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21SanitariumV1 Comment
22Shark Attack

Easily of my favorite songs by limp bizkit. It has an awesome sound. It really reminds me of break stuff.

One of the best songs on Gold Cobra, sounds like old school Limp Bizkit. - 8gerrard8

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It's one of the best songs guys, no.28? Come on

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Greatest song from their greatest album. Opening riff is so powerful. Rock your socks off metal, straight up.

?... What the [email protected].. This is the BEST SONG EVER from Fred Durst and company... Sas

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25Indigo Flow
26No SexV1 Comment
27Getcha Groove On
28Nobody Like You

This song should be at least the top 5 this song is really intense especilly at the beggining w the drums and throught out the whole song I like how it is a blast one minute and all low key the next it keeps me on edge


How can this song not be at the top? The lyrics are beautiful

30Just Like ThisV1 Comment
31Lonely World

My favourite, great beat, nice flow.

This is the best song EVER, it has an amazing lyrics and rhythm
I feel so understood every time I listen to it

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32Show Me What You Got
34The Truth

Why is this song and Crack Addict down in the 40's? They are the best Limp Bizkit songs ever! The Truth has great lyrics and the coolest guitar riff I've ever heard. Crack Addict sounds amazing too for similiar reasons.

Sam is the most underrated bassist ever. Her can play bass use the fingers. Unbelievable bassist. - 05yusuf09

Hard ass song. Not my all time favorite by lb but it needs to be voted way up. In my top 3 for sure

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35The Channel
36Red Light - Green Light

Freak baby, freak freak baby

37The Propaganda
38Just Drop Dead

I like this because it's about Brittney being crap - MusicMovieMinecraftMe


I think that this song should be higher on this list because its really catchy awesome lyrics and described how there are people you can't trust

40The One

This song has a great melody and a good build up a must listen to for the first half. Not the outro

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