have done evrything I can so soft and calm love lana love love love her hope she keeps doing her thang!

Jump is so damn good I can't believe it's so low on the powerful, so dreamy, and just the BEST song ever. Go check it out if you haven't done so yet! You won't regret it, I promise!

Now THIS is the kind of music that's worth listening to.
Porn for the ears

67The Man I Love
Her voice sounds incredible... Just that. I really love this song.

Why isn't this even higher? Pure genius lyrics and music

69Boarding School

70F***** My Way Up to the Top
This song is so perfect! A combination of sexiness with a lot of sass and anyone can tell that it is a diss to someone who managed to piss Lana off!
Love this so much

71For K Part 2

This is such an addictive song...over and over

73Break My Fall's all about the music.

Amazing... One day my hopes will be made of diamonds

75Ruby Tuesday

Love this song! Can't believe it wasn't on the list...

77Heart Shaped Box
It's a Kurt Cobain song but she does it so brilliantly! Best cover

78Money Power Glory
Listening to this song makes me feel invincible
Why isn't this in the top 20? BEST SONG EVER!
The song is my best! Song in this new album it puts the awe in awesome!
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79Pretty When You Cry
Sorry but all ultraviolence songs have to be from the top 20
One of the best songs from Ultraviolence :D

80Queen of the Gas Station

81Fake Diamond


83Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)

84Fordham Road

85Is It Wrong

86Lift Your Eyes

87Tired of Singing the Blues

88Maha Maha

89Party Girl (St. Tropez)

90Be My Daddy

91Caught You Boy

It's such a pretty song...why isn't it No. 1?
This song brings out the inner...lana del ray. Its beautiful!

93Girl That Got Away

94Truth In Your Eyes

95You & Me
I hope this is the sorta thing to be expected on ULTRAVIOLENCE. Like she said it's really spiritual and reminds me of summer, just sitting by a pool alone, just me and the sun.

"Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Be free and alive, baby,
Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Just feel alive,
It’s just you and the sun now, it’s just you and the sun now baby"

96So Legit
This song may be saddening in that it was written just to rip on another perfectly talented singer, but seriously this is some of Lana's best lyrical work. It comes from a dark side of her but honestly if this is what we get from it then I wish she would let her dark side out more often.
The only reason why I hate this song is that it is dissing Lady Gaga

97Florida Kilos
Lana you are Queen
The bridge in this takes my breath away ever time, shes a genuis
"white lines pretty baby tattoos..." one of her best songs!
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99Oh Say Can You See?

100Daddy Issues
One Of my favorite songs by her wich you can Dance too in a club :D
Good Bass for sure! :D

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