Best Male Singers of 2012


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The Top Ten

Enrique Iglesias
He's really very hot.I love him.
He's so hot. And sexy as hell his voice too is awesome. I am 14 and he is 37 but I love him.

2Bruno Mars
He is the best singer ever. I like his many songs such as locked out to heaven and treasure. He is a true singer
I love your voice you r one of the few singers that I really love listening to
I love you BRUNO MARS. You're the best singer in the whole universe. I really love you. You have a true beautiful voice.

3Justin Bieber
Everything about this boy is INCREDIBLE, his chocolate eyes, sense of fashion and not to mention his hilarious sense of humour! He is one of the best pop star sensations I have ever known!
He is just the best in every way he is a dream singer he is a fab dancer and loves and respects us ( his fans) with all his heart and strength what else would a fan want.
He is the best singer in the whole world

I really love his voice
He and Becky G in a song together are so good.

"<3 Eminem! His songs actually have a meaning and thumbs up if you like the fact that he doesn't only sing about love and relationships and breaking up all the time. VOTE 4 EMINEM THE KING OF RAP!
The best ever. Better than all of these autotune, no talent, "singers".

Usher is so awesome and he can sing and dance!


8Chester Bennington

9Liam Payne

10David Guetta

The Contenders

11Ed Sheeran

12Adam Levine

13Chris Brown

14Taio Cruz

15Frank Ocean

16Sonu Nigam

17Adam Lambert
Can't believe my eyes.. I thought he would be number 1 on the list!


18G Dragon
He can rap, dance, sing and much more hot, best korean singer

19Robbie Williams

Absolutely amazing! I love them!

21Jason Aldean

I see everyone is talking about justin bieber eminem akon usher but what about drake I prefer drake than jb than eminem yeh eminem is the king of rap but he can't sing soft drake can drake can sing anything and it will be good. Whats this about taio cruz in this list alongside frank ocean sonu nigam and david gueta isn't even a singer he's a dj so what is he doing in this list thumbs up if I'm right and you are a fan of drake.

23Olly Murs
Olly Murs is an incredible singer, he has come so far in three years, and he's only just begun. His is an amazing artist, his songs are really catchy and great! So please vote for Olly Murs

24Kevin Rudolf
Really hot singer. I love his beautiful eyes. He is the break out.

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