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Songs About Jane

2It Won't Be Soon Before Long
This record, along with Songs About Jane, deserve both the first and second place.

3Hands All Over
Best Maroon 5 Album: Hands All Over Hands Down!

In MY opinion, Hands All Over is Maroon 5's absolute BEST album ever, with the more bluesy Songs About Jane following right behind. With their versatility of their sound over the years, I feel this was the era of their perfection. This album is just pure musical genius. Each track on this album is extremely catchy and if given the chance would definitely top the charts. They're very memorable and enjoyable to listen to. From the upbeat ear-worms "Give A Little More," "Don't Know Nothing," "Get Back in My Life," "Stutter," "Never Gonna Leave This Bed," and "I Can't Lie," to the emotional beauty of "How," "Runaway," and "Just A Feeling," Hands All Over is truly spectacular.

How anyone could dislike this album is completely beyond my comprehension. The deluxe album is definitely worth getting- it includes "Last Chance", and amazing and extremely catchy song, "No Curtain Call," another wonderful song, as well as acoustic versions of "Misery" and "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" and a simply beautifully done cover of "If I Ain't Got You" originally by Alicia Keys.

This is REAL talent, and I personally think that Adam Levine has an amazing voice that I feel simply does not get enough credit. Plus these songs were written by him as well as his bandmates, since I know some people frown upon hiring co-writers. And unlike "It Won't Be Soon Before Long", these tracks aren't exclusively all about sex and are a tad more subtle (except Moves Like Jagger and Hands All Over). If you're looking for truly genuine and memorable pop rock music, I HIGHLY recommend this album. And if you're anything like me, you'll end up playing it every single day.
I like it better than songs about jane. I play it constantly at home and in the car. my grandchildren
Also like it.

Why is this last on the list? Personally this is probably my favourite


6Live from SoHo

7The B-Side Collection

8Call And Response: The Remix Album

9Live Friday the 13th
This album is awesome! It's all the songs from Songs About Jane but they have longer guitar solos, they are more complex, and there is an early version of Wasted Years!


10Live from Le Cabaret

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When I heard Overexposed, I thought Maroon 5 would never make an album that was worse. I was wrong.

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