Top Ten Best Latin Singers


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The Top Ten

She is just amazing. When she gets up to sing people listen no mater what kind of person they are! She helps people and wants people to learn. She is gorgeous and talented! She cares about almost all of her fans and she should be 1 and and stay in number 1! I LOVE SHAKIRA!
I have been a fan of Shakira ever since the beginnings. She has kept her fantastic involvement while she sings and has also put a lot of work for the helpless kids out there. Good job Shakira!
Shakira is the best dancer the best singer
She deserves to be the star in all the world because she helps people to learn and she is better than the bitch lady
[Newest]Great voice, great look, and just a great entertainer.

2Enrique Iglesias
Enrique is the Best. He must be at #1.
He has most number one songs in the hot Latin list and he remained number 1 for 97 weeks. He and only he should be at the top.

His every song is amazing and goes directly to the bottom of everyone's heart. He's a real hero he is #1.
Enrique is the Best.. The sensuous voice, the amazing rhythm, the cute looks... He is the best
Enrique is definitely. The BEST! He should be number one on this chart. His voice is amazing and lets not mention his charming good looks
[Newest]He is the best, I am 15 years old and I have liked his music since I was 4. No one beats singer Enrique Iglesias.
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3Jennifer Lopez
Hit mainstream hip hop by surprise then turned to Marc Anthony to make one of the greatest songs of all time
She's cool. I really enjoy her singing and her acting. I hope her doesn't retire though.
She is just an awesome singer and dancer who can truly perform and own the stage and I love her music
[Newest]She is the no1! I love her💕

Selena is one of my favorite singers, as well as being the ONLY Spanish-singer that I enjoy. People say that you have to be Mexican to like Selena's music, well I'm half-Puerto Rican and Middle Eastern, and I LOVE Selena! Her music will always and forever endure in millions of hearts. Although, I don't know what she sings in her songs, I still love her
She is the best singer ever she inspire us with her beautiful voice in her message for us to learn... she is a woman that is in our hearts and she will always be no matter how many days years pass by she well be remembered forever and always. her music was fantastic that got to us in our deep soul. I love selena and I thank her for her excellent job she did with her music that we can benefit from it in our love relationship. I will never forget her never ever.
Selena is definitely the best Latin singer of all time. She not only crossed over into the English language, but into a variety of other cultures as well. Not many singers are successfully able to influence a variety of cultures, especially if the majority of us don't understand what the heck she is saying hehehe. Her voice is beautiful and it is because of that voice and her passionate emotions that she instills when she sings, that we Samoans love her. For someone who passed away eighteen years ago, the people of the Pacific Islands still remember this amazing singer. RIP Selena. Your music and legacy will live on forever through the hearts of those that you have blessed with your talent.
[Newest]Selena and gloria estefan are 1 and 2.. hands down
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5Laura Pausini
Laura Pausini has the very best voice without question. I think Shakira gets a lot of attention because she is HOT looking. Laura is a very beautiful girl as well.
This girls voice is amazing. By far the best range out of all of them.
Laura Pausini has the very best voice without question and then, to be honest, and perhaps the artist who has sold more records in Spain, by all mata, coinosciuta by all. For almost twenty years.
[Newest]Laura has a very powerful voice. Everyone knows that she has an unique timbre and a very special way of performing the songs. I think she should be on the first place on this, top ten".

Thalia is one of the best female vocalist of her generation. She has flavor, energy and she's a talented performer and singer. May be she isn't the best voice ever, but she has all what an artist needs for being successful.
Thalia has been able to maintain a strong following throughout her entire career. She has proven to be able to sustain herself strong within the pop culture and continues to strive and succeed.
She's truly amazing... She has the power to teach other generations about having a dream and letting it be true... She's a good singer, mother, wife, and business woman. Good for her!
[Newest]Beauty talent bright what more could a woman have love her.

7Gloria Estefan
We love Gloria Estefan! And she is numero uno in my eyes! From Conga to Wepa she brings it every time! Her talent is like no other just amazing.
An exquisitely Beautiful Lady, with a truly wonderful voice. One of my all time mega faves, Gloria is awesome!
Old school beauty next to Selena she's awesome love her.

