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61B.I ~ Ikon

He has the greatest leadership I've ever seen. He composes for his group, choreographs all their dances, writes lyrics, masters all the things himself first and then teaches it to others. He has the sincerity to succeed for his members. He takes care and deeply worries for all of them. The way he sacrifices his own sleep energy and nerves is the best one you could ask for a boy group leader. Go B.I!

I like B. I very very much in the world

For me hanbin is the best leader because he's doing anything for his group and he composes songs for the group and choreograph the dances. He will not sleep untill they master the dance and in the interview what the recent song you listened to and he answered the song that they're making and still in progress. He has it all...if your talking about leadership. Strict and focused when it comes to work but inside he's a sweet potato that you just want to hug

I adore him so much!

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62Kang seung-yoon - Winner

He's so cute and caring. A good leader indeed

So skillful and so humanistic.Not physical appearance but only skill and taking care of his members as real brothers!

63Heibin Mitsuko Jung
64Serri - Dal★Shabet

She is very pretty and her voice is so nice

65Kim Hyuna ~ 4minute
66Tiffany Hwang - Girls' Generation (SNSD)

I like her because she is pretty and I like her eye smile

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67Kim Hyoyeon ~ Girls' Generation (SNSD)

She's very funny among all of the members and she create many ways to make everyone laugh

68Sunny ~ Girls' Generation (SNSD)
69Sooyoung - Girls' Generation (SNSD)

She is more on style

She is so Beautiful and Awesome

She has skinny face

70Kwon Yuri ~ Girls' Generation (SNSD)
71Hyeri ~ Girl's Day
72Sojin ~ Girl's Day

She is a group leader

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73Kangyoon ~ BladyV1 Comment
74Kim Ryeowook - Super Junior
75Eunhyuk - Super JuniorLee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.
76Lee Sungmin - Super Junior
77Irene ~ Red Velvet

With her great visuals, stunning dance moves, excellent rapping, and good voice, Irene is a great leader

Our nervous yet elegant group red velvet leader irene...

78$.Coups ~ Seventeen
79Sparklez ~ Soyoon
80Kim Jae-kyung ~ Rainbow

Jaekyung is a very talented individual who has amazing leadership qualities.

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