Top Ten Best Leona Lewis Songs


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The Top Ten

Bleeding Love
I just love this song! I listen to this song everyday... It makes me feel good... I love leona..
hmm... I go in a different world... the world of leona lewis... omg! her voice is...
It is a real good song and she is hot
[Newest]Every time I hear it, I fall in love with it all over again..

2Better In Time
Omg... one of the best songs that I have ever heard... totally perfect. The tones.. the levels... omg. Glad she became one of the best artist ever!
Never get bored.. I've been attracted by her beautiful stunning voice.. Freezing in front of laptop listen to this song..
I love this song and her voice is amazing! Why don't I hear it more often on the radio? I'm so glad her talent was discovered!
[Newest]One of the best songs ever

Amzing song. It's just so beautiful. I love it. Everything Leona Lewis does is just pure amazing. I love this song so much! Her other songs are amazing as well.
I mean I love snow patrol but leona's version is just so powerful and emotional, you can feel everything she sings, you can tell she sings with all her heart... It's just beautiful, especially when she goes high... She has the voice of an angel...
[Newest]Beautiful vocals. You can feel the song. Just amazing melody and for vocals... Hats off!

I really love this song, although I love a lot of her songs. She has a way of getting deep into the heart and soul and expressing the deepest of emotions in her songs. I can relate to a lot of her songs, and they are all so beautiful, and this one is my favorite. It is so beautiful. Leona is so talented and makes suh beautiful music. I could listen to her voice all day.
The best Leona Lewis's song... It's just a real song, very touching. If you like Bleeding Love, you must love Happy
Best song ever I love it! that song was meant to be sung.

[Newest]The meaning of life.

Fab song its just so bautiful I love the tune in the song
Bautiful lyrics, beautiful melody, beautiful vocals
I think this is a brilliant song..
I love the beat and the sad lyrics!

6I Got You
THIS IS ONE OF HER BEST SONGS EVER! She is such an amazing singer! And most importantly she is one AWESOME PERSON! She reminds me of Danielle Peazer ( One Direction's Liam Payne's girlfriend ) and they're both really awesome and pretty people.
This song is probably the best song of hers! This should be on th top!
And dude what about is I see you from avatar?
You even missed out take a bow... that's one of her best songs!
The best song from a very talented woman!

7I Will Be
Ok, the original song by Avril Lavigne is better, but I still like this.
Footprints in the sand is ahead of th... -. - hahaahahaaha no. No sweetyy its not I will be is a true decent song that deserves more liaten to it avril lavighne also sangs this song

8I See You
I just love this song. Leona's voice- it just penetrates like an arrow through my heart. I love it...
This song gets me mesmerized..
This song was nominated for GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS and well deserves too and hwever every song of leona touch my heart and cnnot be cmpared with any 1 love you LEONA... I see you

9Footprints in the Sand
I cry every single time. Should come before bleeding love.
Best song she's done! Agree best voice in a long time even better than Mariah and Whitney not to take anything from them but overall she wins it in my opinion!
Amazing...I agree that it should be before bleeding love

Leona Lewis is only the best female singer of all time! With a voice of an angle, she can lul anyone to sleep. I love all her songs, but I'm mostly into this one right now. I would listen to all her songs every day if my parents actually let me listen to the music I want. Laugh out loud. Too bad for me. Sorry, I don't mean to make this about me. My vote is for this song! Go Leona! It is my wish to meet you some day.
This song is completely amazing! I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. This should be way higher up, and its actually her song, not a cover.
This song is so deep which describes a broken-hearted person. I love you Leona and your angel voice

The Contenders

11Forgive Me
Deserves to be in the top 10 at least, one of her most underrated songs.

12Take a Bow
Should have been a single.
I just love this song n LEONA especially starting music but alas shes underrated I njoyd oll GLASSHEART songs
Love Leona!

13A Moment Like This
I love this song and it has and a point in the words. When I'm sad I like to hear this song. It make me cry more. I love love this song!
Reminds me of Total Eclipse of The Heart but so much better

It should be at top 5 at least amazing song but I'm sure that it's down here for two reasons, cause most of Leona's songs are amazing and because this song is new and I don't know why but in my country I couldn't watch it on Youtube.
Am shocked to see this song in number 17, damn this should be No2 its apparently my second best after "can't Breathe" Leona is awesome
Awesome! A love song at its best! Its better than bleeding love 4 sure...

15My Hands
This song was final fantasy xi's ending song and I loved the game so of course I'm going to vote for it.
Final Fantasy XIII's ending theme and it's a very good song. Will never get tired of it.
No they will not let me go! Really good song
[Newest]My favorite song ever. Leona is amazing!

This song is beyond amazing and I love the indie rock sound it has!

I couldn't reALly get this song out of ma mind... Just love the lyrics her voice beyond comparrision. It takes me to another world

Hey guys what is wrong with you? I Think this is the most vocalic sound that I ever heard, amazing vocal performance, definitely her best song ever, it nearly make me cry whenever I listen to it and I'm not even a native speaker of English, if it do this to me I wonder how it does not Catches your emotions,
Even though it leaked, it definitely should go to number 1... By the end of this month... This will reach the top!
Her best yet! Amazing song and vocals!
[Newest]Her deepest, most unique song to date.

19Lost Then Found
Just awesome song, I can't spend a day without hearing this song!
Wow, my favorite song, everyone there try it once
What? This song is not in top 10, it must be on top, vote for it & try it once

20How Everything You Are
This is her best song ever I can't believe that had this as unreleased. They need to put this on her next album.
I don't think pulse should be in the top ten this song is way better than pulse this song should be number 1
Best Leona Lewis song ever this should be numder 1

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