Best Male Action Actors of 2012-2013


The Top TenXW

1Robert Downey Jr.
2Samuel L. Jackson

He is always kicking ass, makes you feel he is in his 30's
Nick Fury or Mace Windu or whatever rule he has, he is the bad ass and he does what he want

3Jamie Foxx
4Morgan Freeman
5Ian McKellen
6Jason Statham

He's in everything to do with action at the moment

He has the kick a$$ power for all generations.

7Christain Bale

Without him Hollywood is incomplete.

8Jeremy Renner
9Channing Tatum
10Iko Uwais

In the raid he is awesome... So cool fight!

The actor of The RAID

The Contenders

11Mark Whalberg
12Hugh Jackman
13Martin Freeman
14Josh Hutcherson
15Daniel Craig
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