Best Machine Gun Kelly Songs


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The Top Ten

This is a great song to get you through a tough time.
this is also the perfect song for a tribute video.
I love mgk a lot of his songs like have something to do about my life
This song really express what I have been through
[Newest]This one is my favorite song

2Wild Boy
Best MGK song for sure. Call me steve o
I think it's the best! :D
By far the best. Should be number one.
[Newest]Imma wild boy when I listen to this song!

3End of the Road
Amazing lyrics, awesome chorus, deep meaning
In this song mgk talks about his life struggle such a great lyrics and such a great song
Best song ever and it explains my life
[Newest]This is the best song by MGK

4Chip Off Tha Block
All around great song
"This was the song that got me googlin' MGK"

5Breaking News
My first and favorite song by him!
But it should given BEST ABUSIVE SONG trophy
This one should be in the 3rd position... Awesome flow of rapping

This song was on my iPad and after hearing it for the first time I must of listened to it 10 times in the car on the 3 hour ride home. Those instrumentals are insane

7See My Tears
Should be #1! So inspiring!
This song is amazing! It has gotten my thru a lot of tough times.
So Inspiring track... Should be at least in Top 5...


This song goes above and beyond most MGK tracks because it actually tells an interesting story with some real clever wordplay giving three possibilities. That the song's literally about a boombox, that it's about his relationship with music, and that it's actually about him banging someone.
Love This Song! Always listen to it!

9The Return
Talk about his whole life and what he has been through. sad, but it's all true what he talks about. that's why I love mgk and a fan of him, because he raps about his life and real stuff not about stupid. he truly does inspire me a lot!
Hell?... Guys?...12?.. This should be like 1 or 2,.. Ve you heard the lyrics,.. Believe me the lyrics are as good as eminem's.. Very emotional song... Y'all must listen... Way too better than wild boy, invincible, end of the road or any other... It deserves to be at 1 :/
This was the song that really got me into mgk's music. The rest of the songs he makes are good but aren't necessarily meaningful. This song, however, is amazing and is pretty deep. Surprised to see it an number 8.
[Newest]This should be number one, much better than "Wild Boy"

10Edge of Destruction
Lyrics are dope! Mgk's verse is one of the best I have seen. He shows a different side of him then most of his other inspirational songs
Best by far. Uplifting yet hardcore beat, fast intricate flows, and truly uplifting lyrics that are not corny at all. Get this song
Amazing, him, Twista and Tech killed it

The Contenders

Lyrics are incredible, can't stop listening to it
By far his best song
This is a great song also in my opinion!

12Swing Life Away
I don't know what to say, come on guys this song is the best, the intro, the chorus, the rap, everything is just awesome, it started mild and cool, where you can feel the sweet serenade of the guitar, then Kellin break the silence, and Machine Gun starts rolling, am I loud and clear?
This song is just great and Kellin Quinn's chorus makes it even better
This should be in the top 10 at least
[Newest]The song that reminds me of 2014 summer!

13Mind of a Stoner
Awesome song for a good collaboration with wiz and Kelly to team up
Best mgk and wiz song


14Chasing Pavements

15Lace Up
Awesome song, great beat, and Lil Jon wasn't half bad!
I just learn about him just recently and this song is cool. Lm 58 yrs old and in listening to this dude and men, he is going somewhere up there fo show. Good luck homie.. Proud of you

16Half Naked and Almost Famous
This song is really perfect... Good luck, Kelly!

17Been Through It All
Best MGK song ever, Easily could be #1, but I feel like people just skip over it and The Return are easily his best stuff. Since the media hyped up invincible so much it is regarded as his best song, but if you are a true fan you will know that This and The Return are his best works.
By far his best material, because it talks about real life rather than so many other rappers who talk about women, money, and drugs.
Often over looked, however the real fans know its true value.


19Save Me
This song just... awesome!

20Wild Boy Remix

Kellin and MGK sounded perfect in this song. ONE OF THE MOST PLAYED SONGS ON MY PLAYLIST♥♥♥ I'm not a fan of rap but pop punk is my kinda music but MGK made this song perfectly put together

22Her Song
MGK, very versatile rapper/singer. This should be top in the top 5.

23All We Have
Nice song nice lyrics
Top 5 song, deep lyrics, catchy beat. EST 4 Life!

24Miss Me
This song rocks to like, you can't explain it, the lyrics go perfect

25Warning Shot
This is my favorite song by him by far, and a lot of them are great.
Really like this song
37? Really guys? Just for how amazing Cassie in this song sounds it should be in the top ten! It's a badass song and definitely one of my favourites! This is I warning shot a-aa-aaha!

26100 Words and Running
Best song off of 100 words and running, it also showcases MGK's rapid lyrical flow.
His mixtape is called 100 words and Running, but there is an actual song called 100 words and running on it. It has an awesome flow and arguably could be his fastest paced rap

27Raise the Flag
Yes yes raise the flag... I'm sad her song isn't on here :(

28Started from the Bottom

29Hold On
His most gangsta song

30Wanna Ball
Should be way higher


32Get Laced

33Make It


35Home Soon
Off of Black Flag, one his best songs too, awesome.
This is lyrically and beat-wise his best song and needs to be up there with end of the road I love this song

36The Pledge
This song reminds me of Eminem in his early days:]

37Ohio (I'm From That)

38Lead You On
This song really talks about addiction and has a deeper meaning. Needs to be higher than lace up or stereo for sure!
This song has a much deeper metaphor to it but it still gets to you crazily. favorite song.

39Black Tuxedo
Awesome song off of his Black Flag mixtape

Woah... This song is so fckin cool... It desreves a hier place
This is MGK's most unique song to date. I love the concept of the song and I love that Kells chose DMX to feature on this song; he was a perfect match.

41Victory Music
Gives you that great hyped free ( awesome before sports games)

42What I Do

43Alice In Wonderland
Definitely his best song should be number 1 this is back when he sounded a bit more unique and wasnt so mainstream. I've heard people criticise this song as childish but they obviously don't know that the alice he refers to is LSD


45On My Way

46Street Dreams
Hands down THE BEST song should without a be doubt #1no song even compaires it is unrealyou people are stupid and have about as much a clue as the fans of American idol for not putting this #1 no song will EVER be on this level it is Godly

47Hell and Back


49Midwest Side

50Ocho Cinco

51Letter to My Fan


53Blaze Up


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