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Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus
This is a great pick for number 1. I think it sums up what this band was about. I really liked what they did with De-loused, this song (this album) took them to a completely different level. This is what I will remember whenever Mars Volta comes to mind.

It has every element of a Volta song. A nice melodic intro (that eventually comes full circle) that EXPLODES and becomes alive. Tempo changes, strange time signatures, english and spanish lyrics. This is The Mars Volta. Great live song also.
Incredible guitar, Incredible bass, Brilliant vocals and it all works together to create the best mars volta song, but it's not so long that it makes you sick of it by the end.
You'd think that god came down from heaven to create a song like this. In actuality it's The Mars Volta.
[Newest]Best songs.. but finishing is to annoying :S

2Cassandra Gemini
If I had one song to listen to for the rest of my life, it's this one right here. It's not my favorite song of all time, it may not even be my favorite Volta song. But the uniqueness of this song does not match to any other song I think I've ever found. It's spacey lyricism runs for over 18 minutes, with the hauntingly diverse vocal range of Cedric guiding you through a journey of self-discovery and the challenging of what you can do in just one song. My favorite part by far is at about 10 minutes, when the song takes a sharp left turn in style. The eerie piano playing mixed with the open-ended, almost silent lyrics from Cedric that gives it the feel that you're not even listening to a song. The last 2 minutes as well are also spectacular. At first, I thought "oh, they're just going to do a simple reprise of the entire first section." But what I didn't realize is that they go above and behind any expectations I had of this reprise. This song is scary, soft, beautiful, jarring, and trippy experience that won't be very easy to forget. Face it, this song is in a category all by it's own. This song is an enigma.


All parts put together, this is their masterpiece, their epic, the song that the fans will always remember them by. Clocking at 32:32 is ridiculous.
How can someone make such a long track so perfectly, every part fits with the other and the progression for the last chorus is amazing, The Mars Volta is, definitely, one of the best progressive rock bands out there! Just listen to it all!

Amazing song with heart gripping arpeggios and melodies that give off the feeling of a mayan sacrifice. The first few bars of the song just climb and climb up scale until the blissful b section calms the tone into a melodic chorus. A pure piece of art to the ears. The many movements and technical organizations of the sections come off as classical in nature. Tetragrammaton is like an indigenous, pyschadelic, and jazz infused chaos. The equivilant of a "psychadelic"symphony. Tetragrammaton is the psychadelic music scenes version of a classical piece.
Learn to play it and you will truly realise how great (and surprisingly structured) this song is
Id put this masterpeice in my top 10, maybe even 5 progressive rock songs. It has everything you need in that genre. Can't go wrong.

4Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)
The buildup then the big guitar hit... Sends shivers!

5Day of The Baphomets
Another great song from The Mars Volta, and probably my second favorite, beaten only by Cassandra Gemini. This song sounds like it could have been made so much earlier, it has such a nostalgic feel of the 70's prog rock bands that helped facilitate Volta's genre, to the point where this band may not have existed if Yes or King Crimson had never made it big on the scene. This song always seems oddly new yet familiar in a way every time you listen to it. The two things that set this off from the rest of Volta's discography? 1). Cedric's amazing vocals from start to finish. Although his vocal style is always one to marvel at, his work on this song beats almost all others. At around 7 minutes is a good example. The teetering high notes that don't quite go over the edge but still sound on the farther side show that this song is self-aware of how it balances it's way of enunciating exactly what they are trying to express. 2). The bass and percussion solo. Although the guitar is also amazing and shows Omar's talent with distortion and keeping a good melody in the non-vocal section, it's Juan Alderete who really can steal the show with this song. His thumping bass lines, although not always heard, are still present for the entirety of the song. His longer notes at the beginning, to his short notes at the percussion solo give a good rhythm to the thumping and fast-paced playing in the foreground. Don't even get me started on the percussion solo. All I'll say is Marcel Rodríguez-López can hit a mean bongo, that's for sure! One of the best solos of all time. Even down to the last note, this song has a perfection that not too many songs supply in only 11 minutes.


Here's a stony analogy for you: If the Led Zeppelin song is a sonic representation of what it feels like to actually be on a "stairway to heaven," then this is the real Highway to Hell.

Should be a top 5 song.

