Best Maroon 5 Albums


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Songs About Jane

2It Won't Be Soon Before Long
This record, along with Songs About Jane, deserve both the first and second place.

3Hands All Over
I like it better than songs about jane. I play it constantly at home and in the car. my grandchildren
Also like it.
You all underrate this album because you close minds are stuck on the first two. This album IS Maroon 5 like the end of a journey where they finally found their own sound. It's not perfect as IWBSBL but it's the best and has songs which only deep and true Maroon 5 fans deserve to appreciate. Not kids who like overexposed which is actually s***t compared to the other albums, or the old guys stuck on the first one. Open your eyes. Best.


Why is this last on the list? Personally this is probably my favourite

6Live from SoHo

7The B-Side Collection

8Call And Response: The Remix Album

9Live Friday the 13th
This album is awesome! It's all the songs from Songs About Jane but they have longer guitar solos, they are more complex, and there is an early version of Wasted Years!


10Live from Le Cabaret

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When I heard Overexposed, I thought Maroon 5 would never make an album that was worse. I was wrong.

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