Best Male Pop Singers


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1Michael Jackson

The king of pop every time deserve to be top in list of every top pop singers

2Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake deserves to be at top of this list but I wonder why the hell is Justin Bieber in second spot when he don't deserves to be in the list...

3Bruno Mars
4George Michael
5Justin Bieber

I am in LOVE with Justin Bieber! He's talented, cool, not afraid to be him self, and just does him. Every time a door opens for him it just gives you all another opportunity to do you. Go Every Belieber out there. He keeps it interesting.

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6Ed Sheeran
7James Maslow
8Stevie Wonder
9Aaron Carter
10Nick Carter

The Contenders

11John Lennon
12Paul McCartney
13Logan Henderson
15Carlos Pena, Jr.
16Kendall Schmidt
17Luis Miguel

His voice is Amazing!

18David Archuleta
19Jesse McCartney
20Jason Derulo

Best singer ever. Deserves 1st by far. This is a lame chart

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1. Michael Jackson
2. George Michael
3. Bruno Mars



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