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1Madden NFL 12

I love creating teams and putting them in franchise mode all the time it's the only madden game I actually spend a lot of time on because it brings the creative side of me in football out I also replace all the real teams with custom teams which is hella fun

The Last Madden Game that didn't suck.

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2Madden NFL 07

Looked like a great game but I didn't get the chance to play it because the disc didn't work when I first got it.

3Madden NFL 2005
4Madden NFL 15

It's more realistic than all the other maddens. The referee's make better call's. The graphics are better too my favorite game ever.

This game gets better and better as I explore the game modes

Its madden season and I voted for this game for no reason

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5Madden NFL 2003

I love how easy the menus allow you to control Teams, Coaches, and Players.

6Madden NFL 11

The game play is the best, graphics, and franchise mode keep making this Madden and just update the announcers

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7Madden NFL 2004
8Madden NFL 10

I think that madden 10 and 11 have better graphics than madden nfl 13 and 25

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9Madden NFL 08

Out of all the madden games I ever had I played this one the most! Heck I even played it after 09 was released!

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10Madden NFL 13

I played this game, and immediately wanted to get rid of it. Played Madden 06 later that year and I loved it, but the game broke right after my first game.

The only good thing about the new Madden NFL 16 is that it brought back the good soundtrack that Madden NFL 13 took away.

The cover looks cool and it really is easier too kick returns but I don't know why people buy I then give it back to Gamestop.

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11Madden NFL 25

More realistic and it's cool

12Madden NFL 09

I think this year has the best graphics and the realest to football than any other year.

13Madden NFL 17
14Madden NFL 16

Bad game, Should've gotten 25 instead.

Madden 16 has the best graphics and new characters like odell Beckham jr

15John Madden Football
16Madden NFL 98
17John Madden Football '93
18Madden NFL 06V1 Comment
19Madden NFL 2006

Best game especially on PC great franchise mode except for the non inflating salary cap.

20Madden NFL 2000
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1. Madden NFL 15
2. Madden NFL 25
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3. Madden NFL 25

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