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Links dang horse. Epona gets called by a very special song Epona appeared in three games ocarina of time wind waker and finnaly twilight princess

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From Link's Awakening, this was the first character that I felt had any depth, and I really cared about her. Despite only appearing on the Gameboy, she was self-sacrificial, interesting, and likeable. And her song is awesome!

The best female Zelda character.

I like Marin because she seems like a good girl on the outside, but on the inside she's pure evil, for example if you attack a cucco at first she'll tell you to stop, but if you keep attacking the cucco she'll eventually say - do it! Do it more!

23Dark Link

He is my all time favorite character! He is so cute!

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You said Sheik is a girl. I was wondering that Sheik was a boy

She might be mysterious but I think she is pretty cool

She gives a lot to the game.
I think she sould be higher in this list.

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Bye far my favorite ocarina of time character. Sworn brothers.

How can the best zelda character ever be 25! VOTE PEOPLE

I love it when he dances to Saria's song

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Although he's a major Jerk in the beginning he has a change of heart after 7 year's it seems like he actually misses you.

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29ZantV1 Comment
30King Of Hyrule

This piece is what all true warriors strive for.

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I like this guy. He's based off of Mario


The true embodiment of evil and hatred. It just wants to destroy without reason. After destroying everyone's lives individually, he brings down a demonic moon to "put everyone out of there misery." Rated e for everyone my ass

36Orca (Wind Waker)

I really think that phantom hourglass is a unrated Zelda game that brought a lot of cool facts to the franchise, and I think this mainly because of linebeck.

he's a charming, humane and well rounded character who covers himself with a "narcissistic and selfish" coat. I just love him.

He's a self-absorbed, narcissistic, cowardly arsehole... and he's bloody hilarious! It's a shame he's in a game generally loathed by Zelda fans, I have a feeling that were he in any other game he'd be universally adored.

How did Tingle get ahead of this guy? Linebeck is so underrated!

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39Princess Ruto

Ruto is still my favorite Zora in Zelda Series...

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Let me explain its from zelda 2 and he looks really cool check him out on google images

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