Best Live Albums of the 2010s


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1Live from Paris - Shakira
2Live - Masta Killa
3Jackie Evancho: Awakening - In Concert

Her third PBS broadcast concert - also on DVD, showcasing her album of the same name (including a duet of "Say Something" with Cheyenne Jackson, and Jackie on piano for the first part of "My Immortal"

Before viewing Jackie's Awakening - in concert; make sure you have your tears of JOY hankerchief near by... No, towel.

An excellent production with Jackie's golden voice framed by the lush Longwood Gardens. - BobG

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4Dream With Me In Concert - Jackie Evancho

Absolutely amazing. Must have, must see! - BobG

Her first PBS Great Performances concert special. "Music of the Movies" was her second. Her third, "Jackie Evancho - Awakening: In Concert" begins showing on PBS Nov 30, 2014.

All of them are a showcase for an amazing young talent.

5Songs From The Silver Screen - Jackie Evancho

The PBS Great Performances special is called "Music Of The Movies". - Trancas

Her second PBS special showcasing her "Songs From The Silver Screen" album.

At age 12, Jackie introduces the numbers, runs the show, and displays her maturing voice. - BobG

6Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert - Celine Dion
7Sticky & Sweet Tour - Madonna
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Top Remixes

1. Live from Paris - Shakira
2. Live - Masta Killa
3. Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert - Celine Dion



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