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The Top Ten

M134 Minigun=
Place of origin= United States Cartridge= 7.62x51mm NATO
Rate of fire= 2,000 - 6,000 rpm Muzzle velocity= 2,800 ft/s (853 m/s)
Maximum range= 3,280 ft(999.744-1,000 m) Weight= 85 lbs (38.5 kg)
=Best machine gun in history
This gun is the most dangerous gun. This gun also comes in Grand Theft Auto games and I complete most of the killing missions from this gun
I Like The Miniguns because it is powerful and heavy and lots of ammos the rounds is 1000 or 2000 it can be mounted by vehicle including aircraft helicopter warships and tanks this machine gun were use in Vietnam war during airstrikes
[Newest]The M134 mini gun is so beautiful just looking at it makes me feel wonderful pants feeling

2M2 Browning
This weapon redefined the heavy machine-gun mission as a powerful, general-purpose weapon rather than just a man-killer. Mount it on a tripod, a pintle, a ring-mount, ball-mount, turret or aircraft and it will still destroy anything other than a serious AVF that gets in its line of fire.

Ultra-reliable, extremely powerful, long-ranged and psychologically as well as physically devastating, the Browning M1921 series has proven itself to be among the longest-serving and most versatile weapons available on the battlefield, and remains so today.
This bad boy has been spilling guts ever since my great Grandparents was kicking. Its one bad assed gun that will leave a baseball sized hole in your wall (car, door, bad guy, annoying neighbor and the usual stray rats or ex-girlfriend)
This weapon is over 90 years old and it's still being used today. If I were a soldier in combat and had to choose what machine gun to use, I would definitely pick this one. An M2 can fire a 50 caliber round from 4.5 miles away. This is what you need to blow away an enemy unit. Not the M60, this! The M2 Browning is the King of Firearms.
[Newest]Reliable, powerful, extreme range, and has been in service for a long time.

it is 1 of only 2 actual machine guns on this list, who ever made the list is stupid.
I prefer this weapon over the minigun because miniguns are so bulky and impractical, the m60 however, is very strong, fires large powerful ammo, and is built for any operation. You could throw this out of your hell before dropping down or throw it in a river. It would work like new.
The sound of this gun Freaks me out... The reason for so is, before you even react the click click click sounds have already claimed your life.
[Newest]Come on! Rambo has touched this weapon. That's enough said.

This an American classic you can go full auto or single for accuracy this is the foundation of machine guns that are good lol the saw is modern though so etiher way but the ak can screw itself Thompson or saw 10 times better
Guys this is not an assault rifle or machine gun it's a sub machine gun the only assault rifle during World War II was owned by the nazis and I forgot the name it was something like sturmgwehur
You want to hit someone with great power with accuracy, then move with Thompson.

5M61 Vulcan
The Vulcan is in the f-14.
A gatling style gun and bigger brother of the minigun. It was developed in the 1960's and powerfuller and faster than a minigun with 20mm bullets and 7200 rounds per min.
It is used in aircraft like the F-22, F-15 and F-16


This Is an assault rifle.

The best ever accurate and powerful
The fal is amazingly powerful

Excuse me, correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe that an AK-47 is an assault rifle, dammit.
People don't know their guns for god sake its AK 47 daddy of all machine guns
I am living in India and ak47 is my favorite gun.

This is a assault rifle it should not be in the conversation.
I like M16 because of its is one of the most powerful machine in the world.

10Gatling Gun
These guns have the highest rate of fire among any other machineguns. Try to shoot a car, it will be ripped to shreds.
It is the best machine gun in my opinion

The Contenders

The ACR is a really cool gun in general because of its look and quality, I think that it is the best gun in MW3 and MW2!
The best rifle in American weapon industries


Minigun seriously you can't even cary that

12GAU-8 Avenger
A much more owerfull minigun. The minigun has around 7mm bullets but GAU-8 has 30mm but it's rate of fire is lower. It's rate of fire is around 4000 bullets pre min.

13M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)
The M249 SAW is very high quality and is very tough to beat with it's high rpm good range, and exceptional amount of bullets per mag if you are counting all types of machine guns besides light machine guns. You would definitely want this gun in the military.
M249 saw can fire from link bullet chains of 500 rounds or from magazines. It can also fire from m16 clip in an emergency. If you were shot with it you'd be dead before you felt the pain. It is the most powerful machine gun that is portable and mounted.
The m249 SAW is the best machine gun. Way better than the ak-47 and the styer aug. This weapon is used on helicopters and somtimes as turrets on the ground. You would not want to be shot by this weapon.


[Newest]This is the best machine gun, everybody is using it.

14MG 42
First to use air cooling mechanism. Easily assembled in a factory and all around great machine gun with a very German quality feel. It also spawned several predecessors such as the M60. Plus its direct descendant, the MG3, which I would say is better but not as renowned on the battlefield as the MG42 was in Europe.
Fastest rate of fire of its time combined with easy barrel replacement makes this old geezer the best one around for number TWO
Why is this gun at 16? This gun defined the General Purpose Machine gun concept. There was a reason the allies borrowed features of this gun in later designs... It should be in the top 5 for sure
[Newest]The thing that was being scared by every single allied soldier. Still used and still one of most iconic machine guns ever made.

