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41Ji Hyun ~ 4Minute

She may not be that outspoken but everyone knows that she's the one that deals with any conflict and has encouraged them all to become as close as they are with each other. Being a leader is not about popularity...

UNNIE! I love Ji Hyun so much! She had been surprisingly mature in the team and guide 4minute to success! She touches my deep heart!

42N ~ Vixx

He's sincerely one of the best leaders! He will do everything for Starlights and takes good care of his members.

N's love for all the members really shows and he always pulls forward each member to let them shine.

I have no idea why N is so down on the list he's honestly one of the best leaders I've ever seen!

Number 1 Leader N

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43CAP ~ Teen Top

His voice is like the voice of "Eminem"... Looks like that of taylor lautner... And he can actually lead those "little boys" that is far away with his age and attitude...

CAP is the most awesome leader that I've ever know his takes care of the young ones and nose what to do when they are in trouble or when one of the members gets into a fight he'll stop it and handle on wats going on between them. And thts why I vote for CAP to be the number 1 leader

CAP rocks, he will be the best leader to me forever. His rap is awesome.

CAP he's just extraordinary!

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44Seo Eunkwang - BtoB

He's a really easy going leader who connects with his members really well. Though the members always bully him, he laugh it all off with his cute little laugh lol

Eunkwang oppa is the best leader ever love him

Love this dude! He's really funny

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45Chorong ~ APink

I thing Chorong is responsible leader and also she has unique voice, pretty and cute.

I think Chorong is a very kind leader because she very responsible to her group

Leader chorong very cute and I think she's pretty too

I think she is very good leader and very kind leader

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46JB ~ GOT7

Jb is the best leader. He can be strict at times but he cares for his members

JB is the best and I will love you forever

Jb born to be a leader, he can lead GOT7 very well and the members respect him too. they also admited that jb is a great leader! GOT7 FIGHTING!

Jb is so caring and mature

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47D.O. ~ EXO

He's very cute and handsome and kind sometimes because I see the videos that chanyeol was messing with sehun and do but who curse he can be a good leader I vote for him and support exo as a exo l fan

D. O he is very cute, handsome and he always cook for his member

My I'm JEA BUM or JB is the best leader I have ever seen in my life SARANGHEA JB and FIGHTING I will love you forever

Exo leader is not D.o is suho

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48$.Coups ~ Seventeen

He does so much to make sure the other members are healthy and happy and he always goes out of the way to make sure they are taking care of themselves. He never forgets to thank them for believing in him even though he feels like he's not a good leader. And whenever they have to do something where they could get hurt he always volunteers because he would rather get hurt himself than risk anyone else.

I love Seventeen! Seongcheol is great leader. He handle his member easily. The members also respect him

49Dara ~ 2NE1

She is very cute, charming and lovely person I've ever met before. I'm fell in love with her.

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50Yesung ~ Super JuniorKim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.
51Yoo Ara ~ Hello Venus

HELLO VENUS JJANG! Yooara is pretty. She also has a beautiful voice! I love hello venus

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52Shownu ~ Monsta X
53Mika ~ The Boss

He is the best vampire leader. He supports his mates for everything. He is so awesome and sweet. He is always there for his mates. He has unique voice and charm (its vampire charm). Oppa saranghae yo

54Max Changmin ~ TVXQV1 Comment
55Gyuri ~ KARA
56Yoon Bora ~ Sistar
57Kai ~ Exo-K

I love him more than my life please vote for him. He is not leader but like a leader beacause he is always in center

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58Jessica ~ Girls Generation

Go ice princess I love you so much

I like her very very much in the world

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59Rome ~ C-Clown
60Youngjun ~ Led Apple

He takes care of everyone, it is calm and quiet (even if he knows fun). This is in addition a great musician (he mastered all types of guitars and piano), not to mention he is a composer and musical arranger. It is also incredibly sexy!

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