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I love Marina. A lot. I think shes amazing. I love her and I know a lot of people that hate her. They hate her for her personality, but she intends to be like that. She wants to be like that. She's just fabulous. Shes my inspiration. Lonely but Fabulous. I think this song just describes her perfectly. Its literally just saying she wants to be egotastic and she knows she is. Its literally just saying that she wants everything. In my opinion this song is definitely the best. I've been a fan of her since the beggining. I got her album the first day it was released, not knowing any songs. And now look where I am. Marina merch, posters, deluxe edition albums. Love her and love this song!


The first song I listened to from Marina and the Diamond and one of the best songs I ever listened to.
Primadonna is a very truthful song. marina basically says she wants it all-the world. I feel so similar in that way.

2Teen Idle
I love this song so much! It's so catchy and isn't a depressing songs but is very mellow and melancholy. It has a very truthful meaning as it sheds light on her childhood/ teenage years. It shows us what made her the woman she is today. It's so amazing and should definitely be number one!
This an absolutely amazing melancholy and full of things I wanna say. I love this one
Everything I need. simply amazing and heard this song over 100 times in a week.

3Oh No!
Really amazing song, it's catchy and sounds great. I'd say this should be number one rather than Primadonna.
Its fantastic, with a powerful underlying meaning.
Just her best song! Either this or I am not a Robot
[Newest]Oh oh no oh no oh no oh, part of the lyrics


I actually found this on YouTube and I automatically downloaded it and it's the best marina song is my opinion
Great. I love the interesting melody the song has.

It almost describes my life, in a way.


5I Am Not a Robot
So catchy. definitely her best song. Amazing singing voice
This song is incredible! It's so deep and she sings so well.
I am not a robot

6Mowgli's Road
The video is strange but so cool! I like the song a lot.
All her songs are love.


This by far my favorite Marina song. Her voice is chillingly beautiful here. I was so shocked to see it in tenth place. Number one for me!
Homewrecker and Lies take a pretty close tie. She really knows how to make the lyrics speak. Impacts the core.
I love the Su-Barbie-A archetype. It's so melacholic and, at the same time, so strong. I think Marina should compose a song called that way, even the video is so good (and a bit creepy), but the songs about this character (Lies and Starring Rola) are just priceless.
[Newest]To me, this is the best Marina song. Music and lyrics are amazing. I could relate to this song, the line "Why don't we just pretend? " hits me in the heart, lol.

8How to Be a Heartbreaker
I love Marina a lot! Since I first heard Primadonna, I was really addicted to her style of music. And that's the voice I always wanted to listen all day! How to be a Heartbreaker is really catchy and make you confident. I really hope Marina makes awesome music again
The beat is just so fast and gets you pumped. The lyrics also make you listen harder, and they are quite funny. My sister likes it too (which is weird because she's into super indie/hipster music)
First heard Primadonna and I loved it so much I had to listen to her other songs and when I came across How To Be A Heartbreaker I fell in love with her all over again! In my opinion this is the best song and it should be #1
[Newest]This the best song ever!

I really like the way this song is sung-spoke, it's one of the most fun songs on the album, this and Lies are my two favourite songs on her Electra Heart album and in general.

10Bubblegum Bitch
"I'm miss sugar pink liquor, liquor lips
I'm gonna be your bubblegum bitch"

Really fun and upbeat, makes me wanna dancee#marina is so perfect
This song is amazing and so catchy

The Contenders

It's just so SO beautiful and creates this tragic aura around you... I could listen to this song on repeat for hours straight
I love it so much! It tells such a great story like most of her songs do, but this HANDS DOWN is my favourite song of hers!
This song is my favorite song of all! Its beyond amazing

12Buy the Stars
This song has so much meaning and thought. It shows how great Marina and the Diamonds is and in my opinion this ballad is better than most Billboard topping singles.
This song is one of the most soothing, honest songs I've ever heard and HAS to be in the top 10 list.
This song is one of my all time favorites and so soothing, yet so deep!
[Newest]"You could buy a million stars, but it would not change who you are..."

I love this song! I mean come on this song is fabulous, and Marina is such an inspiration. She is a beautiful, and talented singer, and once you hear this song, you get a taste of what Marina can do.
Love the song! Hollywood infected your brain you want kissing in the rain :3

14Fear and Loathing

15The Outsider
This song basically describes my life so well
"Sitting on the outside, observing the fun" & "Inside the outsider" The lyrics are so smart and clever, throughout the song she describes the life of someone who is always in the background and never noticed. Completely GENIUS
So haunting & clever! The lyrics and absolutely brilliant!

