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The Top Ten

Steven Gerrard
One of the best players football has ever seen. The name is enough.. It's lovely to watch him on the field. He is real play maker. It's not only the goals which make him world class but the quality of passes, Power behind the long shots, enthusiasm and vision that is not comparable. No one can be as loyal as him. He is real legend.
He is so good especially when he scored a hat-trick and when he scores against Man Utd. We all love you Steven Gerrard. Steve Gerrard Gerrard he scores from 40 yards he is better than Frank Lampard Steve Gerrard Gerrard
If he take a shot it goes in the back of the goal
[Newest]He is the best
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2Kenny Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish moved to Liverpool from Glasgow Celtic in 1977, retiring in 1991. He made 515 appearances for the Reds, scoring a total of 172 goals. He also won 55 international caps for Scotland. Date of Birth: 04-03-1951 Birthplace: Glasgow Liverpool debut: 13th August 1977 v Manchester United (N) Charity Shield: Drew 0-0 Other clubs: Playing: Celtic. Management: Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Celtic Honours with Liverpool: First Division Championship: 1978/79, 1979/80, 1981/82, 1982/83, 1983/84, 1985/86 (player/manager), 1987/88 (player/manager) & 1989/90 (player/manager), FA Cup 1986 (player/manager), 1989 (manager), Charity Shield 1977 (shared), 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986 (shared), European Super Cup 1977, Screen Sport Super Cup 1986 (player/manager) European Cup 1978, 1981 & 1984


not only a great player and manager also cares for the club and fans
King Kenny all the way he will always be number 1. If you look at what he did for both only Liverpool but also for football in this country. 3 seasons with out missing a game. 42 games in a row.
[Newest]Amazing every game he played. Scored goals every time

3Ian Rush
Ian rush was well better than gerrard he should be first he scored 346 goals ever

He was really good
He had made more appreciate then any other players in Liverpool and has scored more as well how has Gerrard got morevotes. this man is the god who made us a good team Gerrard was over rated 28% voted for Gerrard WHY only 8% vote about Liverpools history why can't you rote for a proper legging someone who wins trophy so vote for Ian Rush.
[Newest]Great striker of all times.

4Robbie Fowler
he is god, one of the best to ever play at the club. the amount of goals and his loyalty were second to none
Best goal finisher ever! Remember the 3 goals against arsenal?
He was epic you should vote for him :D He was liverpools best player ever you
Have to admit
[Newest]The best? Only Robbie Fowler!

5Fernando Torres
Torres gave Liverpool the victories no one could have given in 3 years! He made Liverpool win against Manchester united and Chelsea several times! He was truly a Liverpool hero!
His speed and agility are beyond imagination... Though gerrard is an awesome player torres almost equals him!
Fernando Torres is an awesome player even if he betrayed liverpool he is still good.
[Newest]Torres is the best in all arenas

6Luis Suarez
It's Luis Suarez, right? What a player! He is just fantastic, and Liverpool should try to hold on to him. He needs to have a more constant partner up front. He's not a lone ranger and has suffered from isolation this season.
Good at taking shots from inside the box and could be the next big thing and he is better than peter crouch!
This player has a good skill. He also has a good attemts. He also nimble and clever scoring from a narrow space.
[Newest]Just because he left doesn't make him any worse a player, I think you guys, know just how good he is

7Kevin Keagen
Liverpool's best because he transformed an ordinary side and left behind a great legacy - perhaps not the best pure footballer but certainly the most effective in Liverpool's history
Keegan represnts the great Liverpool success story. Kevin is still the best Kop player.

8John Barnes
I had to add him on the list! This man is an absolute legend! One of the greatest players for Liverpool without a doubt.


Years ahead of his time. I don't think his play would look out of place in the prem now.
Barnes had a way of exciting the Kop with his powerful runs and brilliant goals. Third best player in Liverpool FC' history.

9Michael Owen
Doesn't anybody remember how good he was for Liverpool, he scored in almost every game at his peak! Definitely in the top 20 of Liverpool's greatest ever players
deadly finisher at liverpool, their best ever.


He is one of the best player for liverpool. Anyboy can't forget 2001 double winner team.
He was the back bone of the team even for the national team.
[Newest]He is best player

10Jamie Carragher
old yes, but when he's on form he's a marvel to behold
Class player for club love yo liverpool and carragher

The Contenders

11Xabi Alonso
He is a true legend
He is ultimate brilliant player and a legend
Alonso is a grat player can cross play on the wing dm and midfield he can talke coners free kicks and penatlys he one the world cup with Spain liverpool second record when leaving the club to join real madrid for 35millon pound and he can come of the bench score and change the game round

12Graeme Souness

13Steve McManaman

14Luis Garcia

15Dirk Kuyt
He's left by now but he was amazing

16Philippe Coutinho
He's very good at skills
Yes he should be first
Best Attacking MF I have ever seen since last time he is epic

17Steve Heighway
One of the greatest crossers of the ball. Loved watching him take on players down the wing and then whipping the ball into the box
Pure winger with pace and fantastic crosses. Dynamic runs down the touch line

18Djibril Cisse
he's good but not as good as torres and gerrard I voted for him because his hair is cool lol but he's good enough and ian rush and th erest of the lads are good aswell

19Jan Molby
Best passer of the ball the club has ever seen. Technically superb!

20Bruce Grobbelaar
It did take him a while to get used to Liverpool but when he did he was outstanding.
A real guard between those goal posts, he would give his life to save a goal.
An amazing keeper he saved almost every shot

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