Best Leaders of K-POP Groups

Choose your favorite leader from your favorite kpop group. Let's see who's gets the most love.

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1Lee Teuk ~ Super Junior

He is the best! The leaders of the leaders. He was really born to be a leader.. He is a very good person! Very caring, loving and supportive not only to his members but also to elfs

He an angel without wings! Our angel leader who always love us fans (ELFs) and want to go the maximum to us! &
Although he has a quite difficult role because he needs to take care of 8 member right now, but he does everything really well!


The best leader because he always takes care the group before his self.

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2Kim Hyun Joong ~ SS501

I love kim hyun joong, because he has tremendous talent and his group led the unusual boyband SS501 became a famous and nicest boy band that has song, dance nicest, most handsome member than any other boy band. And also he has great talent in singing, dancing, and acting. Kim Hyun Joong is the best of Leader. " '"

He is the best... He deserved to be number 1. I hope he will go really far.. Hope to see him in a new drama. He is beautiful.. Love him

I would not say how was Kim Hyun Joong leadership since I am not a Korean nor live with them.. We just an outsider fan(not their family or friends), we would never know.. Just SS501 members knew about his leadership.. I just knew he lead his group became a famous boyband & he has sacrifice too much for himself through illness, injury, collapse and etc.. He is a hard working artist that I've ever seen.. I really admire him because he worked hard to improve himself and become more stronger.. He always give his best through each performance.. He is talented artist & good looking.. I love his 4D and great personality.. He is not perfect because nobody is perfect.. Though people always say he can't sing, but for me, he can sing really well.. I love his sexy voice.. Every time I hearing his soft & deep voice, I'll felt calm.. He says he is not number 1 because its will be replaced but the only one, KIM HYUN JOONG..

You are the best for ever...

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3Taeyeon ~ Girls' Generation

Kid leader Taeyeon!
She always try her best not to cry in front of the other members and maintain the strong side of her for the other members. She always think of others before herself.
She's a good leader &

She's the cutest leader at all times! She's great has a good attitude and even her skills SO GREAT AND AWESOME! I like her much much!

Girls' Generation's Kid Leader Taeyeon Is The Best Leader Ever
She Is Friendly, Supportive And She Loves Her Fellow Members

This is the cutest and the best leader I've ever seen. KID LEADER FIGHTING!

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4Onew ~ SHINee

Who wouldn't love this cute chicken loving maniac? He's so nice and caring for his group members.
He also has an amazing voice. It sound like a sweet lullaby.

A great guy with a great heart and voice.


He's natural, adorable, considerate, clumsy but smart
He's just too cute and angelic!
His warm smile and enchanting voice are from heaven
He always works hard and is diligent all the time
Treats everyone politely and sincerely
Love Onew forever!

His gentle spirit shines through everything he does!

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5G-Dragon ~ BIGBANG

I love G-Dragon and his Boy Band (BIGBANG)
He's very awesome. His song and his voice is really in good quality
I think he's the best leader group of KPOP
Good luck G-DRAGON and BIGBANG!
I always support you!

He's a hot and cheerful leader.. And always guide the group to become the best

He has the good fashion sense, compare to others leader. He always made new stuff and new fashion sense that others have not yet been to this world. He is good in producing nice music. He lead the group well. He once say that he met a good maknae. So I think that he thinks himself as a member also, when he is in a game or in a normal life. But when comes to music, he leads well. I found his charisma in leading. I inspire what he do, how he care. He don't just look on to his fashion wear but to his members too. Whenever he is making the bigbang albums song. He understand wells and know which part of the music suit the member voice. So what if he is been to the drug matter before? It doesn't spoilt the fans image for him. Is the couragement he needs and not discouragements he need from the fans. So no matter what, he is the best!

I can't believe he is not number 1 here!

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6Yong Hwa ~ CNBlue

Skillful and multi-talented, his voice is powerful and penetrating, just listen to the songs he compose and you'll know.

