Best Marina and The Diamonds Songs


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The first song I listened to from Marina and the Diamond and one of the best songs I ever listened to.
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2Oh No!
Really amazing song, it's catchy and sounds great. I'd say this should be number one rather than Primadonna.
Just her best song! Either this or I am not a Robot
The best song ever!
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3I Am Not a Robot Listen to sample

4Teen Idle
I love this song so much! It's so catchy and isn't a depressing songs but is very mellow and melancholy. It has a very truthful meaning as it sheds light on her childhood/ teenage years. It shows us what made her the woman she is today. It's so amazing and should definitely be number one!
I love this song! It should be the one! Really the lyrics know exactly how I fell, I love it.
Super super super suicidal! The best!
This song is so deep
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5Mowgli's Road Listen to sample

6How to Be a Heartbreaker
The beat is just so fast and gets you pumped. The lyrics also make you listen harder, and they are quite funny. My sister likes it too (which is weird because she's into super indie/hipster music)
Its a great songs laugh out loud I love it...
I love this song!
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7Numb Listen to sample

It's just so SO beautiful and creates this tragic aura around you... I could listen to this song on repeat for hours straight
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9Bubblegum Bitch
"I'm miss sugar pink liquor, liquor lips
I'm gonna be your bubblegum bitch"

Really fun and upbeat, makes me wanna dancee#marina is so perfect
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I love the Su-Barbie-A archetype. It's so melacholic and, at the same time, so strong. I think Marina should compose a song called that way, even the video is so good (and a bit creepy), but the songs about this character (Lies and Starring Rola) are just priceless.
I love this song, my second favourite behind Homewrecker.
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The Contenders

Love the song! Hollywood infected your brain you want kissing in the rain :3
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12Buy the Stars
This song is one of the most soothing, honest songs I've ever heard and HAS to be in the top 10 list.
I can believe it haven't been upload yet

13The Outsider
So haunting & clever! The lyrics and absolutely brilliant!
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I really like the way this song is sung-spoke, it's one of the most fun songs on the album, this and Lies are my two favourite songs on her Electra Heart album and in general.

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15Fear and Loathing Listen to sample

16Are You Satisfied? Listen to sample

17Shampain Listen to sample

18Power & Control Listen to sample

19Radioactive Listen to sample

20Starring Role Listen to sample

Oh come on! 23? Seriously? It should be in the top 3! Great lyrics and amazing feel in the song. go listen to it on YouTube... it's great, I promise.
Hypocrates is the best
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22Valley of the Dolls
Go listen to this on YouTube... You won't regret it :3
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23The State of Dreaming
This song represent the state of what do you want to live and she sings it in very different tones is so emotional... I can't stop listening to it
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24Lonely Hearts Club
How is this one not on the list? It's catchy and will be stuck in your head for days!

25Sex Yeah Listen to sample

26Hermit the Frog Listen to sample


28Philosopher My Arse

29Living Dead

It's pretty true I see a lot of girl have the same opinion on other girls and it's really catchy.
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31Troubled Mind
Even though this song is among the uncommon Marina And The Diamonds songs, it still has a hilarious, witty and sarcastic lyric choice to it. The meaning is somewhat disturbing, yet enjoyable. It really is an enjoyable song that everyone should listen to.

32Electra Heart

33Horror Pop

34Just Desserts

35Hot Cross Bun
She manages to tell a story in under 3 minutes!

36Miss Y

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