Best Male Singers In Asia

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61 Mohsen Yeganeh

The mohsen is best singer the world

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62 Kunnath Krishnakumar V 1 Comment
63 Wei Chen

Wei Chen is a great singer! He is amazing! LOVE! He is also a nice actor. He looks so cute in the T.V. shows and in the movies. He is KIND AND HARDWORKING! He is honest! Again, Wei Chen is great! Everyone should listen to his fabulous music!

64 Ikhsan Ace
65 Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

He is the most perfect singer now a days from pollywood, Bollywood to Hollywood, He is just perfect.

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66 Rhoma Irama
67 Phy Roslan V 1 Comment
68 Ruki (The Gazette)

Ruki voice so perfect... Especially if he sing a rock song, he also can do a scream voice... GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD.

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69 Khaled 'Bassbaba' Sumon

I think he is better than we know

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70 Amanat Ali
71 Utha Likumahuwa
72 Ariel Peterpan

Powerful sound character and charisma on stage which is also transmitted in real life, even if ever 2 years in prison, but he had a charisma that made the fans have always supported, and once he was free, as proof, he immediately jumped back

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73 Ihsan Tarore
74 Pasha "UNGU"
75 Zizan Razak
76 Darren Espanto Darren Espanto Darren Lyndon Espanto also known as Darren Espanto is a Filipino-Canadian singer. He was born in Calgary to Filipino parents. At ten years old, he won the Masters Finals of the Pinoy Singing Sensation competition in Edmonton.

He is the best performer in this generation. the king of song, the sold out king around the world. he is the male artist who has a great sounds in singing. the next star performer. his voice is full of emotions and passions. he is deserving to be on top best singers in Asia. so please vote darren espanto. Thank you!

The best performer in this generation... The king of song.. The younger who has a power voices like whitney houston..

He is the best! The sold out king around the world! Congratulations!

He is the best performer because his voice is unique he is the the best male singer in Asia

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77 Kim Jong-hyun
78 Sirvan Khosravi

Must be in number 1# king of emotion. - peyman_eun

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79 Kyo Kyo Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.
80 Madhu Balakrishnan

This man is underrated though he has won two state awards n a kalaimamani title from Tamiknadu. His classical base is strong but he can also adapt his baritones well to sing film songs. He weaves magic over his listeners with the way he emotes. He has been awarded a "best male singer of the decade " award by a prestigious arts society in Kerala.

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