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The Top Ten

Afgan Syahreza
Afgan Syahreza is the best Indonesian male singer. Besides his awesome golden voice, Afgan is also very multitalented in various area in entertainment business. You can't be wrong by voting AFGAN #1-the best ever. San FRancisco, USA
Afgan is multitalented. He has good voice. Lets vote afgan
Star quality in voice and in person. I personally know him, splendid character!

2Judika Sihotang
Judika is the best male singer that I know. I think you have the same opinion like me. Hear! Hear his voice. It like a gold voice and certainty differennt from another singer. He has his character in his voice. Believe it! Judika same like Agnes Monica! Can make music industry more be better and also different. I love Judika Sihotang and Agnes Monica.
Judika has a great voice, his voice is very high..
You are great singer

3Shandy Sondoro
Shandy Sandoro started his music career in Germany to become one of the Top 10 German Idol Finalists Winning NEW WAVE 2008 and Latvia 2009 International Song Festival. Sandoro Shandy name since 2008 has been very popular in Germany and other European countries through the album Why Don't We (2008) and Album Jazz in The City with Sandoro Shandy (2009). Shandy Sondoro new name would became famous in Indonesia in early 2010 through the album titled "Shandy Sondoro". Shandy Sondoro also became the first Asian artist and the only one who has appeared on the Diane Warren Event Show in Hollywood with some big names such as Celine Dion, Il Divo, Gloria Estefan, Le Anne Rhyme, etc.
Shandy started his musical career as a street musician in the city of Berlin, busking in the Metro, and play music from pub to pub. On the streets of Berlin is well known and he began to get acquainted with a number of musicians and producers. After removing the album titled "Why Don't We" on 25 April 2008, in the end got a positive appreciation of his music in Germany and other European countries.

4Broery Marantika
He is a singer who is good at adjusting to the times. He managed to become famous in the past three decades, namely 1970, 1980, 1990. At the end of the decade of 70, while still using the name Broery Pesolima, his name was dim, but then managed to re-achieve success through the song "Aku Jatuh Cinta" by Rinto Harahap, followed by "Aku Begini Engkau Begitu", until then maintained his popularity until his death. He is also a matching pair duet with Dewi Yull. Until now, his name is still known as a strong singer produces a lot of hits.

5Sammy Simorangkir
Has a unique vocal and can sing high note too.
Beautiful voice, unique skill voice! Merdu sekali!
The best high note vocal! Beautiful voice! And even all his songs has a great melody and very deeply soulful. His voice is almost perfect!

6Cakra Khan
He has good voice!

Known for his vocal style is smooth and rigid platform, Chrimansyah Rahadi or popularly known as Chrisye is considered one of Indonesia's legendary singers. Five albums that included his work was published in the list of 150 Best Album Indonesia by the music magazine Rolling Stone Indonesia. Five songs (and one which he supports) loaded in the list of the best songs by the same magazine in 2009. Some of his albums certified silver or higher. He received two lifetime achievement awards, one in 1993 from BASF Awards and another one in 2007 from the television station SCTV. In 2011, Rolling Stone Indonesia Indonesia noted Chrisye as the best musician of all time number three.
Should be number 1, there's no doubt about that
Should be number 1, no doubt about that

8Vidi Aldiano

9Andre Hehanusa

10Harvey Malaiholo
Harvey Benjamin Malaiholo or popular enough with the name of Harvey Malaiholo is a senior Indonesian singer. Born in Jakarta, May 3, 1962, a bloody star Ambon has traced the development of country music and even internationally. His voice is 'unique' has also been awarded to deliver himself in any music festival that followed. Even the man who had won the Best Performer, ASEAN Popular Song Festival in Singapore is dubbed as the 'tiger of festival'.

The Contenders

11Akhadi Wira Satriaji (Kaka SLANK)
Kaka Slank has Akhadi Wira Satriaji full name, was born in Jakarta, March 10, 1974. He is one of the band personnel, Slank, where Kaka became the vocalist. He has a strong character voice, his voice is so easily distinguished, although we do not see the visualization. His voice did not change when he performed live or recorded. In addition to good rock music, he is also versed in blues music.

12Iwan Fals

13Akhdiyat Duta Modjo (Duta "Sheila On 7")

14Utha Likumahuwa
Some of the achievements that could be achieved include:
1989 - The second best showing in the ASEAN Pop Song Festival 1989 in Manila, the song "Sesaat Kau Hadir" copyrighted works of Budi Bachtiar and Aldino be the best song is the first in the Festival. Just when you present this song popularized by The Philippines Singer, Ronnie Liang titled "Gusto Kita"
1989 - Champion 2 Asia Pacific Singing Contest in Hong Kong
1990 - champion of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union 2 / ABU Golden Kite World Song Festival in Kuala Lumpur with Trie Utami duet with the song "Mungkinkah Terjadi" copyrighted works Jorgy Thito

15Rhoma Irama
Together they lead a band SONETA, the singer who starred in many films message of Islam has become a music legend and proclaimed Indonesian dangdut music as propaganda music (Voice of Moslem) since 1973. The entire song a hundred self-created by himself.

16Cakka Nuraga
Good singer and good talent :D my inspiration and motivation :)C~LUVers always support you :D god bless you bang cakka kawekas nuraga

17Ebiet G. Ade
A poetic composer and singer, with classic pop genre. Nobody is in comparison

18Fariz RM

19Glenn Fredly


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