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61Espinoza Paz

Can someone please tell me if Espinoza is a man or a woman?

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62Tiziano Ferro
63Pedro Fernandez

Pedro fernandez is the one who sang amarte a la antigua that showed people that love the old way was okay because its very romantic to write poems and give chocolate

65Tito el Bambino
66Eros Ramazzotti
67Jencarlos Canela
68Carlos Baute
69Franco De Vita
70Jessica Sanchez

She as a voice of an angel, she going to be a great singer, with our support and time she be known threw out the world. International superstar

72Ivete Sangalo

Ivete Sangalo is a Latin Grammy winner and one of the most beloved singers and songwriters of Brazilian Pop music. The beginning of her career was marked by her role as a lead singer for the Axe group Banda ever. Since 1997, however, she has recorded seven albums as a solo artist. Some of her most famous hits include tracks such as "Sorte Grande" and "Nao Precisa Mudar."

73Daniela Mercury

A best selling artist with over 20 million albums sold worldwide, Daniela Mercury has developed a music career shaped around the sounds of Axe, Samba-Reggae and Pop music. Her exhilarating repertoire includes tracks like "Rapunzel," "O Canto the Cidade" and "Batuque."

74Miguel Bose

Best Latin pop rock group ever.

77Jose Luis Perales
78Rosa Cedron
79Camilo Sesto

Has to be in the top 10.. Only a few have sold more than him...

80Jaci Velasquez

Absolutely, she is so great. Fantastic!

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