6Wax Simulacra
The drums m8
Gret use of time sig and experimental instruments

7Inertiatic ESP
Holy crap. I never stopped listening to this song. Its just perfect. I know it's their "single" and they're probably sick of playing it and cedric can't sing it, BUT if they started jamming to this song live, I would go absolutely nuts and start dancing like a madman. That's also why they wont let me back in golds gym, mars volta music gets me too pumped up
It's the most face melting song I've heard since one armed scissor.

8Cicatriz ESP
This song is just brilliant. They may have dragged out the ambient noises a little, but the ending makes up for that. My favorite song of all time by a large margin. I listen to it at least once a day.
The structure of this song reminds me of "push it" by Tool, I wish they shrunk the middle a little bit but fantastic ending and my favorite mars Volta song
Amazing song... With a great final. This is one of the great songs of the mars volta from de-loused album.
This guys have a good rock noise with a nice groove, riffts and something as I call rock with feeling.


10Drunkship of Lanterns
Of all the best Mars Volta songs listed here this one is the greatest one especially those listed from ditc. Just as awesome a song as roulette dares or inertiatic esp. Rock solid jam with a good amount of madness. Definitely deserves to be on here!
Seen them perform this live, now my life is complete!

The Contenders

This music really should be first. Do you hear the fantastic amount of sounds that this music contais? One of the best Mars Volta Musics ever made...
Pure poetry. Love the grace and emotion in this peice... Although same could be said for many other TMV songs...

12L'Via L'Viaquez
This song is drugs, and I'm talking about great drugs.
the mix of the sultry, slow latin sounds and that guitar has me hooked. easily their best song.
excelent performance of latin jazz, john fusiante is a genius.

The beginning of this song just sends me to another world and really relaxes me. The part leading into the chorus always reminds me of the song, On the Brink - Coheed and Cambria, which is also great.
Fantastic use of tempo and dynamics with the contrast between the slow, melodic verse and the hectic chorus. Amazing drumming too.
Incredibly relaxing one second, speeding to another world the next. Pretty much sums up TMV and ditc

14The Widow
Not sure how this is not in the Top 5. Most commercially viable song.
Great song! My daughter sang this for talent day at her school.

The chorus is so awesome and catchy, and so it is the ending part. Brilliant solos ; should be in top 5

16Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore
Awesome song! Now lets enjoy the sweet smells of their toothless canals!
Wow why so low? Now lets all eat some glass!
Oh man, one of the saddest Songs in Rock History. But also one of the bests. It's confusing why this is only at number 22. Maybe it will change with your help.
Killer song, Now lets obey the noose like we used to!

17Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt
I love this song, rather new to the mars volta, but I was always a fan of at the drive in, I always thought it was just the guitarist in the mars volta, anyways this song has a great feel to it, great beat...

It embodies every element of a perfect hard rock song. It's heavy, it's loud, it's incredibly catchy and you can listen to it on an infinite loop and never get bored of it.

19Viscera Eyes
It's the juxtaposition of two riff's I'd never have put togeather, perfect example of texture in TMV's work.

20Frances the Mute

The creepy, driving edge to this song paces along until the chorus, where an infectious hook goes round with the floor taken out. You're hopping on stones in a stream as a steady bass thumps beneath. But then when the bridge starts moving, the melody goes soaring, matched by octave-higher crooning, with the chords going around and gradually stepping ever higher, until the anthem reaches a climax in the final chorus. At last. And as if dripping, we fade into an eerie hum.

22The Whip Hand

Their best song should be higher!
Amazing power in guitar and voice.

24Since We've Been Wrong

25The Malkin Jewel

26This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed

Awesome chorus, drums, and vocals. The guitar is funky and the song overall is well constructed, easily my favorite song by them.




31Asilos Magdalena
My favourite song, and that is not just because I'm latin american


33Desperate Graves

34The Bible and the Breathalyzer

35Zed and Two Naughts
In my opinion, Zed and Two Naughts is possibly the best 'song' they've come up with in the last, oh, five or so years. Not since Cassandra have I heard a more compelling piece. The fact that it's at a wonderfully listenable length of less than six minutes is another treat. Noctourniquet is an amazing album.

Transitions are amazing. Great song, fast and full of energy.

37Vicarious Atonement


39Conjugal Burns

40Halo of Nembutals


42Abortion, The Other White Meat


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