Best Lord of the Rings Characters

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he can shoot like 5 arrows at once! amazing.
the greatest guy in the LOTR and never gets hurt when ever everybody is hurt and startled he just deals with the problem


The Best Character! Orlando, you did amazing job! Thank you!
[Newest]Legolas is love Legolas is life
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ARAGORN IS THE BEST CHARACTER! He's so noble yet humble, and I just love how he is portrayed throughout the books and movies *_* Sam is a good one, but my favorite is Aragorn. There's so much depth to his character. The changes he makes throughout the series are really nice, too---very well-written and realistic. I like seeing the transformation from a humble wandering ranger unwilling to accept his true destiny to a really confident leader and king. I think he's a character that a lot of readers can relate to on one level or another. He's not only my favorite LOTR character, but my favorite literary character of all time.
Clearly the best! I mean he's the KING for crying out loud! And he's still humble and saves practically everyone - Would've gone for Theoden also because he is just so god in the 2nd film :) and also legolas is just amazing! Crazy arrow-shooting-see you from miles away- skills :D but ARAGORN wins hands down!


Aragorn is the High king of Gondor and Arnor, is the greatest swordsmen ever, and is an the last of the Dunedain. Can not get any better.
[Newest]Frodo whines to much
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He is the greatest he killed a balrog you know you shall not pass. He came back as a white wizard remember at dawn look to the east
Gandalf is the greatest, wisest, strongest, and with no doubt the most powerful character of all. He killed a balrog, came back to life even stronger than before, and he is a maia which means and if you read the books you can read that before gandalf came in a human form he was more powerful than ever and he helped create earth. So gandalf is with no doubt the best character ever!
[Newest]Gandalf because he is a god (maia) and still kind and caring. And Galadriel loves his beard

I'll start off by saying... Legolas.. Really? By movies purely he isn't even a character, oh he can shoot arrows very well. That's a complex interesting character right there. While I also love Gandalf and Aragorn the unsung hero of lord of the rings is Sam. 'Frodo wouldn't have got far without Sam' The ending of Fellowship, heartbreakingly beautiful when Sam swims out. The ending of the two towers, purely inspirational speech from Sam. 'BUT I CAN CARRY YOU! ' Outstanding. Sam makes up the finest moments of the trilogy, not the epic battles, the bad ass Mumakil fight or how many arrows you can shoot. While these are all great it's about friendship, loyalty and hope in overwhelming odds and Sam makes up all these traits about why I love Lord Of The Rings.


First of all, Sam comes across as a real man more than any of the other characters. He is noble, kind, unassuming, and is the only character that I feel I would really like to have as a friend. In the end, Sam marries an awesome woman, settles down to a comfortable life, and has kids. What other character can lay claim to such a happy life, and who could deserve it more?
He is the real hero and you know it! He deserves #1. He saves Frodo a lot! And he manages to not be consumed by the powers of the ring!


[Newest]He's so awkward and funny. Yet he's noble and courageous. He's one of the most loyal characters I've seen yet. And he has the best speeches... the ones that get me all choked up.
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Gimli is the best character because he's stocky, short, and stubborn. Also he's a bad ass and tried to destroy that ring with his axe when everyone told him he couldn't he did it anyway. Lastly he has an awesome beard, hands down that makes him tons better than a hairy footed hobbit who can barely control himself from putting on that ring.
he is a dwarf. how can he not be the best
He's kick ass and even though he's small he's powerful man!
[Newest]Man, is he a badass little dude! He beat an elvish prince with only one extra kill! I'm telling you, he sure can kick ass for such a little dude!