16Are You Satisfied?
I find this super catchy!

This song is just awesome! It's everything you want in a song, catchy music, Marina's amazing voice, and deep lyrics that are up to interpretation. One of her best!
Froot is unique. It takes a few listens to get used to it- but then you'll love all the different styles in one song!
It's so catchy and just sounds so good, I love the music and her voice is fabulous as always

18Power & Control

This is my favourite song of Marina. The music and the lyrics are so good!

I love this song and the video is SO cool, it's like marinas version of "thriller"! This should be number one!
Fun to dance around to

21Starring Role
This is amazing! The lyrics are painful. :'(
This song is so beautiful, makes me cry sometimes to be honest

22Troubled Mind
Even though this song is among the uncommon Marina And The Diamonds songs, it still has a hilarious, witty and sarcastic lyric choice to it. The meaning is somewhat disturbing, yet enjoyable. It really is an enjoyable song that everyone should listen to.

23The State of Dreaming
My favourite song of marinas, the best part is when she sings "if only you knew my dear, how I live my life in fear. If only you knew my dear, how I know my time is near." Love love love this song
This song represent the state of what do you want to live and she sings it in very different tones is so emotional... I can't stop listening to it
Beautiful and princess-like. As it should be

24Hermit the Frog
For me, Hermit The Frog is a tour-de-force of what made The Family Jewels so great. Marina' s vocals are really at their best and it features some very quirky moments such as the layered whispering on "I wanna tell you a secret" or the change of lyrics in the final chorus...

It's just pure magic and one of the best songs on my iPod!
Love listening to this song!

Why isn't this in the top 10? This song makes me go on a drive with the roof down in the Summer. It is honestly so catchy! I love it so much!

Oh come on! 23? Seriously? It should be in the top 3! Great lyrics and amazing feel in the song. go listen to it on YouTube... it's great, I promise.
Hypocrates is the best


28Lonely Hearts Club
How is this one not on the list? It's catchy and will be stuck in your head for days!
Love will never be forever
Feelings are just like the weather

29Valley of the Dolls
This song is so powerful- it's my favorite of hers. I feel like it illustrates so many concepts so easily, and it really paints a picture in my mind. Give it a listen- you won't regret it.
I hated this song at first. Then I listened to it again, then again and now I can't get the chorus out of my head! I love it!
Go listen to this on YouTube... You won't regret it :3

30Sex Yeah
We totally need more songs like this, when I first read the title I thought "Geez, here's another song about sex" but no, the meaning goes deeper than sex. It shares her opinion on feminism and sexism and I love it!
Super powerful message in this song. We need more songs like this.


Big sonic variety and original melody, great lyrics and an amazing social commentary.
This is possibly one of her best songs! This should be in the top 5!

This song is one of my favorite songs by Marina. it is such a great catchy song. I think most girls can relate to this song.
It's pretty true I see a lot of girl have the same opinion on other girls and it's really catchy.

34Living Dead
How is this song not more popular? The Lyrics, like all Marina's songs are just superb and so fitting with the Electra Heart album, but not just that her voice in this song is incredible. so much so that the first few time I heard it I didn't realise just how little of the great heavy beat music was involved, she carries so much in her voice alone... even if its manipulated electronically to layer it... still. listen to the audio track without her singing and you'll realise.

35Where Diamonds Grow
This song really speaks to me with all of its $$ talk. I love it and it's super unique!

36Electra Heart

37Philosopher My Arse

38Pancake Karma

39Porn Is Good for the Soul

40I'm a Ruin
Original song and nice lyrics. The best song on FROOT at the moment.

41Horror Pop

42Just Desserts

43Hot Cross Bun
She manages to tell a story in under 3 minutes!

44Miss Y

45Daddy Was a Sailor

46Scab and Plaster



49The Common Cold


51Space and the Woods

52Plastic Rainbow

53Blindfold Me

54Bad Kidz
Bad Kidz is incredible because in the beginning, she is painting herself as a victim. But by the end, you can see that she is not a victim - she is 'victimizing' the other people.

55Happy Meal
One of her best songs, even though it doesn't have a chorus!

56Lonely Bones


58Supermodel's Legs

59Silver Walls

60Like the Other Girls

61This Is LA

62What Are You Waiting For?


64Katy B








72Can't Pin Me Down


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