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Roger Federer
At the moment, Roger Federer is the most accomplished male tennis player ever, although it's impossible to really say he's the most talented. You could easily make the argument that Rafael Nadal is actually better on the count, since Nadal has clear advantage over Federer in terms of head to head, especially in the Slams. The day may also come when Nadal could surpass Federer's insane mark of 17 Grand Slams.

I'm giving the nod to Federer partly because he dominated tennis so thoroughly and convincingly for about a five year stretch... A feat that will be nearly impossible to replicate. You might say the competition was a little inferior during most of his tennis prime, but you can only play what's out there. No tennis player was that dominant for that extended stretch of time.

In his prime, Federer was a machine. His greatest strength, among the many you could name, were his groundstrokes. He could hit the ball at such an angle with tremendous power that made it nearly impossible for his opponent to stay in the point, especially the longer it went on. But perhaps one of the toughest parts about Federer was that he was almost invulnerable. He almost never beat himself with silly mistakes and unforced errors. Nothing less than your A game was required to even give you a shot at beating him.

Perhaps best of all, Federer has been a class act in both victory and defeat, on and off the court. He has been a model of sportsmanship that is hard to come by in today's world of sports, especially considering the sad stories with today's athletes almost every time you turn on your T.V. set.

Hats off to you, Fed... Truly one of the greats in all of sports, not just tennis.


Tennis means Federer, Federer means Tennis. He is a god of tennis. Most stylish tennis player. If he is in the other side of the court you have to have something more than tennis.
Roger Federer is the king of tennis, 16 grand slams says it all, the most prize money in tennis history is all you need to know, he may be struggling now but give him a break, 3 or 4 years ago he was unstoppable!
[Newest]Roger federer is always in top. Good luck
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2Rafael Nadal
When Nadal is on form there is no stopping him - I have a great respect for Federer but at the end of the day whenever he faces an in form Nadal he loses. Nadal is surely the greatest if not the most popular...
Hopefully he can win yet another French Open and he will truly become the King of Clay. Truly one of the best Spaniards in tennis.
Nadal has won everything that is to win in tennis: 11 grand slams, Career Golden Slam (which Federer has not won) gold medal in Olympic for singles (Federer has not won) 3 Davis Cups (Federer has not won) has a winning record over Federer (19-8). What more does he have to do
[Newest]I don't think he'll pass federer
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3Novak Djokovic
Growing talent. Will become world best after some years.
Nadal fans will see.
Are you kidding me? He has been number 1 this whole year and has killed Nadal and Federer and you rank him number 3? Tell it to his Wimbledon and US Open trophies.
He beating the hell out of nadal. He is the number 1 player and will remain at the top for the next year too! Nadal sucks too
[Newest]I don't think there is anyone better than him

4Pete Sampras
This is the only person I ever enjoyed watching playing tennis when I was a kid. It was almost unreal how he never seemed to break a sweat and just kept on winning for what I think is the longest record so far. Sampras vs. Agassi matches were the most epic. None of the current crop of players even comes close!
When Pete's game was on... He didn't need ground strokes to beat his opponents.
What about those running forehands, overhead smashes and crisp volleys. Phew...
That underrated backhand... Just look at some of his backhand winners against becker, agassi etc.. You will realise that Pete had no weakness. A TRUE PHENOM
When I was under the age of 12 tennis= Bjork for a very good reason.when I became 30 tennis=Sampras.both gods of the tennis court.I think that Bjork of the 21 century is Pete you-know-who!
[Newest]Must be #3, 14 Grand Slams and second to Federer on most weeks as #1. Djokovic still not at his level.

5Bjorn Borg
His competition was fierce, as he played several men on this list and usually trumped them. I don't see the current players struggling with the likes of guys like Connors, McEnroe, and Lendl. Nadal is already physically shot at 22. And Borg did it all with a wooden racket.
Bjorn Borg not only won the french open 6 times, but he also won Wimbledon 5 times Nadal may beat his career, but for now my vote is with Borg the master of clay and the grass.
Quitting at the age of 25, when still being one of the best players in the world, is unique. For ever leaving us with the obvious question: how many grand slams could he actually have won?
[Newest]I love bjorn borg because I have watch him winning the championship 5 times and was very sad when he retired. Thanks you Borg. 😍