There is no way that anyone in the entire trilogy can compare to what Frodo went through. He had the ring for 13 MONTHS and only till the very end did it finally control him. All of the other characters were consumed by the ring the second they saw it but what did Frodo do when he was first given the ring? TRIED GIVING IT BACK TO GANDALF. Frodo is the reason Middle earth was saved and I know that everyone contributed something into it, but Frodo had the most challenging, most intense, mission that should really be called a suicide mission! Frodo all the way
I find that I can relate to Frodo a lot and I know how it feels to go through something like the journey he went on. He never gives up and he's just amazing. His friendship with Sam reminds me a lot of the friendship I have with my best friend. All in all he's my favorite character ever and the fact that he's really hot is pretty awesome as well
Frodo went though a lot more and lost more than any of the other characters. I find it insulting to find Legolas, the overrated 'badass', to be at no. 1. He was the most important. He was the one carried the damn ring to Mount Doom and threw it in (technically, he fought with Gollum over it and caused him and the ring to fall in, but you get what I mean'). He went though being stabbed twice and loosing one of his fingers while the others came out in one piece. As for that, Frodo, you are the greatest and best character in Lord of the Rings.
[Newest]Frodo is just such a cutie!

I love Pippin! He always has a smile on his face. He manages to see the best in everything. I think he is the character with the most soul and heart. He has such a great sense of honor. And his almost idiotic sense of curiosity is utterly endearing.
Pippin is just simply the best character! He's comical and funny. Both he and Merry. They just those characters who's don't need to be any smart. They are just perfect like that! If Pippin wouldn't be in Lord of The Rings there wouldn't be any funny! He's just best!
This guy is the best, in the books and the movies! Merry is also really cool, but Pippin is better. He's also funny. He should carry the ring.
[Newest]Pippin and Merry remind me of Ant and Dec very funny and yet so soft

Are you serious? As far as characters go, Gollum is simply the best. Looking at him from a critical eye, he is not just your average black character or white character. Gollum has a split personality which makes him a really good character. Also he has a very different speech to other characters, I mean I still can't believe he is so low down in the list.
Come on... Gollum has the most potential as a character throughout. Not only does he have a gripping emotional backstory and a tragic personality, but he is the one character that really enhances the journey to Mordor. And by the way, the dude that voted Saruman and said that he's the 'same guy as count dooku close enough', eat my turd. Two completely different characters, and you can't vote a character because the actor played a cool villain in a DIFFERENT damn MOVIE.
Gollum is by far number 1! It's so rare when you get such a messed up character to be so funny! I like the arguments Gollum has with himself because it shows you how difficult he finds living with himself which makes us feel sympathy for him. At the end I admit he went mad and lost all the things which made him funny but I cried when he died (saddest moment of any film). But Gollum is the best character of any film or book or T.V. series ever (yes even better Dobby out of Harry Potter)!
[Newest]He's such a likeable character, plus he's more than just a strange little creature living in a cave. His "good" side makes him a kind of tragic antihero, I guess. That and I think he's cute.

He is third wheel to the rest and the stuff he does always goes unnoticed, he was probably smarter than Legolas and was a better warrior than Aragorn considering his size and the fact that be had never fought before in his life.
One of the most underrated characters, in the books and in the movie as well. Amazingly smart for a Hobbit who was never to leave home before the Ringquest; I can recall three times throughout the story when his good ideas saved the day and I'm sure there were more cases of that. He fought the Nazgul king and survived; sure Eowyn did the ultimate killing part, but probably wouldn't have done it without his help.


Best character most clever character and best actor wow I could give him a lot awards sadly he is very underrated and I bet the only reason Legolas is first is because only girls vote for him they say he is hot but I think they just want to look like him.