Charismatic, talented, intelligent, handsome Yonghwa is a good composer, the brain and soul of CNBLUE and a good hyung for his brothers. His last composition "I still love you" gets in listner soul imediatly.

At the start, he single-handedly promoted Cnblue and worked tireslessy for a couple of years. He never complained through all his hardships. He is a very talented musician with a great soul and poetic heart. He is a good role model to his members, humble, likes to bring laughter and happiness to everyone.

He is the best!

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7YunHo ~ TVXQ

He must be the leader of K-pop because he lead the most famous K-pop group in Asian! What's more he is a very good singer and dancer

He is the best kpop leader and he takes a good care of his dongsaeng and bring dbsk to their legendary music.

Yunpa I believe you,
You are the best leader...
Always keep the faith and we love you,
Cassiopeia always for you..

When people say leader in k pop Yunho flashes in my mind..

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8Victoria - f(x)

This goofy flexible Chinese leader is like a mother to her members! She takes care of them the best compared to the other groups. Victoria fighting!

She's like mum for her girls she's a best
I love this girl it's lovely
He he he $;

She's very kind to the members and is like a mom to them. Instead of being snippy about being so much older, she takes care of them and befriended all of them.

Pretty and good to flexible and good leader

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9Suho ~ ExoKim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

Darling suho you are the best exotics rule anyway you guys do a wonderful job. Good luck with your future and know that exotics support you

Our clumsy guardian angel, Suho, is the most caring person and leader. Leading a 12-members group is not easy but he has shown his best. EXO SARANGHAJA!

He's an awesome leader and he really cares for them like a family/as a parent or older sibling. He carries medicines just for the members and he also deals with the constant teasing they do. Personally I think he really cares specially for tao, chanyeol, kai, sehun, and Chen. Tao because he is so adorbs, chanyeol because he yelled at him a lot before during training days, kai because he knows he is not comfortable with cameras, sehun because he is the magnae (sehun even said he is the best) and Chen because he always comforts him when he cries when they win an award. He is awesome - Heyyah

This handsome guy is surely leading exo well along with ruling many hearts.

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10CL ~ 2NE1

She's great.. SHE can dance... She can sing... And many more..
She can speak many languages... She's the most talented leader ever..
I love her how to rap.. She number 1!



She is the most talented leader I've ever known. She can speak English fluently, knows how to rap, and can dance hard moves. So she is the one!

CL has the talent and the drive to lead those four girls to victory.

Best pop leader

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11Jonghun ~ F.T. Island

He is Really a Great leader & he is Sexy boy We love him because he's a good person Simple person NO one like him from all the leaders in Kpop This is the reason for his love of his band members.. And This is the reason for OUR love for him...
He is Shy, Lovely, Great, Sweet, Handsome, Cute, Sexy Boy

Cool and Sexy Leader in FT Island, he has play many skill in guitar and piano or many! THE MOST BEST AND HANDSOME GUITARIST LEADER.

He's multi-talented artist, the greatest leader who always protect the other member... He can control other member, he has many skill in music he can play guitar, piano, bass, etc... He also composed many song of FT Island... He's shy person, handsome, not arrogant and can be a very good father in his band...

He has a strong sense of responsibility as a leader, even the members agree on that. He loves his members and he takes care of them, so much that the members said that "he is like a mother". He cooks for them and he looks after them. He knows exactly how to control them. He doesn't say much because he doesn't need to. He is very shy when it comes to speaking, but that's what makes him special. He definitely has the talent.

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12Taecyeon ~ 2PM

I only vote because its 2PM...2PM never had a leader since Jay leave the group. The members lead together as one. Because the leader place is irreplaceable. Hope you understand that and never put 2PM into this leader competition again. You do that. I'm owe you one

Yeah Taecyeon is the best and comedian! Lets Taec we're Hottest gonna support you always lest go 2pm lets go 2pm lets go 2pm! - simasantiaaron

Teacyeon oppa you are the best we here love you so much in Saudi Arabia and love 2pm you still the best

We are here to support you and We can not stopping your love

Teacyeon oppa fighting

He is the best

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13DooJoon ~ BEAST

A person who has looks, charms and most importantly, a caring personality that when they won almost any awards, he will be the first to hug all the members. Not to mention working hard alone just so that his members could have enough sleep during their concert. I love this guy!