6Andre Aggassi
He with Nadal are the two best fighters of all time he won points that were impossible to win. He was also in my opinion he was the most complete player of all time all his were very solid backhand, forehand, volley, serve etc. The opponent couldn't attack a weakness of his because he didn't have any. He was also the best serve returner of all time making the matches against Pete Sampras who's the best server of all time a great match against aggassi the best returner of all time unbelievable. He is also the first person to win the golden slam!
Agassi is a joy and a gentlemen because he loved the British and always graceful when he didn't win. 😊
All Grand Slams, Olympic Gold, Davis Cup... What else

7Andy Murray
Now that I've given him that vote he better win a grand slam!


I cannot believe he is 11th he should be AT LEAST 3RD
He's Scottish and just won Wimbledon so he is my favourite because he is from my home country and he is a great player

8Andy Roddick
Andy Roddick is a brilliant player from America and a real shame when he retired as I thought he would have been a great champion😊
Good player used be better though
Do not be hopeless

9John McEnroe
People said he complained about calls a bit. But the thing is, he was right most of time. He had game, and provided some great tennis battles over the years.

10Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Will get a slam eventually

The Contenders

11Rod Laver
Two Grand Slams... Interrupted by 6 years. Laver would have won at least 4 Grand Slams in his career. It is embarrassing to see him rated 13! I agree with Federer and Nadal who both have stated Laver is without peer in tennis history.
11 grand slams during his career, but even more impressively, he twice won all 4 grand slams in the same year. he should be higher I would say
He may have never gotten a chance to play on harcourts but I'm pretty sure he would kick Federer's a if he did

12Jimmy Connors
I loved to see him play. We don't have players of his caliber today. He had a personality that appealed to the public and he backed it up with the results of his games.
He had asthma and still set records even though he was not a tall player.

13Ivan Lendl
Ranked number 1 for 270 weeks between 1983 and 1990...are you kidding me, this guy was good.

14David Ferrer
Fastest player on tour even in esrly 30s incredible

15Stanislas Wawrinka
He is robin to federer batman
Stan the man! <3 love him!

16Juan Martín del Potro
Juan martin is a brilliant flamboyant player that towering over all the opponents. Get well Juan Martin you are missed at wimbledon
If it wasn't for injuries multiple time grand slam winner
Consistency is what he needs. He'll be a great player.

17Gael Monfils
Very determined! Is not worried about losing. Just plays his best.

18Tommy Haas
most underrated tennis player ever

19Stefan Edberg

20Tim Henman

21Tomas Berdych
Will win a grand slam eventfully let's go tomas
His forehand is so good he is my insparation

22Ilie Nastase
Highest winning percentage at the Masters. Was in 5 finals won 4. Could beat anyone, anytime on any surface.

23Cecil Mamiit

24Goran Ivanisevic

25Robby Ginepri

26Boris Becker

27Ernests Gulbis
Ernie's currently on fire!

28Fernando Verdasco

29Richard Gasquet

30Pancho Gonzales

31Marat Safin

32Marcelo Rios

33Kei Nishikori
His talent deserves top5or4

34Carlos Moya
I love as a lawn tennis fan

35Mats Wilander

36Nick Kyrgios

37Fernando González
Cheated to get silver medal in 2008. Jame blake should have been in the final because blake didn't chest and was a better player.

38Jerzy Janowicz

39Del Potro
If it wasn't for injuries he would have multiple slams

40Tomas Smid

41Mardy Fish

42Bernard Tomic
Most talented player I've ever seen.

43Sergiy Stakhovsky

44Janko Tipsarević

45Viktor Troicki

46Ken Rosewall
No power but one of the best

47Richard Krajicek

48Robin Haase

49Igor Sijsling

50Thiemo de Bakker

51Marin Cilic

52Ivan Ljubičić

53James Blake

54Lleyton Hewitt
Moast taleted player I ever watched... very unfortunate with health..
I'll never forget his teenage win over Agassi, and that epic victory in 2003. vs Federer, where Fed was serving for match in 3rd set... incredible fighter... I still belive he could reach another Grand Slam final! Come on!

55Feliciano Lopez

56Guillermo Vilas
Well if you think federa is the best he is not better than god he bearly even played againsed god

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