8Ricky Martin
Ricky helped others singers such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias expand into the English language. He started in Menudo since he was really young. He has sold over 60 million albums around the world. He has won Grammy awards in Spanish and English. He is a true legend.
Ricky Martin is the real door opener key in the crossover for other singers after and before him. Is the real "Coca-Cola" among the famous latin singers. No other latin singer had smash the top ten in places like Israel, Singapur, New Zealand, Greece, not even mention the mainstream countries like Ricky Martin
Ricky is only the best entertainar of latin ever. His smile and well respect to audience attracts people around the world. He focus on his entertainment to fans ever. He is a Latin Hero.
[Newest]Great humanitarian, singer and so cute

9Juan Luis Guerra
Fantastic voice. Will always be a classic yet still manages to surprise us and blow us away with each new track. Captures all audiences - young and old. His talent is recognizable by all ages. His music makes you want to move and makes even the worst days shine positivity.
If you understand spanish, you love this guy.. Songs with very deep meaning, they make you think about life, love, health... (at least from latin america's side)
There isn't a better singer than juan luis guerra, he is the most talented artist of the las hundred years.
[Newest]Simply the best singer, musician and human being.

10Paulina Rubio
The spotlight hasn't stopped shining on her since she came into this world. Paulina Rubio, also known as The Golden Girl or La Chica Dorada, is Mexico's pride and joy in being their first star to crossover into the pop frontier. She stands out in the crowd in that her genre-defying music is daring, brave, and adventurous, which is unfortunately very hard to find these days.
Better than shakira but doesn't have those curves!, also she is a rock star of drugs and nightlife!
I don't think she's romantic at all. That's way better Latin singer than her

The Contenders

Great Singer/Rapper Love The songs
You are the most good singer ever that people will always like all times
Best singer ever for god saint please can I have your autograph
[Newest]He is so good in world

12Alehandro Sanz
I love Alejandro Sanz! Though I don't speak fluent spanish, I do speak some and understand more, I love his music and he is sexy.
Best lyrics, maybe that's why its not first place, you don't really understand the lyric in the songs. But he is amazing

13Selena Gomez
She's an excellent singe not too mention an excellent actress dancer and overall an amazing performer and entertainer. She has an excellent fanbase which is why her new single "Come & Get it "is 2x Platinum and her new album "Stars Dance" which is also her first solo debut album has reached number 1 in 28 different countries.
She is a very good singer, name after the late great Selena, this latina will have her place has great too
She is very prety and an amazing actress. I love her songs.

Santana es el maestro

He's not like one of those latin pop singers who want to be like American rock singers. He's Colombian and proud and his music is STILL amazing
Fantastic singer! My Spanish isn't even very good but I'm a fan!
his music is so good, I would pick him over any english artist

16Vicente Fernandez
Clearly if you don't vote for vicente you just don't know what latin music is.


The King of Latin music!
His a legend that defines the Latino culture. The king of the Rancheras. What more can I say.

17Natalia Oreiro
Selena was a brave, beautiful, smart, talented woman. She was also a determined, loving, and caring friend Selena was a brave, beautiful, smart, talented woman. She was also a determined, loving, and

18Alejandro Sanz

19Luis Miguel
The greatest singer in the spanish speaking world. He has an amazing voice in live concerts, never needed to use playback. His more than 100 million records sold worldwide back him up.
He should be much, much higher. Most of the people in this list cannot sing at all.
If anything he should be number one. For a singer who never crossed over to the english Market, he is very popular. Imagine if he did, I think Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias wouldn't touch him., and Michael Buble wouldn't exist.
[Newest]Love the love songs that he sings

20Marc Anthony
How is Marc Anthony not in the top 5?!?
King of latino music he is a by birth artist great legend.
Can express a song like no other. great voice

Great new Talent Wonderful voice
Best new artist in latin music
Demasiado Tarde her new song is wonderful


23Don Omar
I love xon omar his so awesome! !
Don is the king of kings. and I love his musical
Great danza kuduro and taboo r the jams!


Best band, best songs, best vocalist voice...

26Celia Cruz
Her voice strong and entertaining shocked she is not further up on the list what a dear treasure.
I love her music so much!
Queen of Latin music!

27Gustavo Cerati

28Alejandro Fernandez
Love love love his voice and music!
By far the best next to his dad!
Handsome, pleasant and a great singer.
[Newest]Has a beautiful voice

29Nelly Furtado
Good shout I think

30Romeo Santos
Romeo Santos the king of Bachata, after he left Aventura, he keeps growing with his talent, his unique voice, and the way he writes makes people loves him.
I love his voice he sings like as Hispanic version of usher <3!
He's the best I love him😘
[Newest]He is the best


32Bersuit Vergarabat

33Roque Narvaja

34Prince Royce
Prince royce is the one who sing addicted also it's a romantic song. Who ever likes that song loves prince than prince is the right person
Prince Royce is so cute and his music is amazing can't get enough of his music
This kid being so young has a great future in the industry. Best of luck to you Geoffrey (Prince) Royce
[Newest]Best singer love your music

35Jenni Rivera
Jenni rivera you guys is whopping some butt she should not be in the 20 she deserves to be in top 10. !
She was the best la diva de last banda
Bless you love you!

