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1Super Mario Sunshine

This game came the day I was born. When I grew older, I heard this game came out the day I was born I got it for my game cube and I never stopped playing it. Sure it took a while to get used to it, but I was awesome! - Boolover

I love this game so much! Why does it get hated? I mean sure its different, but that's what makes this great.

This Game Is Terrific! I Loved It! And It Makes a lot Of Sense Unlike Any Other Mario Game!

Why wouldn't this be number 1?

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2Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

This is my most favorite Mario game of all time! The soundtrack, the characters, the environments! Seriously, this game is the GOD of all Mario games! (At lest to me.)

Amazing game, great graphics, solid gameplay, fun, great characters, provides hours of fun, one of the best gamecube titles, definitely a must-buy

This game's graphics are so awful they gave me bloodshot eyes. I don't see why Princess Daisy wasn't actually in this game back then. Peach being kidnapped was not a good role, & besides, Marilyn, Vivian, Sir Grodus & Madame Flurry were too tall!

How was this game not #1? - Garythesnail

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3Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario kart double dash is perfect for coop with to friends on one kart

The best Mario kart game for me, the first three are BORING!

The old Mario Kart games sure beat this one. I know, this is an old game, too. But I mean before Double Dash. Peach had no reason to be in this game.

There are only six courses on this game. Really?

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4Luigi's Mansion

This isn't a Mario game (well maybe in technical terms). Either way, it was an amazing game and I think it still deserves to be on here. Even though the game was short, it had good game-play and graphics.

I used to like this game up until that little shadow glitch of luigi hanging himself... - Boolover

This game is old & imagine if this was Peach's mansion instead & Peach was being a coward in here shivering in the mansion crying & anxious a lot!

Luigi's Mansion... Nintendo had to make a game for Luigi they did! And it was good!

5Super Smash Bros Melee

This game is the best existing title on the gamecube! Should be # 1! However, this is not technically a mario game so it actually shouldn't be on the list at all.

Saying this game sucks should be declared a SIN! - HeavyDonkeyKong

#5, that's okay. But I prefer this to #2 under Sunshine, because it's not fully a Mario game.

This isn't a Mario game, it's a Super Smash Bros game. - toptenzen

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6Mario Party 6

This is an awesome game! Who is this Peach hater commenting on everything? - HELLADERE120

Had so much fun playing it in the camper so I brang it to my house. because of this game.

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7Mario Power Tennis
8Mario Superstar Baseball
9Mario Party 5

Gee, why did Jen Taylor not want to portray Princess Daisy like she does in this game (including Mario Party 3 & 4)?

I had way too much fun with this game, and when I was born, the generation was all about PS3 and Xbox... I grew up playing SSB on the N64

10Mario Party 7

The best game ever and nobody plays it with me because they like Grand Theft Auto better. Somebody killed people from those games! Anyways, what's better than Mario Party 7? Not Super Mario Sunshine!

The game is overrated. Also, Peach didn't bother to participate. She was cranky in this game for sure & lost on purpose.

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11Super Mario Strikers

This needs to be the true top 1 Mario Gamecube game. Seriously, it's epic & Canadian.

Best Mario game ever because of great gameplay and the awesome idea to have a Mario soccer game

Best non-crossover Mario GameCube game ever!

12Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

So annoying game. At least Princess Peach wasn't in it. But we needed Daisy in it. I know, Rosalina was not conceived back then but this gae seriously needs many sequels.

13Mario Party 4V1 Comment
14Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

I don't see why Princess Peach was in that horrible, extremely long game!

The game is also old, by the way. I know you know those things.

15Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

My hands hurt so much even after playing the FIRST LEVEL

16Donkey Konga 2V1 Comment
17Super Monkey Ball 2V2 Comments
18Donkey Konga
19SSX On Tour
20Wario World
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1. Super Mario Sunshine
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1. Super Mario Sunshine
2. Super Smash Bros Melee
3. Luigi's Mansion
1. Super Mario Sunshine
2. Luigi's Mansion
3. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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