Best Male Singers in the Philippines


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The Top Ten

Darren Espanto
Darren Espanto should be the winner! He deserves all this... He's a total performer and the best singer-dancer indeed! At the age of 13, the youngest amongst singers, well-deserve to be called as the "sold out concert prince" as most of his concerts here and abroad are always full to the brim and tickets were sold out in just one day or few days after the tickets been starting selling. This young man is truly in demand here and abroad for a show. And most of all, a very dedicated to his profession, no matter how tired he's been, he still make sure he will have his total performance every time. A very respectful young man, a role model to his fellowmen and although he grow up in Canada, he's heart belongs to us, Filipinos... He speaks Tagalog fluently and he's proud to be Pinoy! Netizens admired him so much, the way Darren's parents brought him up, kudos to Espanto couple who raises Darren so well... By voting him as the number 1, we believe that Darren will truly make us Filipino always proud in any part of the whole wide world... He's always show his BEST!


With the powerful voice that he posseses plus his charm and talent in dancing, this kid really deserves the title. He has won the hearts of many the first time he sang on stage. In each of his performances he gives his all, the reason why he is now called the sold out king/prince since almost all of his concerts here and abroad are sold out. You can't blame us, his fans, for stalking all his concerts, mall shows and events because of the joy and satisfaction we are getting in all of his performances. This kid is really adorable and sincerity is all over him. Having a good family background is I guess the fundamental of this kid. He will still soar high in the years to come because he is a natural. You got my vote DARREN ESPANTO 👍
DARREN is great not just because of his handsomeness but because of his great tallent and discipline to his own self he may not be the greatest singer but he is a great dancer. The total performer perhaps, he got his own moves and own way to make his song unique and amazing... A boy that has great voice and also great dancing skills... The most amazing boy that I have met in my whole life... He may not be as famous as sarah, lea, taylor, Justin timberlake, usher, and ariana grande... His got the power to amaze people by his side... He know how to take care of his sister, he knows ho to handle his fans, and with his great looks and great voice all of the young or adults will surely vote for his not mater what will happened
[Newest]This kiddo deserves to be called as best singer. He's Phenomenal, amazing and a TOTAL PERFORMER. He's beyond excellent! 1
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2Erik Santos
I love his songs so much. When I hear any of her song I feel I'm on heaven!
And while performing he can easily beats high notes and his emotion while singing very good too. Keep up the good work erik santos and god bless!
Because he's an ultimate balladeer in this generation... He admired me from being down to earth and he always sang w/ feelings and it is probably nice whenever I am watching him...
erik santos is my idol local male singer and besides that he is simple that's all.

[Newest]I like his song, I can feel his emotion on that, and the delivery of the song also is good, compare to the other singers.

3Gary Valenciano
No Filipino has been able to do what Gary has been doing for the past 25 years: sing, write and arrange his music, sing the back-up vocals for his songs, and perform out-of-this-world concerts with dance routines that is still unmatched! He is a one-of-a kind Filipino entertainer!
Because he is an amazing singer, and all of my classmates, school mates, and my family he is the one who idolizing and crush...
I love his song. He's so amazing, idol kita, I will join one of your shows, like x factor, see me,
[Newest]I love his voice!

4Martin Nievera
Martin Nievera sings with so much feeling and can render other artists original songs without imitating it but by giving more varied stylized renditions, sings with a lot of techniques and his voice is recognizable as his to be hid own.
Martin Nievera, the most promising male singer in the philippines. He has a God-given and soulful voice. His talent has not just show up here in the Philippines yet in the whole asia and us..
martin is all time the best singer.. he's the concert king all these years... voice melts you when he sings..


[Newest]He is the best singer

5Christian Bautista
He is getting international attention because of his undeniable talent. He should be on top of the list. Agree?


Soothing voice.. Very relaxing.. And he's a kapamilya!
Just love him! He got the looks... The voice.. The height... He's face seem so charming together with his VOICE
[Newest]His voice is so relaxing and he is so talented

6Gerald Santos
The Sinatra of the Philippines!