36Diego Torres

37Julio Iglesias
Julio is definitely the most recognized International Artist of all time!
He is the father of Enrique and is known internationally.
Not only he sold more albums than any of the singers on this list, he is also more popular worl wide. Everyone knows who Julio Iglesias is. With his record shouldn't he be number one?

38Wisin y Yandel
They r number 1 to me of all time
I love wisin yandel and their music... they r my favourito

39Alehandro Maldonado


41Demi Lovato
This latina had made her mark in the world and she get better every time she sings

42Vikki Carr
With 3 Latin Grammys Awards and 1 Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Vikki Carr should be hold the #1 spot in this category. All I can say is VIVA LA VIDA!

43Daddy Yankee
I love him so much he such be number one he's been working since 1995
Daddy yankee is the ONE
He should be number six

44Cristian Castro
One of the best balladeers -- he has one of the best vocals that can rival luis miguel's
Cristian is better than Enrique and luis, He has more talented.

Morelia is my favorite song.
His songs and voice have so much soul and passion behind it. His music touches me like no other. He's truly a amazing musician in every way possible.
[Newest]One of the best voices in the whole latino music industry

45David Bisbal
Great voice & great lyrics.
En ausencia de ti the best

Chayanne is talent, personality, integrity, and looks wrapped into one fine entertainer. Wish he made more American movies. I'm Scot Irish, don't understand Spanish and listen to him all the time.
Good but Anthony is better and Alejandro is great! The 3 Amigos!
He is the best male latino pop singer
[Newest]Got to be at least at the 10 th spot

47Dulce Maria

48Luis Fonsi
Great smooth voice amazing vocals should rated higher!
It is very good when he sings with Jacy Velasques

49Ricardo Arjona
The best that Guatemala has to offer.
This guy should be in top 10...

50Sergio Dalma
He's got so much soul and passion. You can't mistake his voice for anyone else's.

51Jose Feliciano

52Ricardo Montaner

53Pepe Aguilar


55Espinoza Paz

56Maite Perroni
Best Singer I ever heard beautiful voice and talent
I love her She is Talented, beautiful, Excellent actor and singer
And very intelligent, she got everything
I agree, she is a great singer with lots of talent, no second thoughts.
Thumbs up.

57Dora Carofiglio

58Tiziano Ferro

59Pedro Fernandez
Pedro fernandez is the one who sang amarte a la antigua that showed people that love the old way was okay because its very romantic to write poems and give chocolate


61Tito el Bambino

62Eros Ramazzotti

63Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars is The best with his special style. He can't be classed 75 that's wrong
Amazing, best super bowl performance in history

64Carlos Baute

65Franco De Vita
Multi-intrumentista y compositor, ha escrito canciones para Ricky Martin, Challane entre otros artistas latinos de gran renombre. Sus canciones cuentan una historia, no son un cascaron vació hecho de una melodía.

66Jessica Sanchez
She as a voice of an angel, she going to be a great singer, with our support and time she be known threw out the world. International superstar

67Daniela Mercury
A best selling artist with over 20 million albums sold worldwide, Daniela Mercury has developed a music career shaped around the sounds of Axe, Samba-Reggae and Pop music. Her exhilarating repertoire includes tracks like "Rapunzel," "O Canto the Cidade" and "Batuque."

68Miguel Bose

69Jencarlos Canela


71Jose Luis Perales

72Rosa Cedron
Romance of Mirabella is haunting!

73Camilo Sesto
Has to be in the top 10.. Only a few have sold more than him...

74Ivete Sangalo
Ivete Sangalo is a Latin Grammy winner and one of the most beloved singers and songwriters of Brazilian Pop music. The beginning of her career was marked by her role as a lead singer for the Axe group Banda ever. Since 1997, however, she has recorded seven albums as a solo artist. Some of her most famous hits include tracks such as "Sorte Grande" and "Nao Precisa Mudar."

75Kika Edgar

76Rocio Banquells


78Belen Arjona

79Luis Coronel

80Jaci Velasquez
Absolutely, she is so great. Fantastic!

81Diego Boneta

82Becky G

I love becky g

83Chino Moreno

84Marco Antonio Solis

85Milly Quezada


87Martina Stoessel
Great singer ever, from the T.V. show "Violetta" and latin performer to the latinoamerican Spanish version "let it go" originally performed by Demi Lovato. With only 16 years old, this amazing singer is called the "Madonna" for the children.

88Gusttavo Lima
Watch this song Tcherere/Balada boa.

89Christina Aguilera
The best voice in the world! So much raw passion, emotion, pain, joy, and dedication in one instrument! She truly is the best vocalist in the world

90J Balvin

Best Latin pop rock group ever.

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