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101 Moo Moo Meadows Wii

Good music and awesome background! Fun to play on.

102 Moonview Highway Wii
103 Wild Woods Wii U
104 DK's Snowboard Cross Wii
105 Ice Ice Outpost Wii U
106 Donut Plains 3 Snes

I hate this course. It is very boring.

This course is extremly easy and fun, just read the name of this track, it makes me hungry.

107 Mute City Wii U
108 Tick Tock Clock Wii U

Dude, on this list, originals and remakes are the same. - Idontneedausername

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109 Hyrule Circuit Wii U V 1 Comment
110 Sweet Sweet Canyon Wii U
111 Peach Beach GCN
112 Shroom Ridge DS

Number 1 track from DS and number 1 highway track

113 Yoshi Falls DS

Why does everyone hate yoshi falls? It's a great track for mushroom cup!

A quick paced amazing course. A fun one to play on with your friends!

This one should be higher too oops! - spongebob2

How did this track get on the list? It's rubbish!

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114 Ghost Valley 1 SNES
115 Ribbon Road GBA

Great music. It is my favorite course in Mario Kart: Super Circuit! Driving on a ribbon, with a happy-filled background. How can this be last place?

Best course in Mario Kart: Super Circuit! Has great music, and the happy-filled background makes it so great! - ShyGuy8

Ribbon road. When you hear that it might not sound good. But believe me, it is very exciting! I loved the remake in MK8 that added the adorable yarn yoshis!

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116 Koopa Troopa Beach

Cool beach! You can see the Koopa Rock in Sunshine Airport

117 Bowsers Castle DS
118 Mario Circuit GCN
119 Luigi Circuit GCN
120 Cheep Cheep Lagoon 3DS

This is the first race course I've ever been on, and it's AMAZING! On the Grand Prix, take the glider shortcut, drop a banana and BOOM! They should spin out!

A very simple course that you can go underwater and have fun. It's amazing!

This course is so good and my number 4 favorite course on the 3ds

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