Best Lead Guitarists of All Time


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The Top Ten

Kirk Hammett - Metallica
Kirk is the best guitarist. His speed is awesome. If you don't believe it see him playing master of puppets it was great
This should be richie sambora... Kirk maybe still great but no one can beat how sambora melodized the guitar
Why isn't Eddie Van Halen on this list?

This is not fair at all. Kirk Hammett's solos do not have the emotion that Slash's solos have. BOO!
Slash you got to be kidding right Joe Satriani is 10 times the guitarist that slash will ever be he is the guitarists guitarist and is a teacher and he has teached Kirk Hammett Steve Via John pettruci Alex Scholnic as well as many others slash shouldn't even be in the top 50 there are much better guitar players than him! Slash the hack if you ask me! Ted Nugent is 66 years old and can play circles around slash! Slash is nothing but a pop rock star and is liked because of his popularity not his guitar playing skill!
This guy is the king of all guitarists. He has such passion towards music. His fingers move like lightning all over the guitar.
[Newest]I vote that slash is better than Hammett.

3Angus Young - AC/DC

4Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Mick Thompson better than Jimi Hendrix, that is comedy. LMAO I know this is someone's idea of a joke, and it's funny. Jimmy Page couldn't crack the top ten... it's getting funnier. I mean Page is no Kirk Hammet... we all no that, rofl!
Jimi is the greatest guitarist that has ever lived, is still living or ever will live.
Jimi is the greatest of all time!

5Jimmy Page
Synyster gates? Better than jimmy page? I don't think so. Jimmy page was the second greatest guitarist that ever lived the first being jimi hendrix.

6Synyster Gates - Avenged Sevenfold
Syn's skill is amazing! Sweep picking, dive bombs, hammer ons and pull offs, sliding. He's a master of it all. Most of his solos are superfast and clean at the same time. The solo from afterlife is what you should listen to. Jimi hendrix set his guitar on fire. Syn can do the same. ALL HE HAS TO DO IS PLAY IT! HE PLAYS SO FAST HE MAKES SLASH SEEM LIKE A ROOKIE!
Why 11? He should be 5 or 4
Syn great guitarist ever

7Dimebag Darrel - Pantera
dude, maybe Slipknot is you favorite band; but you're going to receive many bad comments in this list because you put Mick Thompson in first place... mainly because it is so wrong that he is before Jimi and Dimebag, and you forgot many great guitarists like Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Alexi Liaho, Zakk Wylde, John Petrucci, Rhandy Rhoads, Michael Angelo Batio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Eric Clapton, Glenn Tipton...


Don't get me wrong... Hammet is one fine gutarist, but he doesn't belong in the number one slot or even the top five (and Metallica is one of my favorite bands) I'm sorry to say that, but it's true! And Dimebag should be in the top three, he blows.. Or should I say.. Could have blown Hammet out of the water.

8Joe Perry - Aerosmith

9Brian May - Queen

10Kerry King - Slayer

The Contenders

11Adrian Smith - Iron Maiden

12Mick Thomson - Slipknot
OF course he is. He created his own tuning. Kirk is good but just any regular guitarist
Of course Mick Thompson's #1. His guitar powers are controlled by the power of his mask. My inspiration.

13Eric Clapton

14Jeff Hanneman - Slayer

15Johnny Ramone - Ramones

16Michael Padge Paget - Bullet For My Valentine
Man he is so underrated :(
He should be on top 5 :(

Tears don't fall, shows what he is

17Daron Malakian - System of a Down
Just for the madness he has got, I would rank him in top ten. My personal favorite though.

18Dan Donegan - Disturbed
Haha, Disturbed's my favorite band and I love Danny to death. However, he should not be in the the top 20, let alone the top 10. That's not to say he's bad guitarist. He's an excellent guitarist; the man learned how to play just by watching someone on TV and he down-picks exclusively. Considering this list is bad enough as is, I'll support the home-team and give the guy my vote

19Joe Satriani

20Alexi Laiho - Children of Bodom

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