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141 Trans-Am
142 Betty Boop Boop
143 Blizzard
144 In the Sun

Most people don't know about this song. It is so catchy and pop with a definite edgs. I love it!

145 I Don't Wanna Go
146 Spot Lite De-Lite
147 Axl Rose Husband
148 Come When You Call Me America
149 Baby Blue Love

The way she sings it is just amazing! Though there is hardly any music in this song, it stays in my head all the time! I love Lana so much

Though it hardly has any intrumental music in it, it stays in my head all the time! It is a great and powerful song and I love it so much!

150 Breaking My Heart

Awesome and catchy. Really good.

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151 Ridin'
152 Flipside

MY favorite SONG! I love this song so much

This song is BY FAR one of lanas best songs, so tragically underrated :'( any fan of Lana must listen to this masterpiece, in fact any fan of music should... just her voice and an electric guitar = total magic

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153 1949
154 Big Bad Wolf

"But I heart you
And I wanna be your girl
I heart you
So come back and rock my world"

I recommend this song big time. It's so catchy and her voice is so pretty and mesmerising.

155 Dangerous Girl
156 24 24
157 Burnt Norton Burnt Norton
158 Thrills
159 Starry Eyed

Starry eyes is such a beautiful song. I cried the first time I listened to it. It deserves to be a lot higer

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160 Lolita Lolita

I am seriously obsessed with this song I've never heard anything so amazing like this :o why isn't this higher up in the list? Some of the songs before Lolita shouldn't even be there

This song truly does capture the innocently naughty vibe of Lolita. With clever word play and unique production, Lolita is one of Lana's best.

How is this last? Like yea it's not my favourite but I still think it should be in the top 50...

Love this song

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