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The Top Ten

This song got me hooked on Little Mix
Wings is a great, catchy song and I absolutely love listening to it. You should try it!
WIng was there first music video, and it was a SMASH! Please please make this song number 1 because this song is amazing! So come on people and vote for this song!
[Newest]Amazing and a very joyful song.

I love this song when I hear it I'm always singing it for the rest of the day and it never fails to get me dancing
This is their best song. Can't believe its at 16
Simply great. I'm in love with that song!
[Newest]It's my dance solo song

Its really cool and love Perrie's voice in it and its starting music was just awesome and really the best of the little mix songs.
I love it and all, but Perrie's voice is deep but she is my favorite singer! I Like her smile, and the way she dresses! She inspired me to sing and be happy. And congratulations to her and Zayn Malik! AH! They will get married! I'm so happy!
Perries voice was perfect as well as the other members of little mix perrie and zayn are just meant to be their voice is as good as each other stay strong zerrie and more blessings little mix!
[Newest]This song is so amazing, and I love all of the songs, but this has to be my favourite!

4Change Your Life
Little Mix are so talented.. They just need more recognition!
I changed my life for my dream and wont forget it thanks little mix
[Newest]It's just amazing!

5Little Me
Whenever I feel upset, I sing this to myself and feel so much better! Really really good song to connect with emotions! Love you little mix!
The meaning of this song is really for everybody... when I listened to this song for the first time, I started to cry ;_;
I love this song so much. It's so meaningful and deep. It describes me perfectly: Quiet, shy and scared to speak up. I just connect with this song every single time I hear it. Little Mix inspires me so much that they are my favourite band!
[Newest]I love little me I even did a dance to it!

This song deserves to be number one it is my absolute favourite song in the whole wide world! I sing it every day and I do street dance and I am dancing to it I also say little mix sing this song live at the big gig on sat 4th October it was awesome especially at the front row!
Superb song. Showing their amazing skills. How come they manage to sing and do the powerful dance while I'm here laying down on my bed trying to catch ma breath after 1st verse?!
Girl power defiantly! Fun beat too
[Newest]THis is definitely a winner song.

7How Ya Doin'?
This is a super song! I played it so many times
Superb song, always enjoy when listen
Awesome song! <3 just love it!
[Newest]I think little mix is the best group in the world

8Pretend It's OK
This is an amazing and emotional song! It's the best on here and should be #1!
This is my all time favorite little mix song it means si much to me but it gets me teary...
It is very good song. People should listen to it.

I love towers so much! The girl's voices blend so well and I don't know why it cuts me inside.
This is simply Awesome! It totally deserves to be in the top ten!
I consider this the best song of Little Mix. It should be right on top.
[Newest]This song really like my feel..

I absolutely adore their voices in this song! So beautiful😍😍

The Contenders

11These Four Walls
First time I heard this song I cried. Can't believe it's the last in this list!
This is my favourite song now!
I can't listen to this song without crying, amazing song which hits right in the heart

12We Are Who We Are
I love every single one of little mix's songs on their album but this song really speaks to me because when I get spots I'm thinking oh my god I look a right mess but it's life and it always turns out nobody even CARES! So now I don't give one but I still don't like them, horrible things! Laugh out loud bye
I think this song really speaks out to many people out there who lacks confidence... This is definitely inspiring and I'm sure most girls out there also think so... Little Mix, keep rocking'
Little Mix deserve more fame, fortune and fans than they have. I mean like HELLO! They are the first UK girl band to win the X-Factor! Other celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and all the others like them are not as great as Little Mix and yet they are more famous. They are caring! Sometime ago, they visited Liberia and decided to donate all the money they get for their sport relief single to the charity. I mean like, how sweet is that? I just wished they were noticed more...
[Newest]Great song do some more like this

13Love Drunk
AWESOME SONG... Must listen... I can't believe it wasnt even on the list... I had to add it
Little mix are really talented... They need more recognition... Please listen to their songs... I'm a mixer forever

Its one of the best little mix song ever
This song is beast. It needs to be at LEAST top 10

15About the Boy
That note that Perrie hits at the end of the bridge is magical! And then the cute little sigh after it too...
Awesome <3 pez's high note!
Perries part <3 _

16A Different Beat
This just wants to make me dance.
Love it, Take a Stand ladies!
Catchy and touchy... Oh! I just love it... Go LM... You all rock...

17Case Closed
This song is too good..
Wae is this so low? Vote for this song, please!

18Good Enough
Oh my goodness, this song is the last? Has anybody even LISTENED to it? The song has a beautiful progression in lyrics and the music is unbelievable. Everyone's voice showcased- Jesy's raw emotion, Leigh's tone, Jade's tone, Perrie's power. The song progresses. First verse and chorus, it's so full of disappointment and hurt- "Seems like I never compared." Second verse, it's turning more bitter, and by the second chorus it's more about the person that hurt them, not what they did- "Does it hurt, knowing I used all the pain? " Perrie's bridge says exactly what the song is about in the end- not feeling sorry for yourself, and instead of thinking you did something holding the other person accountable. "Release your curse. Cause I know my worth." THIS SONG NEEDS MOVING UP
I think this song should definitely be moved up. I know it isn't groovy but it's heart breaking and very moving. I love it and I can't stop singing it. It's one of the saddest songs I've ever heard (after that is towers).
This song is my favorite song right now. Love the lyrics!
[Newest]No one has heard this song, huh? The vocals, the feeling, and the message are way too strong for it to be so low.

19Red Planet
Best song by them
I love this song it's so Rockey and powerful

20Turn Your Face
Such powerful and emotional song. Deserves a much higher position! All the girls were outstanding as usual but Perrie really stuck out with her beautiful vocals
So sad, yet so good! Great voices.
Very nice song. listen
[Newest]ϘπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ no words need

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