[Newest]The smart hobbit, his witty comments made the books

What makes Sauron a compelling villain is that we don't know a lot about him and he never really directly appears, but we always see his influence. He was very smart in planning the downfall of his enemies and there are many points in the story in which Sauron could've won. He knew no one would ever willingly destroy the ring because it would corrupt the ring bearer and they would be unwilling to get ride of it. He had a much larger army than his enemies and it was so big that eventually his superior numbers would overwhelm his enemies no matter how long it took. Aragorn winning battles was just prolonging their inevitable defeat. He declared war on Middle-Earth without the ring. He was not afraid of his enemies and would not stop until he had permanently defeated as completely destroyed them. He was a real threat to all of Middle-Earth. That's an important part. He's a real threat. He can and will destroy his enemies unless the ring is somehow destroyed which should be impossible. Tolkien could've made Saruman the main villain. He could've made the Witch-King of Angmar the main villain. Both of this guys are incredibly powerful and command vast armies and rule over lands. But he didn't. He made Sauron the main villain. I also think Sauron is the main character of the story. Yes, Frodo is out main protagonist, and Sauron is the main antagonist, but the main character is the one we focus on the most and we focus on Sauron. He creates all the conflict and evil in the story, either directly or indirectly. He corrupted nine kings of men into the Nazgul, his deadliest servants. He corrupted Saruman into evil and caused Isengard to go to war with Rohan. He created the one ring which is the central point of conflict in the story. The story is about the quest to destroy the one ring. Even though we never see Sayron directly we always know he's there plotting the destruction of his enemies. The story is always about him. It's always about how they have to stop Sauron. When they go into the mines of Moria it's part if the quest to stop Sauron. When Frodo, Sam and Gollum climb the winding stair into Shelob's lair it's to stop Sauron. It's always about Sauron. Sauron is the most powerful, brutal, violent, corrupting, evil, terrifying and important character in The Lord of the Rings and that's why he gets the number one spot.
I would like to point out to a comment below that the reason he didn't want to have aragorn and sauron fight at the end of the last movie was because he felt it was too different from the book and it missed the point. That scene was about aragorn's sacrifice and if he fought sauron it would be more about aragorn's personal glory. Also sauron didn't die at any point. In the first movie we see him separated from the ring and that didn't kill him. Sauron was no coward. He declared war on his enemies before he had regained his full power. I think the reason he wasn't at the final battle is because he didn't need to be. His vast army was more than enough to crush aragorn's much smaller force.
He is so cool. To bad he dies in the beginning of the battle at the black gate. 3rd best guy in the movie. Am I the only one who likes this guy?

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11The Witch-King of Angmar
He's really the main antagonist of the story if you think about it: He was the one who captured and tortured Gollum to find the location of the ring, he was the one who traveled all the way to The Shire and relentlessly pursued Frodo for several weeks from Bree to Rivendell, he was the one who gave Frodo the wound he would never truly recover from, he was the one who gathered and organised the armies of Mordor, he was the one who led them in the Battle Of The Pelennor Fields, he was the first and only enemy to pass through the gates of Minas Tirith, he was the only one able to challenge Gandalf in single combat (the Balrog was also a maiar so it doesn't count), he was the one who killed Theoden, the list goes on..
The king of the Nazgul. He has cool weapons like a mace and a sword that can turn into fire. He is the best. Eowyn is stupid, witch king would have killed her if that ugly hobbit merry did not exist!
He's a boss that rides a dragon, leads a group of shadow people, has 3 different/powerful weapons, had his own Nation (Angmar), and just look at that crown. Witch-King is awesomest.
[Newest]My favorite char in the movie :P

Eowyn is the most epic character of all. She has the spirit of a true warrior, even though she is almost always prevented from fighting. Her greatest fear is that she might die without truly being herself. She fears a life in a cage, and succeeds in destroying the Witch King of Angmar with Meriodoc Brandybuck. She is no man.
If you've only watched the movies, then I understand why you would choose other characters over Eowyn. The best female character of the movies is Arwen. In the books, it's completely different. Eowyn is totally badass and deserves a higher spot on the list.
She killed the Witch King AND his Nazgul!
[Newest]I AM NO MAN best line ever, go Eowyn.

He should be way higher on this list... Faramir is brave and noble but so humble at the same time. And I feel so bad about the way his father acts instead of being proud of his son.
He's so underrated compared to legolas and Aragorn, etc. He is very brave and also doesn't get taken over by wanting the ring like other men would do.
Faramir is the best character in Lord of the rings!

