Best Male Vocalists of Today


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The Top Ten

Arnel Pineda
He loves to LAUGH
He loves to SING
He loves to MOVE
He loves to GROOVE
He loves the LOVIN' things!


His versatility gives more flavor to JOURNEY music, ANYWAY they WANT IT!..



2Jimmy Barnes

3Matthew Bellamy
In Plug in Baby when he does the na na nnaah it is fantastical
Defienatly Bellamy. Gosh he's great!


He has a very unique voice, he sings amazingly

4Tamer Hosny
You need to listen to him! he;s awesome!


Best vocalist for me

5Michael Jackson
In my opinion MJ had the most vocal command with an untouchable tone. His mastery of music theory was really incredible too which contributed to his powerful song writing. he's my number one.

6Josh Groban
He is simply the best male vocalist I have ever heard in concert. He is gifted and works very hard to keep his voice in top condition. I say Josh definitely deserves the top spot in this list.


better than usher and josh groban. the also difference is they only sing soul rnb and pop unlike hyde who sings all genres


8Will Young
Yum Yum Mr Will Young! The best vocalist - he always sings live and has the most amazing voice. He deserves more recognition for his wonderful talent.
Will Young is an amazing singer. He's got such a light, but emotionally powerful touch to his voice. It gives me such an overwhelming feeling.


10Michael Buble
He's fantastic and he never tries. Wonder how good he will sound if he did?

The Contenders

11Jason Mraz

12Andrea Bocelli

13Jared Leto

14Alex Turner

15Dave Matthews
A little wiry but what the heck.


16Serj Tankian
He's the best in the business

17Adam Lambert
Adam is the best vocalist I have ever heard, ever! I have nothing against the incredible legands, but seriously, who has a range like that and such control over his voice?! God help me if yiu can find someone better than him

18Chester Bennington
Have you heard the power in this guys voice come on! I've seen LP live in South Africa and he is awesome
Please don't argue about current best vocalist when Chazzy is alive!

19Bruno Mars

20Newton Faulkner

21Paolo Nutini

22Robbie Williams
I have total respect for this guy, his voice is unique.

23Tony Bennett

24James Morrison

25Steven Tyler

26Eddie Vedder

27Adam Levine

28Jason Wade

29Geoff Tate

30Isono Kyo Hiroshi

31Ryan Tedder

32Ed Sheeran

33Nate Ruess

34Josh Todd

35Justin Nozuka

36Barry Louis-Polisar

37Chris Martin
You can't even compare him with anybody in this world
The best!
Viva coldplay Viva chris

38Gerard Way

39Bill Kaulitz

40John Vesely

41Gavin DeGraw
Come on now. By far one of the most dynamic male vocalists in pop/rock music.

42Matt Shadows

43Patrick Stump

44Brandon Flowers

45Eric Hutchinson


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