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1Last of a Dying Breed

outa all these songs yea this is the best

This was and still is my ring tone for over a year now

Ludacris killed it! Who's Lil Wayne? Ludacris is the best rapper alive and he proves it in this song. Luda is the man!

You are the real rapper of all over the world

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2Move Bitch

Nice song and one of my favourite and the shera de kaum punjabi awesome song...! YoU ROck ludaCRIS keep ROCKing

Love playing this song whilst driver I feel like a boos

This is so damn catchy - ilovelife

3Get Back

The best song ever I hear! 100% RAP _ LUDA - THE GOD of the REAL BLACK MUSIC! COOL MEGA SUPER outstanding! this music very deep influence on me and I move up!
I'm sorry, my English is so bad but I live in Belarus and study this language so so///

My fave Ludacris song, this was a theme song for me and my ex (now my bestfriend), we enjoy every second while we're listening to this song.

My daughter loves this songs. We listen to it all the time because of her. She loves ludacris.

The Rock Remix with Sum 41 is also great!

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4Runaway Love

This song makes me feel real this sad...
Really a heart touching song...

this song is so sad. I swear Im bout to cry when Her friend gets shot. Good song.

I like this because it touches you more than hearing
Rappers like snoop dogg and 50 cent bragging ( those 2 are still great though) and makes you glad to have what you have

I can relate to this so much, it's perfect.

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5Act a Fool

This song is by far Ludacris' best! you can't compare it with other songs made by the rapper himself, way ahead of the competition!

This song is the best song thanks to this song iam listening to ludacris... You can't compare this song to any other rap song that is ever made D

My personal opinion is that this is the best song of ludacris. He is a really good rapper additionally his role in fast and furious was spectacular. This song shows the mood of that scene in particular.

I love this song

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6Stand Up

A cool ludacris song!

7What's Your Fantasy

favorite luda song of all time... I can rap every line of it

What is this doing way down here, this is ludas best song and always will be. One ofmy favorite songs of all time. Thank you Ludacris for making my music worth listening to.


Is this the best? Yeah!

Awesome Song? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

This song deserves first place. It's so underrated.

Usher is the best voice for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Luda is the best voice for Clyde from Pac-Man.

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9Area Codes

Cool song one of my favorite song

10How Low

BEST song by Luda! The rap is hella dope and gets me jumping around every time!

Yeah, think also it's a dope song, but not his best song.

AWESOME song. Great use of voice scrambler.

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11Southern Hospitality

This is one of the best song of ludacris and thousand time better than baby. Plus this is real ludacris not pop crap

12Welcome to my Hood (Remix)

Asians saying they don't keep no cash in they register

He killed the verse on the track :)
Everyone else were lame...

He is awesome on the track

13Money Maker

"Youuuu you lookin' good in them jeans, you'd look even better with me inbetween" - Best Line EVER

classic. you hear it once an you can't forget it

14My Chick Bad

Awesem song! Nicki Minaj in it so killed it! So did Ludacris!
Nicki the best though :^)

This song is awesome! Nicki Minaj's part was the best!

I love this song so much its awesome! We got to dance to it in hip-hop class - dragonfly99

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15One More Drink

Funny song, makes me laugh each time - Chickenlegs

Funny song hilarious music video and the great addition of t-pain - Number10Man

Lyrics are just amazing! Tells a funny story! Great song had me hooked for ages
Should definitely be ludas best song

17Pimpin' All Over the World

Well, he ain't lyin because he is pimpin all over the world

18Splash Waterfalls

Each Comment Comes in just more than 50 Seconds..
Much More Famous in India!
Dislikers are 2,203,478! And Likers are 1,065,191!
Total Views in Youtube is 691,468,167!


I sicken myself.

It is very good song... He is the best rapper I have ever heard.. Every one should listen this song. It's melody is very nice.

Good for Asians
Very much famous in India. Every new listener love it. I think this will go on through this great songs

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20Number One Spot

Dis should be one the number 1 spot laugh out loud

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