Galadriel is the most beautiful (in two ways! ) character in The Lord of the Rings! She is purely good and I'm pretty sure everyone would be dead with out her.
Right, because beauty alone can make an interesting character. SARCASM!
She's not all about beauty, she's one of the oldest beings in middle earth, is a ring bearer, and is very powerful.

One does not simply put Frodo on top of Boromir on a top tens list.
One doe
Boromir is epic. He may seem corrupted, but in the end he fights his temptation for the ring, and basically saves Merry and Pippin in the end, selflessly giving his life to protect them as best he can. As he fearlessly battled many urks, he was shot in the chest. He stumbled to his knees. Once recovered from shock, he got up and kept swinging. Shoom! Another arrow - this time to the heart! Once again on his knees, he looked up and saw the hobbits. With a reason to keep battling, he continued to slay urk-hai. And suddenly, once again, he was on his knees, yet again impaled by an arrow. Now, with three arrows in his torso, he finally gave up. But he still lives for like three minutes! And as he lay there dying, he inspired Aragorn to fight. Without Boromir, the fellowship may have failed.
He's a great character he has depth you don't see with many other characters in the films or books. He is deeply flawed and troubled yet immensely powerful as a combatant and has a great desire to do good even if it is slightly misguided at times.
[Newest]One does not simply...

Its a baddass demon of the ancient world. And is the coolest looking thing more so than any other on all three films. Welds a huge flaming sword and whip. Also it kills gandalf, well sort of. Would have been awesome to see it rampage at the battle of helms deep or somthing. By far my favorite character even though its time on screen or in the book was short lived.

Master of the elves. Why would you not love him? Always has this serious look on his face but you can tell that he cares. His long black hair is super epic too and his robes are sweet.
He is just like really cool with an epic sword.

18Tom Bombadil
Bombadil is an amazing character, and even in the book was not revealed completely. Further research shows that Tolkien considered him something like "God's little brother", actually more powerful than anyone including Sauron, but caring little about anyone and not motivated to do anything at all about evil in the world.
I absolutely adore Tom Bombadil! He is so powerful, and could probably rule Middle Earth if he wanted to, but he desires no such power, and lives a simple and beautiful life in the forest instead. Also, he could have taken the ring from Frodo so easily, he actually HELD IT IN HIS HAND, but he just gave it back to Frodo without flinching. Not even Sam was able to do that. Tom Bombadil is the physical embodiment of everything LOTR is about.
Tom bombadil was the first and is a badass

19Bilbo Baggins
I see how Bilbo is better than frodo. Though Bilbo is also mean to gandalf he and frodo both fell to the ring and were mean to Sam and gandalf. But still Bilbo did kill more orcs and spiders than frodo. Frodo doesn't officially kill orc on screen.


Bilbo didn't really strike me as awesome until The Hobbit came out. He turns from a girly little hobbit to a bold, courageous, and loyal champion
[Newest]Greatest ever besides Gandalf. His story is just great

He is a true knight and loyal to his people and his king. You can clearly see that he is born in the purple. A noble man, handsome and of course KICK ASS!
The best and most underused character!

He falls off a building and is the same guy as count dooku close enough
Did you know that this guy won the best villain award? That's why he is awesome.
Saruman worse than a f-ing balrog! No way!

He is a giant talking tree! You can't get much cooler than that!
I love treebeard! Especially because Tolkien based the ents upon Shakespeare's tragedy, macbeth. by the way he's just pure epic.
Personally, I hate Treebeard. I don't really like any of the Ents, except Quickbeam. He's just too slow for my liking. There's not much of a sense of urgency, even when he's roused.

Yes! Haldir is a beast! He is so epic. It takes guts to say no to your friends when they need your aid (though he lets them through). Plus, he is epic in the Battle of Helms Deep. A True Warrior.


Don't we all wish that we can look as cool as he did when we get old. Leader of Rohan.

25Arwen Evenstar
She is beautiful and she saved Frodo from 9 of Nazgul by doing that water horse attack thing.
Actually if you read the book, she only summoned the water, Gandalf actually formed the water into horses
She is the prettiest elf (person) I had never see! She is brave, lovely, give her life away for love. She is wonderful.