I love yoon leader. He's a caring, charismatic and an awesome leader that always takes care of his member. He wakes them up in the morning and even though he picks on them, he cares for them. I love how he takes care if his member and I love him for being a great leader. Yoon leader is the best! B2ST forever!

The best appa of the group. Always worries about his members and their welfare. Loves surprising and teasing them, which makes the whole group lively and enjoyable. Knows when is the time to be serious and when to goof around with his members. Charismatic, charming, good-looking and a voice to die for.

"He is very hardworking, and he always looks after Beast members and the fans"

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14JR ~ Nu'est

I love JR and his boyband Nu'est, they have a beautyful voice and their style are so difirent from another group! L.O. ^. E love NU'EST forever!

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15Eric Mun ~ Shinhwa

If any leader who really deserve to win the best leader, it's him, no doubt. Not because he's the best rapper, not because he's handsome, but truly just because of what he did as Shinhwa leader.

Dongwan was asked "if you get offered the same amount of money Eric got offered to get out of Shinhwa, did you turn it down too? " Even Dongwan said he will think about it. Not that I doubt his loyalty to Shinhwa, but he just want to point out how much the money is and how easy Eric's decision to turn it down just because of Shinhwa.

Eric's also the one who see the little things that the other members couldn't. Like how he suggested the members to collect money to help a member who had a big financial problem back then. Shinhwa members is known to keep their problem to themselves to avoid the others worried about them. So usually they don't really ask for help but as a leader when he saw something they can do, he leads them to do it. I can't imagine how bad he felt ...more

This amazing leader is really underrated despite what he has done for Shinhwa. Not because he's a perfect, handsome, cute, charismatic etc etc.. But simply for what he's done for Shinhwa.

He was the one who said things like "if there's anything, you can look for me" when Shinhwa got bashed by a reporter.
He, who always put Shinhwa as his first priority, sacrifices his stellar acting career to focus on Shinhwa's activity solely.
He, who rejected a contract worth multiple times more than Shinhwa's only to make the group stay together.. Even still asked the members "can I stay with you guys? "
He, who has led them quietly from the back and let Minwoo lead Shinhwa from the front.
He, who has led the group for 14 years and managed the original members since their debut. No one left, no one dropped out.

He never boasted or even acted about being a leader and such.. He just did it, quietly. The members and fans acknowledge and respect him so much, though he never ...more

Eric Mun, he might be shy, quiet, awkward, 4D at times but behind all that there is a smart, intellectual, humble & very loyal man.

What has Eric done for Shinhwa?

. He rejected a big solo contract offer from SM to keep Shinhwa together with his band mates

. Went to court with SM so they can retain the use of Shinhwa name and able to move to another management. It was epic in K-biz at that time.

. He defended Shinhwa when a reporter recklessly bashed on their 7th jib ("coincidentally" was the group's 1st album AFTER Shinhwa left SMent)

. In 2011, Eric was in a 10hr-long negotiation with Open World, who currently holds the rights to Shinhwa's name, so they can establish their own company (another 1st in K-biz)

. When the fans said the tickets to the 2012 Big 4 Charity Concert were too expensive, he negotiated with the organizer and made it more affordable for every one.

Chosen leader because he's the oldest in the group ...more

He is the best! 18 years together! He always looks after his members and he is really funny!

