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Hybrid Theory
Hybrid Theory and Meteora are both spectacular albums but I think that Hybrid Theory should be number one. This has better songs that Meteora and is their debut album. You can't get any better than this album.
I think people are getting a bit carried away here. Hybrid Theory is still their best album, Meteora is close but it's not better. Get this back to the top where it belongs.
Amazing and groundbreaking. Hybrid Theory and Korn's Follow the Leader album laid the ground work for all forms of nu metal and alternative rock to form into a world wide phenomenon. Hybrid Theory is one of those albums that most people could listen to for hours and even be able to listen to all the songs. In a way, Hybrid Theory is one of those rare perfect albums and is Linkin Parks best.


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Almost as good as Hybrid Theory, has more "good" songs but not as many "amazing" songs as HT. Favourites are Numb, Faint, Figure. 09, From The Inside etc. Their 2nd best selling album to date.


THIS is their best album. A Thousand Suns should be bottom of the list. I can't believe I wasted my cash on that trash.
Just like Hybrid Theory, this is Linkin Park at its finest. In my opinion, this albulm is more organized and put together than Hybrid Theory. Meteora gives us a better and clearer understanding of the bands identity. This albulm is a perfect length in my opinion, (approx.37 min. ) I would say if you listen through the whole albulm starting in order from Foreword to Numb this album does not disappoint. It has its own 'character' and uniqueness to it and it is great piece of art.
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3Living Things
Dang! I am not going to say this is the best album since Meteora, because it's the best album they've ever put out in my mind. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are both excellent and innovative, but this... This is so deep and so intense... I love it. Best album of 2012 right here.
I think Hybrid Theory is the best but I voted for Living Things because I think it's about even with Meteora in my opinion. There are so many good songs on this album, especially "Castle of Glass", "I'll be Gone", "Lost in the Echo" and "In my Remains". "Burn it Down" is also pretty good. I would say this is the most innovative/experimental LP album and it is just an intense, mesmerizing experience listening to it. Definitely check it out. Linkin Park is still great.


Yes the previous comment is true and the many tracks have been launched so I am very very happy on 17 june 2012 now I'm downloading its songs from youtube I'm feeling very very fun
I also feel that it will the best album 2o12 so I'm waiting for june 26 for its all songs and to buy these album living things

Heard their first two singles and I am already excited for the album to come out, obviously going to be one of their best albums yet!
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4Minutes to Midnight
No more sorrow, leave out all the rest and what I have done are some of the bests rock songs eveer made,
Vocals drumming are perfect
Also try burning in the skies. Best of 1000 suns
Good album, includes my favourite Linkin Park song What I've Done and a few other decent ones such as Given Up, No More Sorrow and Leave Out All The Rest. This was a change in direction for LP since it's more or less Alternative Rock or just Rock, at times Hard Rock. Whereas the first 2 were pretty much Rap Metal and Nu Metal.


Why is this not at least 2nd. Meteora and hybrid theory are great, but a thousand suns and living things can't compare to the previous three. I hate that they changed their music style. All the famous bands these days are changing because they are adapting to the music kids listen to pop basically. Their not changing because their "maturing" or "trying something new. "
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5A Thousand Suns
Ok, yes it's not their best album but it doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. BURNING IN THE SKIES is just epic, amazing, even better than Leave Out All The Rest and I thought that was the best "ballady" song by Linkin Park, this is even better. Listen to it. Other good songs include Wretches And Kings (sounds like old Linkin Park) and The Catalyst is quite good but overrated. Waiting For The End is "OK" but it's so overrated, as is Iridescent. BURNING IN THE SKIES is way better! Go vote for it in the "Best Linkin Park songs" list or vote for the classics like One Step Closer, Crawling, Points Of Authority etc.
Very underrated album, artistically their best. I like the approach they took with a concept album.
I do not see why this album gets so much hate. It has a lot of good songs, some of which I can rank 5 stars (or Suns ;) Ohhoh, that was bad) out of 5. Besides Minutes To Midnight, it is one of the albums with the most diversity when it comes to style. It has Nu-Metal, it has Rap-Rock, it has that cross between Rock/Metal and techno. Wretches And Kings and When They Come For Me are very much like Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Again, some great songs like When They Come For Me, Wretches And Kings, The Catalyst, Burning In The Skies, Iridescent, Waiting For The End and I personally love Blackout (possibly because Chester actually says the line "F*** It! Are You Listening". Personally, this is my second favourite Linkin Park album, just barely beating out Hybrid Theory (even though my first and second favourite Linkin Park songs are One Step Closer and Papercut respectively) however it is still far behind the worthy-of-worship Meteora. God damn! Meteora is just one giant eargasm.
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The remixes fit in perfect with the real songs. Linkin Park and the guest rappers plus the sound effects turn each song into something new and spontaneous. Easily thier third best album after Hybrid Theory and Meteora!
Reanimation was one of their best albums. Sure it can't reach the fame as Hybrid Theory or Meteora but it still is one of their best collaboration/remix albums. I know most of the people are just 'fanboys' who think Linkin Park needs to go back are not including Reanimation, I mean come ON, this is at least #3 of their best albums guys.
Much, much better that A Thousand Suns. I mean come on! A Thousand Suns put me to sleep. Either the songs are weird and exaggerated, or have the same technophobic pattern. That album is BORING. This one is not. A very, very underrated album.
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7Road To Revolution Live At Milton Keynes

So awesome album, I have more video Linkin Park in my youtobee, so awesome and suck. My favorite album.


8Songs From The Underground
Songs like Qwerty, Across The Line, Pretend To Be, and "And One". These songs are only rare, which only Linkin Park fans know these songs.
I like and one in this albums, couse it have amazing electronic efect. But hybrid theorr than morey is the best eve

9Hybrid Theory (EP)
This hybrid theory and meteora should be what linkin park should do

10Live in Texas
I personally believe that all the songs in this album are the best ones put out by them. Most bands suck at live performances but Linkin Park really pulled through with this one and besides the interaction with the crowd it sounds like studio quality. And to reiterate all the songs are their top songs except maybe "pushing me away".
they sound so great when they're rocking it live!


This was them at their best I think the best song was P5HNG Me A*WY

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11Collision Course
How under rated this is album is..
I can't Blame if all linkin Park songs are good but this album deserves
Just go and listen to Dirt Off your shoulders and 99 problems
And then try to rate, so underrated


This deserves 6th place. Its a main album, but it's still incredible

12Breaking the Habit

13Underground - 9 Demos

14Underground XIII

15Bleed It Out
Chester bennington was flying in bleed it out

16The Hunting Party

17Underground 8 (MMM...COOKIES: Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America!)

This is before they were even called Hybrid Theory. cool songs.

19In the End
No ong better than this. listen to it and you will know

LIVING THINGS remix album!
A great new song and several great remixes. This album deservers way better!
Its not out yet but its gonna reck
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