I wish there was an extended love scene in return of the king between arwen and aragorn. It would be awesome.

26Bard the Bowman
Dude this guy killed smaug an unbeatable dragon bigger than him.
He is in the hobbit. Do some research.




Huh Bombur is hilarious. He took out a bunch of orcs in a barrel not really intending too. laugh out loud­čś"

You may not know this dude. And yes I am a LOTR nerd.

Bofur is super sweet! He was so nice to Bilbo! He is the only reason why I like dwarves!

31King Theoden
He is a true lover of his people; he acts out of their best interest. He is brave and bold, especially when he has the Horn of Helm Hammerhand blow as he charges out of the Hornburg into certain death. He is also admiringly stubborn and knows he has a duty to the entirety of Middle Earth (aka saving Minas Tirith) rather than just what's within his own borders.
"Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn. Forth Eorlingas! "

32Radagast the Brown
I think Radagast is so funny, and really cool!
He may be weird but he actually plucked up the courage to enter dol guldur. He was attacked by the witch king but made it out alive.

So awesome they could be taken down by the best (aka argon)

He's not in the book, therefore I do not care about him.
He doesn't feel if someone put a Sword into his body

He killed a Balrog. Not many other characters can claim that (excluding Gandalf).
Read the books. Glorfindel is the one who takes Frodo to Rivendell, not Arwen. They messed it up in the movie.
1) When the witch king saw him he ran away2) he died and came back to life
CONCLUSION- he is awesome!


I like his name




A great sport when he got shot in the leg
When tauriel is caught between Legolas and kili, "who should I choose? The pretty, suncatching Prince of Mirkwood, or this short, dragon hunting handsome rogue?

Gothmog shows arrogance. Especially through this quote:"the age of a man is over... the time of an orc has come". His voice is still funny though.


44Grima Wormtongue

The first antagonist in all of middle earth and took down almost everybody he only lost because the valior teamed up with everyone else and he created the suaron the balrogs and the dragons also the werewolves he is just so powerful that even at the end when they subdue him he would come back at the end of middle earth, look the battle of wrath!

Husband of Galadriel. Lord of L├│thlorien. He is called Celeborn the wise for his wisdom.



49Great Goblin





54M├╗makil Mah├╗d

55The Corsairs of Umbar

56King of the Dead
DUDE, he can't be killed except by the king of Rohan or by a higher power!
He leads an army of dead dudes (or cursed, its debatable)






Fili is my faorite dwarf of all time and oh so handsome!

63Bree Peasant
Peter Jackson carrot eating cameo
First cameo in lord of the rings trilogy. Must be significant

64Barliman Butterbur

65Jimli the Blacksmith

66Dáin II Ironfoot






72Arathorn II

This character gave me a fear of spiders.


The big spider. One of the biggest enemies Frodo has faced. She has a whole chapter on her- two towers shelobs lair. Threatening, scary, large.
Why is she so low? I'm not saying she's the best character or anything, but Shelob is better than Tauriel and Lurtz at least.

It took an entire army of balrogs to defeat her and she drainen the Two trees of the undying lands dry!

He is the steward of Dol Guldur and the right hand of the witch kings+he has command of over 100,000 Easterlings


77Bard's Children
Super cute and very brave!


You can't get much better than Shadow fax. The Lord of all horses.
He is the lord of the horses.

Watch her shoot! Legolas fancies her! She is the best warrior (excluding Aragorn) and she saves Kili the dwarf.
She is totally kick-butt! She's not the 'too pretty to act' Arwen- she's a warrior. love her!
Tauriel is not canon, she shouldn't even technically be on this list.

81Bill the Pony
Who can forget this brave steed that accompanied the Fellowship

Main antagonist of first hobbit movie. He is still a strong orc.

83The Mouth of Sauron
This guy could've been the return of the king's main antagonist.

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