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Had more depth as a character. She had more dialogue and it was very interesting to see her grow. The other characters don't have quite as much personality as her. I also didn't enjoy interacting with them (With the exception of Link, of course) as I did with Midna.

Midna is one of the most interesting characters in the series. The whole game of Twilight Princess revolved around the bond between Link and Midna. As the game progressed foward, their bond kept becoming stronger and stronger. Midna definitely had the most character development in the series having first taken advantage of Link and then soon growing found of him. Her back story also pulled on the heart strings which made me love her even more.

This is not a tie there basically glued together there a team midna helps link kinda and wolf link does what she says they clear courses and push through
Everything and wolf links a dang dog and one finale thing midna can turn into a princess

Amazing in character depth and magical power. MORE Midna please.

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2LinkLink refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

Link is obviously the best character since he's pretty much the hero. He's brave, kind and sometimes humorous. Also he doesn't talk, but you can still tell what he's saying. So don't bother voting for anyone else but this guy!

Wow Mario stills holds onto my heart, Link is right up there with him! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Speaking about link. Link makes the third spot if the series didn't have link there would be no series nothing said

Everyone says Link

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3ZeldaPrincess Zelda is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in its original entry in 1986.

Have you seen how awesome she was specifically in Hyrule Warriors? Bingo! She deserves #1. Link was cool still, but Zelda was just way more awesome in this game.

She steals the name though Link should, but Zelda has a cooler name and it's more convenient... 'Legend of Link' doesn't sound right.

She needs to be up there ahead of Midna! Midna was rude to Link at the beginning of the game but got better after Zelda saved her life! And she is pretty. Prettier than Midna!

She should be higher than midna

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He's invincible he can only be banished... and is the only villain in anything who actually successfully done what he set out to do and take over Hyrule...

can't think of any other villain succeeding in their plan.. usually foiled well before hand.. or moments before hand..

yes link stopped him.. but I'd say he murdered hundreds by himself as he's immune to attack bar the master sword, light,silver arrows..

in fact Ganondorf is the ultimate villain.. PURE EVIL

He basically gets beaten in every zelda game just like basically all games he they wouldn't have a story to legend of zelda

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5Skull Kid

Bull, He Didn't Struggle Between Good and Evil, He Was Just COMPLETELY Corrupted Evil.

He is the most relatable character I have ever seen in a video game. He is just amazing.

Favorite Zelda character? He is my favorite video game character in general! - Dawscr

Vote for this guy or else

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He's easily the most interesting and kind of creepy villain. Ganondorf comes close as my favorite, but Ghirihim will always live in my heart as my favorite Zelda villain. Up your game Nintendo, if you want to outdo this masterpiece of a villain

I challenge Nintendo to make a better villain. Ghirahim is too good. They obviously spent a lot of time on his character and the writing and the game in general.

He is the epitome of a creepy, sadistic, crazy, and somehow still fabulous villain. He had amazing dialogue and is always entertaining

I use his taunts on my enemies but it doesn't really have the same effect. - M4j0r45

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Saria has an amazing friendship with Link and that only makes her my favorite Zelda character.

She has a tragic yet beautiful story, and was a loyal friend to link right until the very end.

She's one of the nicest people in Zelda

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Medli is such a crucial character in the Wind Waker, and she is so charming in her own right that sometimes I wonder why people think Zelda should be the one marrying Link.

Few legend of Zelda characters get to be as charming as medli. She is not only pretty relevant in the story, but she offers one of the most complex and sweet attitudes in the game.

Medli is one beautiful girl. One can imagine her dancing in the sky, her broad, white wings riding the wind. Call me sappy or whatever. Medli is gorgeous. Of course I can't overlook her character. She is very sweet and thoughtful, even after the revelation that she is a sage. She will always be my favorite character in the Windwaker

She very helpful and hopeful

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Not every Zelda Fan always say that Navi is such annoying Zelda Character. But hey, I like Navi

Navi is cute fun and can be annoying but loveable

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Holy moly finnaly tetra she's from wind waker and awesome she has an awesome hair style she's a cool character for the series

By far one of the best Zelda portraits in the entire franchise.

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11Toon Link

Hey, buddy! Don't hate! He's a cute kid. Plus, the upcoming Zelda for Wii U has adult Link.

I HATE TOON LINK! Because of him,no classic Link in nowadays Zelda games!

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Groose as a character is hilarious and he also goes through some of the best character development in the history of this franchise. He is a lovable douche, who becomes a great buddy.

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I really like Impa and I love the fact she is the 4th most seen Zelda character. ( I think she had the 4th most appearances next to Link Zelda and Ganondorf..

She is serious and sometimes mean


How the Hell did Tingle make it into this list?

Tingle the greedy 40 year old man who wears a green spandex,has his own 2 games while most zelda characters have none and enslaves his brothers on his island named after himself. tingle is unforgettable.maybe the voters think that the main characters name is zelda.

15Happy Mask Salesman

He's very mysterious and I like his facial expressions. Especially when he gets angry.

So mysterious. Makes you think he might be more than he appears. Very memorable character

His mystery makes him the hands down best character

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Outside Saria, she is one of the most down to Earth ladies that Link meets. Plus, Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game so maybe I'm biased, but I've always had a soft spot for her.

There's a fairly plausible theory that Link from Ocarina of Time and Malon eventually marry, and that their descendant is Link from Twilight Princess. Make of that what you will.

Malon as such a sweet and lovable character in Ocarina. And I believe that Link ends up marrying her. If you look at how Link from TP is farmer it makes it highly likely that he is a descendant of Oot Link and Malon. And the girl who wins over the amazing Link is definitely a great person.


In Hyrule Warriors, Lana was a big part of the story in a way that she was the good half of the villain Cia. The scene where the two are together one last time is actually quite touching. Also, Lana is a blast to play as! - PeterG99

My favorite, deserves to be higher

She is cute and she is like bam bam


Why is vaati only at number 15? Best zelda character ever!

20Old Man

Old Man is the best! Without him Link would have died in the original game. In case you didn't know the old man referred in this is the old man that gives link the sword in the original Legend of Zelda game. His most famous line is "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." After that he gives Link the sword.

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