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16Sunggyu ~ Infinite

Sunggyu is really an astounding leader. He is amazingly talented at singing and song-writing, but despite that he lets the others shine and stays in the background. He was actually supposed to be THE singer in Infinite, but then Woohyun came along (don't get me wrong I LOVE Woohyun), and he suddenly had to share the spotlight. Despite some tension at first, they worked things out. DO YOU THINK THAT IS EASY? He could've just up and left, but no, he stayed. People need to give him and Woohyun more credit for working out their problems... Have you seen them now? They're so close that they're one of the most popular ships in k-pop. But moving on... Sunggyu knows how to be a leader in every aspect. He IS hard on the members when they're practicing, and strict sometimes, but that's always for their own good. He has not once abused his power as leader. And come on, do you think 99.9% synchronization and a tight relationship that will never be broken between all the members comes at the snap ...more

Sunggyu, in my opinion, is the best leader. Though he may be stern and strict at times when it comes to performing on stage - singing and dancing - he is actually very sweet and thoughtful of his members, and he would notify the manager if the members are feeling stressed. Besides, he is very easy-going and goes with the flow of other members instead of just caring about himself, and he doesn't even mind being called nicknames like "Last Gyu" during Ranking King. Other than his wonderful personality, he also has charming looks and a beautiful voice he uses for singing. He really tries his best at dancing and he can even rap. Multi-talents leader, Sunggyu, definitely wins over other leaders.

Personally I think he deserves the first place. He drives his members to be the best they can, sometimes a little too hard but he knows at the end, when they win they would know it was for the best. He is awesome! We love Kim Sung Gyu

He never give up even he has a lot of challenges to handle I vote for him

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17Hyolyn ~ SISTAR

Actually all of the girls in Sistar are so friendly! They are just like real sisters to each other! Hyorin is the real leader! She hides her weaknesses and shows the real power and energy! Fight on, Sistar! And take of your leader!

She is so very nice in dancing and voice I like her...

Hyorin's voice is so amazing. Super love her!

Hyolyn is horrible and stupid

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18Kris ~ Exo M

He really takes care of his members.

Hope you and all the exo members going to get back into ONE! because all of you are ONE! EXO ARE ONE!

Miss kris please come back vote for you oppa kris

He has a good image

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19Kahi ~ After School

Determined and really caring Leader. Hands on in every way. Choreographer, Adviser, concept maker, motivator, Friend, and a true leader!

She wasn't just the former leader, main dancer, main rapper (when Bekah graduated), lead vocal, co-choreographer of After School.

But she was the one..

.. Who hand-picked the original members of After School.
.. Who teaches the members their routine if they have a hard time.
.. Who waited for 10 years to finally be a singer.
.. Who abandoned everything, even her own family who don't approve of her dream, to reach her goal.

She's even one of the foundations of Pledis Entertainment, together with their CEO Han Sung so and the first artist under the agency, Son Dam Bi.

If there's a leader who embodies being a REAL leader, not just for the label and image.. It's PARK KAHI.

Has strong dancing skills and can sing and rap... Kahi unnoe fighting

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20Seung Ho ~ MBLAQ

He has a strong leadership and the other members can always count on him! The relationship between all members of MBLAQ is just amazing. Seungho fighting! You are the BEST leader a band could have!

I strongly believe that being a leader is to be able to understand your members. Seungho is a man that believes in discipline while working and in the respectful ways of daily life. HE's got the Strong charisma to put in line the members and the easygoing attitude to make them feel comfortable around him. HE promotes teamwork, he believes in honesty and makes sure his team abides by it. He is a caring, protective leader; but he still works them hard. He is the backstage leader, always making sure that everything is perfect and safe.

This handsome, charismatic, multi-talented man has amazing leadership skills. He always puts the group before himself. He may be strict but is equally kind, and the members all look up to him. He was Mblaq's manager before they were officially provided with one and would even make appointments and drive the members around. He is capable of reining in the members and is able to put up with all their madness, and at times, joins up with them. He is honest, reliable and has been a constant source of support. They have a wonderful relationship with each other and that teamwork has provided satisfactory results.

He is definitely the best leader. he always think that MBLAQ should come first before his own career but sees to it that the other members of the group excel in their own careers.

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