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61Dragon Driftway Wii UV1 Comment
62Sherbet Land GCN

Best course EVER! Great music, great course, and its also really beautiful, especially in the Wii U version. Actually, anything involving ice, snow, night time and most importantly the northern lights makes me happy, but whatever. Go play this course right now! - ShyGuySwag

. Why are people saying nice things about this trash that needs to be taken out? - greenshyguy

Has some of my favorite MK music ever in it! So glad it returned in MK8! - ShyGuySwag

63Yoshi Falls DS

Why does everyone hate yoshi falls? It's a great track for mushroom cup!

A quick paced amazing course. A fun one to play on with your friends!

How did this track get on the list? It's rubbish!

This one should be higher too oops! - spongebob2

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64Maka Wuhu 3DS

Maka Wuhu is a gorgeous track. It is a journey from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Then when you reach the top, you go through a long beautiful glider section. Not to mention the sunset. And it's based off of Wii Sports! This is the best track in the whole series in my opinion.

This course has everything, a shortcut underwater, tough turns, and a little hangliding.

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65Cloudtop Cruise Wii U

It's is so crazy first you are on a beanstalk and then you get struck by lightning! Great soundtrack too.

I think the track is fine, but I HATE the music.

66Thwomp Ruins Wii U

One of the most underrated tracks in Mariokart history! Epic music, beautiful setting, and ends the mushroom cup perfectly!

67Piranha Plant Slide 3DS

This game made me buy the 3DS and Mario Kart 7. You are on a water slide driving, and Piranha Plants attack you. This is a must play and my favorite course on the 3ds. Well Done on this course Nintendo!

It was one of my favorite tracks, but it came so much online that it did get boring.

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68Dino Dino Jungle

This course is the HARDEST Mario KART COURSE THAT ISN'T RAINBOW ROAD! The Dinosaur's decide whether you get first or worst. Great Course!

This is the awesomest track of all time! I love the music the bridge the jungle sounds the multi paths and of course the dinosaurs

When I wanted to vote for this track it was 20 after I clicked vote it was number 19 YEAH! Best track ever!

This is a easy track to me. Wario Colosseum or Sherbet Land GCN are harder.

69Sky Garden GBA

If this is the original GBA version, than I love this track! Two reasons, 1: All those shortcuts. 2: The music. The awesome music. I would listen to it all day and never get tired of it!

70N64 Rainbow Road

Sorry, people that have nostalgia for the N64 version. This track has no challenge except for chain chomps. THAT IS THE POINT OF RAINBOW ROAD. And it is 6 minutes long. That is ridiculous. The WiiU version got it right by only making this track 3 sections instead of laps. But even in it's WiiU state, it's not a good track.

It is so saddent but amazing with no way to fall and characters all around it, but I only can do it on time trials because it is impossible 2 beat Yoahi's Valley.

You do can fall off the track if you jump out the barrier at the begining.

71Riverside Park GBA

Best track ever! It better appear as a retro track in Mario kart 8.

72Mario Circuit 4 SNES
73Rainbow Road Wii U

This Rainbow Road is honestly a masterpiece. It did something different than the other Rainbow Roads, and that's a good thing! People hate this track because of the satelites and space stuff. Well like I said, it did something different, which is good! This needs to be higher. 10/10

Wii u rainbow road deserved to be lower.

Rainbow road? more like space station road, they ruined this track, but this course is still okay, but unforgivable

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74Wario's Gold Mine Wii

My favorite mario kart wii track and my 10 favorite track of all time.

Wario's Gold Mine should be way higher

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75Bowser's Castle 2 GBA
76Mount Wario

How the hell does Mount wario not come in any higher?

This is number 20 on the list. It's already on.

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77Koopa Troopa Beach N64

I like the music in this track.

78Donut Plains 1 SNES
79Frappe Snowland N64V1 Comment
80Broken Pier GBA

Number 1 track from GBA and number 1 haunted track

Second. Best. GBA. Track. Hands. Down. - Steelers1337

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