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41Desire to Fire
42Game Over

Best song of the Bloodstone & Diamonds

Masterpiece with wicked lyrics.

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43Only the Names
44From This Day

I Just love the quality of the chorus. Starts fast and keeps up the pace right the way through. One of the more controversial songs from Machine Head but possibly one of the best

46Crashing Around You

Could not believe it when this was not even on here let alone not in the top ten! Also where the hell is the blood, the sweat, the tears!

Criminally underrated Machine Head song. The bass line in the verses is just killer with great vocals from Rob.

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47Message In a Bottle

What best song here! Duh!

48Killers & Kings
49In Comes the Flood

I didn't love this song at first... Until I heard the guitar solo. No word of a lie, it is the best guitar solo I've ever heard in my life. Un real!

50None But My Own

56th?!?!?! So underrated this is without a doubt top 10 it's kickass. The main riffs are killer, the variation of relatively soft vocals to total screaming is perfect in this song. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one ever to think this but I absolutely love this song.


This song should be in the top ten one of their best songs

52Ten Fold
53Kick You When You're Down
54Damage Inside

My favorite machine head song, with such meaning and passion. The slow pace makes the song seem like they are singing to your soul and gives you chills.

This song is so beautiful. One of their best. How is it not higher?

55Blood for Blood
56Wipe the Tears
57In the Presence of My EnemiesV1 Comment
58American High
59Take Me Through the FireV1 Comment
60Beneath the Silt

The main riff breaks necks. Groove laden. Badass.

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