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2Everything at Once
With the commercial of Windows 8, I came across this beautiful song. And I must say, that this is the best song of Lenka. Thank you Windows for bringing such a beautiful song before us. If you understand the lyrics, its so meaningful, telling what a girl wants to become all at once. And it has a damn beautiful music. I love it!
I don't know why people hate this song. Must listen it. It's a beautiful song.

3Trouble Is a Friend

4Bring Me Down

5Knock Knock

6We Will Not Grow Old

7Don't Let Me Fall

8Anything I'm Not

9Dangerous and Sweet

10Live Like You're Dying

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11Shock Me Into Love

12Everything's Okay


14Heart Skips a Beat

15Like a Song


17Roll With the Punches

18Sad Song

19Blinded by Love

20Here to Stay

21You Will Be Mine

22The End of the World
Ranked 22? Well, its much better than that.. Huh

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