15XM214 Microgun
I'm voting because I feel like this is a Uzi but I don't know the correct name so team Uzi! 🍢😷

16Steyr AUG
It is Austrian not Australian, anyway I say it is 1 of the best machine guns because it isn't just machine gun it is a assault rifle a light machine gun and an sub-machine gun on the same time it have a good rate of fire and a changeable tube which make the users be happy to use any tube, the good ammunition makes it even better (30-42 rounds) but the only problem is the low cartridge which make less assault rifle and light machine gun and more sub-machine gun
Guy's, this is an Austrian made weapon. But I got to fire Australian variant "F-88" at a firing range and absolutely fell in love with it. It's accurate, it's reliable and very deadly.
by far the best australian assault rifle, the AUG is a bullpup rifle meaning the gun is short in length and a longer barrel.

75 round clip unbeatable

This is a great gun is has served for a long time and is used a lot great range too it has to be one of my favorite submachine guns too bad its heavy but the weight reduces recoil
I have one in hebrew markings... The best!
To me I love this gun cause it's so beast! I mean its pretty much a pistol but with great range and is auto with almost unimaginable
Customizations awesome gun 😎👌
[Newest]I will give67%of vote to uzi

19Fokker Leimberger
I got this info from wiki so if you don't believe its not my fault. The Fokker Leimberger was the first gatling style machine, it had 12 barrels, cable of 7200 rounds per min. Believe it or not this gun was first made in Germany WW1. It was an experimental gun and if put in production it could of made Germany win the war.

this is the only good gun here, AK is not even a machine gun, and it sucks you like it because it is popular. ITS recoil is massive, and you have to spray and pray with it. where is M240 & M249. MP5 should be 1
The MP5 is a SMG. A good one at that. Still very popular with Special Forces and such around the world today.
good enough 4 the teams. what else. Seal teams that is

21MP 40
The Germans made a reliable sub-machine gun that was more accurate than anything else at the time. The sten gun didn't have great accuracy and neither did the thompson. The tommy gun did shoot a .45 but it doesn't matter if your gun is more powerful if you can't hit someone.

The culmination of decades of previous research, the M14 was the offspring of the M1 Garand project. Simple to mass-produce and to use, the M14 truely was a rugged, all-purpose rifle. It was accurate and packed a punch, with a larger ballistics round than the later M16. In retrospect, it was one of the most powerful and influential weapons of it's day, driving later influence for the AR-10 and other models made by Eugene Stoner. It was physically powerful and adaptable for a variety of conditions, making it the perfect weapon.
Great 7.62x51mm rifle, not sure why its on a machine gun list though! :D It's a great DMR and Sniper rifle though. I used it in Iraq in 2004 and even though I never had to shoot anybody during practice and live fire squad maneuvers I rarely missed a shot!
I like this gun but really it is an assault-rifle.


24IMI Tavor TAR-21

25Robinson Armament XCR

26SIG SG 550

27Type 100


The most accurate heavy MG in the world!

Best sub machine gun ever.


A Light Machine Gun is lighter than the M249s, versatile, the ammunition is 5.56mm caseless rounds. The gun can be epic for all of the U.S. soldiers, because the M249 is heavier, and inaccurate


34Ultimax 100
Lightest and most accrate


This is the best machine gun one barrel, not too big, good accuracy and rate of fire, and nice design

This is a really awesome gun

The best and simplest Machine gun ever made.
My Sten Mark II submachine gun never lets me down! It is awesome and I've had both guys and girls tell me how much fun it is to shoot at the range.


40Ingram MAC-10
This gun is not too big it actually small but it's powerful

A nice cool and strong gun



44Negev NG7
Very light and very reliable under the most extreme conditions

45Agram 2000

46Vektor SS-77



49IMI Negev

50Bren Gun

51Vickers Machine Gun
A bit heavy but very reliable

52Sterling Submachine Gun

53Breda 30

54MG 51

55Lanchester SMG

56Beretta M12


The best machine gun the French ever made



61C9a2 LMG

62IWI X95
Not a lot of them about mainly for special forces

63INA M953





68F1 SMG

Similar to an uzi but not as good used by Argentina in falklands war still in use today


71CETME Ameli

72Type 73 LMG

73Northwood R-76

74Spectre M4


76RMG .50

77K3 LMG



Interesting feature of this smg is that the standard barrel can be exchanged for a longer one making it into a carbine it's a good sound reliable hungarin made smg




84CZW 762

85TKB 517

86Mors SMG

87PP 93
The pp 93 is a first class machine gun used by Russian rapid response teams its some hell of a gun

88Benelli Mm2


90KM WZ 36


92Madsen Saetter

93Sig MG 710 3

94Rodman XM 325

95PM 63 Rak


97Hafdasa C-4

98Danuvia 43M

99Kommando LDP

100MPA Submachine Gun

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