Best Male R & B Singers


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usher is the best. not only his singing but also his dancing. his steps are awesome n specially his grammy-11 performance, it was a ripper, too good.
usher is better than anybody maxwell and raheem SUCK
What why is the weeknd not here

2Lupe Fiasco

3Trey Songz
Trey songz is so hot, he's hot and his music. If anything he could be #1. All the girls love him because lte's face it the man has swag and a bunch of it too. My favorite song is "Can't be friends". He's just that good.


he is one of the greatest singers and plus he doesn't always talk about sex he talks about findin love plus are kelly rapped a lil girl so he sucks

his beats make you want to get up and dance love him


6Taio Cruz

7Jason Derulo

8Jay Sean

9R. Kelly
I like his album "Double Up" - he has good designs.
Can't argue with two decades of success
No one else on this list has the extensive catalog that mr. kelly has
R. Kelly 9eme Quoi? Non 1er il que des bon hits 12Play,R. Kelly,R. etc...

Maxwell is the only person that knows what R&B is all about


The Contenders

11Kevin Rudolf
Always has the SWEETEST LYRICS & VOICE...


12John Legend
John Legend, what can't be said about him. He has a beautiful soulful voice and has nominations and awards to prove it.
One of the most amazingly gifted young men I have ever heard in my life.
It is a shame that people like Chris Brown and August Alsina are getting awards that should go to TRUE rnb singers like John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, and Robin Thicke.

13Raheem Devaughn

14Anthony Hamilton

15Robin Thicke
This man is a monster. His voice is mad smooth and soulful unlike a lot of these R^^B singers today.

How is robin thicke and all of them above this man, he has one of the best voice I've heard he should be with ne-yo and usher
Miguel has a very artistic vibe to him that has been very appealing to a lot of people so far, he is a breath of fresh air for rnb.

17Chris Brown

18Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake is certainly not better than Luther and Marvin but he deserves to be on this list.
So this is a 95% black people list? Ok...

You got to be kidding me! Where's Akon...
He is a good r and b singer

20Luther Vandross

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