He sings from the heart and you will feel it if you will listen to him live. Plus the fact that he is so down to earth and very approachable. He never discriminates gender. He just loves to render songs to everyone.
Great singer, composer, dancer, and performer. Whether it be ballads, soft rock, pop or rap music, he delivers with versatility and much gusto. Being an actor on stage or in the small or big screen is just an added bonus in his personal and professional talents. Just one of the down-to-earth personalities there is around. Gerald Santos is a great entertainer groomed for success proven by non-stop hand clapping, foot stomping kind of music performed here and abroad.
[Newest]Great voice! Definitely the best voice of his generation!
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7Jed Madela
Only Jed Madela dominated the WCOPA. Need I say more? Oh yes, I do. He is a very talented singer, the transitions of his registers are very hard to identify. His voice is insanely powerful, he sings with such ease and with minimal effort. He is the best male singer in the Philippines. For me, he deserves to be on the top of this list.
The Voice of the World winner. A truly talented young man.


Jed Madela is a real belter. He can reach the high notes very solid and clear without shouting. And he can also sing the lower notes. What an amazing belter! You are deserving to be on top of the list.
[Newest]He is the best male singer. Highest Note..

8Ogie Alcasid
He is really a good composer and singer. he has a great balladeer voice and perhaps, the most distinguishable voice as well. I believe he should be at least in the top 5 greatest male singers in the country
He is a good singer and he is better than erik santos
The best... He serves as a benchmark and inspiration to every Filipino artist... He also leads organizations that promote the OPM to Filipinos.

9Mark Bautista
He's an excellent singer. His versatility will make him an ultimate performer in the near future. Mark, never forget the place where you came from.
Please vote me thank you...!
He's one of the best! He has a voice that will make you fall in love..
[Newest]His the best. Singer...

Jay r should be in first

The Contenders

11Arnel Pineda
Arnel Pineda is one of the best singer not only in the Philippines but the world and He is a humble person plus he share his wealth to the least fortunate people. God bless you and your family always.
Love Arnel. Similar vocally to Steve Perry but with a rich quality to his voice that surpasses his predecessor on Journey. Brilliant singer and brilliant guy.
Heard him and I am in love with his voice and his ways of thinking positive and his wonderful smile and he helps others, good man, keep singing, Happy New Year 2015.
[Newest]Darren is world class Performer.. I love his music's..

12Bamboo Mañalac
Bamboo should be in the top 10 or number 1
I agree. Bamboo should be the number one.. As in.. Come on!
He is so handsome and do good in singin
[Newest]Bamboo should be in top 5 or number 1

Just always sing as best as before

14JV Decena
Still an amateur but in his young age, he is really amazing!
he is versatile and soulful.
he could be the Prince of Soul.

It is passion to sing, and he gives his best every time. He definitely has a long way to go, but he's on the right track. Keep singing!
Just go on with your dreams, stay of what you are now you still have a long way to go. We will continue supporting you to that quest. We Love You JV.
[Newest]JV has always shown great talents even in his High School times, always there to sing in front of the class. His soothing voice has always been a catch of attention. Keep it up!

15Daniel Padilla
He has such good voice and looks as well that girls will definitely fall for.
I love his voice so that I choose her, I'm your #1 fan daniel, go3x fight3x, we love you
He is so handsome and have a soft voice
[Newest]He is the winner for me. ,

16Sam Milby
Very Smooth Voice. Every time he sings I feel like I'm in heaven.
Getting recognize all over the place by his charming voice and looks.
Love him!
Is a good voice than the other singers

17Jovit Baldivino
No one can compare to jovit.. He is unique and the voice is fantastic nothing but the best, only in the abs..
His voice is perfect.

18Janno Gibbs
One of the smoothest voice in the country. Janno Gibbs is the King of Soul of the Philippines, and the king deserves to be in the top 1
They can vote anybody to beat JG to # 1.. But the fact remains.. Janno Gibbs is and still and has the original title of "The king of Soul in the Philippines. " And that's THAT!...
we had our own opinions when it comes to voice quality.. but for me, its still the king of soul! go janno...
[Newest]He is the only singer I know here in the phil. That whoever he sings with is always soothing, soulful and has an excellent blending... I've proven it on his divas and I album that album was superb and one of a kind...

19Harry Santos
i like him when he sung VINCENT!


all over! santos here in this list ruled!


Josh groban of the Philippines

20Vhong Navarro
Very nice actor and singer and very nice dancing
I love vhong because he has a nice voice and he also had very nice talents..
Good job Vhong! We are so proud of you!
Nice dancer singer and actor

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