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1 Don't Waste Your Life Don't Waste Your Life

This song it's amazing. I can't stop listening to it.

This song is AMAZING! I can't stop listening to it!

2 Tell the World Tell the World

This is an awesome song to spread the word of God to the world

The message is awesome and so is the rapping.

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3 Confe$$Ions Confe$$Ions

One of the beast songs EVER. PERIOD.

4 Jesus Muzik Jesus Muzik
5 Prayin for You Prayin for You

He has never done another song like this and I just love the twist at the end.

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6 All I Need is You All I Need is You

Come on! You put this Grammy song at 42nd place?!

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7 Just Like You Just Like You

By far the best! - Eminem50CentFanForLife

8 Go Hard Go Hard
9 Background Background
10 God is Enough

Am really inspired the way you write those lyrics it is helping me do mine too

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11 Misconception, Pt. 2 Misconception, Pt. 2

Best song on Crae's new album easily. Although it features many artists, I still think it accurately portrays what Lecrae's mission is.

12 Joyful Noise Joyful Noise
13 I'm Turnt I'm Turnt
14 Co-Sign, Pt. 2 Co-Sign, Pt. 2 V 1 Comment
15 Nuthin
16 Fanatic Fanatic
17 Gravity Gravity
18 Rebel Intro Rebel Intro
19 Beautiful Feet Beautiful Feet

One of his best songs conceptually - dhjin2

20 I'm a Saint I'm a Saint
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1. Misconception, Pt. 2
2. All I Need is You
3. Co-Sign, Pt. 2
1. Confe$$Ions
2. Just Like You
3. Tell the World
1. All I Need is You
2. Confe$$Ions
3. Don't Waste Your Life

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