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THIS IS MY FIRST LIST ON THIS SITE. LINUX OS HAS VARIOUS DISTRIBUTIONS BECAUSE IT'S FREEWARE. THIS IS MY TOP TEN LINUX BASED OPERATING SYSTEMS, PLEASE ADD YOUR VOTES AND COMMENTS TO IMPROVE MY LIST. THIS LIST BASED ON ROBUSTNESS, SIMPLICITY, PERFORMANCE, UI AND MANY OTHER IMPORTANT FEATURES! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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For a beginner, this is the absolute best. You want linux? Everything is built for this. Stable as a rock, while mint should be better, I've had more technical difficulties with it than on ubuntu.
Both official and user contributed.
Wealth of documentation
Fixed release cycle and support period.


It is a super OS to use especially if you like the windows OS very easy to use IE: User friendly
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2Linux Mint
Superb collection of “minty” tools which is developed in-house.
Has user-friendly enhancements.
Inclusion of multimedia codecs.
Open to all user suggestions.


It's mind blowing and better than ubuntu
Beautiful and clean without being over the top or gawdy.
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Fedora is up to date with it's repository not like Mint and a few other os out there. It seems to be very user friendly and since I installed this at our local Contact Crisis line we have had NO COMPUTER issues, which to me is a huge improvement over the other systems I had them use.
Fedora is best at development process which is based on Linux and also it was updated with its repository. The below my friends already given the importance of Fedora but I use to say one thing, the main thing is that it was very helpful to the freshers who even don't about the Linux. Easy to learn and easy know about the environment of the Linux based projects.
Superb security features
Many supported packages
Strict adherence to the free software philosophy
Highly innovative
Available in CD featuring many popular desktop environments


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4Zorin OS
Easy, fast, great stability and just the ducks guts!
Less risk of getting viruses
Much faster than Windows 7
An easy to use and familiar desktop
Customizable user interface thanks to our Look Changer
Stable as it is based on the robust Linux operating system
All the software you'll ever need out of the box


Been using this os for a while I was a windows user not any more have tried about 7 different linux systems I like this one
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It has intuitive and comprehensive tool
Large number of software packages
Superb documentation
Excellent website infrastructure


Highly stable than any other distros
The best OS, I work whit openSUSE without trouble ;-)

Muy buen sistema operativo, es muy estable, yo trabajo en mi portatil con openSUSE sin problemas.

Remarkable quality control
Includes 25, 113 software packages
Supports more processor architecture


First of a kind. The best one.

7Slackware Linux
Strong adherence to UNIX principles
Clean and largely bug-free
Considered highly stable


Fast, Stable, Secure, Bug-free, Very Unix-like, Original Linux

8Arch Linux
Has Tweaking option
Unparalleled customization
Great Online documentation
Superb software management infrastructure.


Ultimate...Install only the things you want to install...

I'm not so a great techie but I see that most people choose CENT OS for their web servers.
Free to download and use
Comes with 5-years of free security updates
Stable and reliable
Extremely well-tested


I use CentOS+LAMP as my web platform.

I tried 64 s very stable up to date and easy to use
Browser plugins and media codecs
Rolling-release update mechanism
Up-to-date software
Out-of-the-box support for graphics drivers


The Contenders

11Red Hat Linux
It is best for personal use
Best Linux for Enterprises. Well secured and upto date. But it may not come free of cost, one may need to pay RHEL for their support & Services to you.

12Elementary OS
It's like having a Mac for free. Super elegant design. A joy to use. It's one of the only OS's that didn't seem like it was fighting me. Comes with all the basic apps and the Ubuntu app store so you will always have plenty of good, safe software.
Most beautiful build I've ever seen
Excellent OS, easy to use, beautiful design.
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13Bharat Operating System Solutions
It was made by CDAC
Its Indian OWN OS

14Kali Linux
All Application Are Run And Use in Security Tool

Capable of detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems (typically Windows).
That's great to use! That is very useful and more beautiful than kali or... ! That is easy to use! I really like it!
Visit Backtrack Website

16Chrome OS
Fast boot, Fast Service



Fast light easy 2 use

Visit Manjaro Website

21Pear OS 7
Well done to David Tavares, Deux-Sèvres for it!


23Gentoo Linux
The next popular Free Easy to use LinuxOS.
The most customisable linux os ever.

24Bodhi Linux
Very easy to use


26Sabayon Linux

Easy to use, bugfree

For old notebooks best choice at all


30Linux Deepin
Very good linux desktop os



That is new and interesting... !

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