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Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee was the best because of several reasons.
- He grew up fighting on the streets. Street fighting is very different than tournament fighting and is not controlled or sports-like. The mental strength required to willingly involve in a street fight makes one far more dangerous than a fighter inside a tournament ring.

- His physical fitness. He could probably outfight anyone, in terms of sheer endurance and stamina.

- Power and Speed. His ability to generate power in his punches and kicks and his have yet to be equaled to this day, over 40 years after his death!

- He was way ahead of his time. His training routine, his fitness, his emphasis on using simple and effective techniques alone, his incorporation of elements from other styles, his attitude to fighting and self defense in general, made him an all round fighting machine. Unlike fighters of today who have one predominant technique, he trained every part of his body to be useful. Maybe he wouldn't always fight clean, but you could be damn sure that he would win. He was deadly in both close quarters and long range.

In other words, I would put my money on Bruce Lee winning a fight. Every single time.
My dear friend I have been the fan of Bruce lee for more then thirty five year, in all those years I have been doing research about his achievements, now I say that I have done Phd on the subject once I have concluded that one should not compare Bruce lee with human, the level he achieved is only comparable with most dangerous animal like leopard, male aggressive baboon monkey, a very fast snake, etc, if you understand these animals, I am sure with bare hand no person can fight with these beast because of there techniques and abilities, likewise for a normal human it was not possible to fight with Bruce lee as he had the abilities of most dangerous animals, if you agree with me then you would also say that Bruce lee was the best of martial artist this world could have. Moreover extraordinary people don't have very long life.
I can't believe the doctor gave him poison when he had back pain. That actually killed him. I just wish Bruce Lee was still alive so I could learn from him.
I can't really say that bruce is the best ever, but he is the best that I have ever seen. People often compare bruce to jet li, jackie chan, chuck Norris, some even say he was just an actor, I haven't seen ANYONE perfect the one inch punch the way bruce demonstrated, I haven't seen ANYONE with the punching power or the kicking power the bruce had, and if he wasn't that good why are we still talking about him? Where did mixed martial arts come from? Who was the first mixed martial artist? Bruce was in a class all by himself! He's been dead over thirty years and martial artist still can't do what he did so easily back then, WHY?... In my eyes he was and still is the GREATEST!.. (Be Like Water! )
Bruce Lee was a man of true skills and expanded his mind in what martial arts is all about. He dedicated himself to be the best of the best, but at the same time he taught and express in detail to his friends, students and the world that he was the real deal. Bruce expressed himself mentality and physically, and there will never be another Bruce Lee. He was the Dragon.
Bruce lees the best of the best. Jackie chan is awesome and funny, jet li is strong and his skills are sharp, tony jaa is flexible, an acrobatic beast, extremely fast, Donnie yen is power ful and strong, sammo hung is strong and can take a hit, and chuck Norris is just strong and powerful. Bruce lee is all those guys combined into one. His speed, flexibility, acrobatic, powerful and strong, and funny is amazing. No one can imitate my idol!
Bruce Lee is a legend! He hast trained hard and long to become superior, and he is! He is are extremely fast, strong, agile, and what he does in the movies is just half of what he can do in real life! Also, Bruce Lee is one of the most (if not the most) influential martial artists of all time, without him there would be no Jackie Chan or Jet Li. To top it of, he not only became a star for himself, but how people viewed asians and showed that asians are more than just steriotypical people! All thanks to Bruce Lee!
Bruce was more than just a fighter. He revolutionized martial arts by finding the fastest and most efficient ways to defeat an enemy, instead of following traditions that only handicapped other fighters. He was also willing to take in students of any race, which suggests that he was not only ahead of his time in fighting, but also in ethics and philosophy.
No one will ever compare to the king of martial arts. He's the best and #1 Martial Arts Master heck, GrandMaster of all time. He's the only GrandMaster who studied martial arts for about 20 years. He learned faster than any other martial artist, he had the speed, skill, strength, concentration, determination and perseverance that no other martial had or has to this day or will ever have in the future.
I feel that the pure philosophy of Bruce Lee Ranks him as the best, he was a true martial artist and a true teacher, always willing to teach anyone who wanted to learn, I feel that there is true potential in everyone if they followed his philosophys and didn't see race, sex, creed and treated everyone as equal.
His Bruce Lee, his not just an actor, he had to do his moves slowly so that the camera could see what he was doing, his that fast, he did one hand push-ups only on his thumb and index finger displaying power and hardcore training. Nobody can compete with him. Nobody.
All the greatest martial artist of all time have agreed to the fact that there was only one bruce lee. he was the pioneer of his time. he took martial art way ahead of his time. MMA was his idea. He gave the philosophical thoughts over martial arts. All the world champions of his time, trained under him. BRUCE LEE IS THE BEST
Yes, Bruce Lee is truly the best and greatest martial artist of all time, no one compares to him. He brought miracles of magic to all martial arts and idolization, admiration and mentoring to all martial artists.
Bruce Lee learned 1 art from Yip Man and made so many others! If he were to fight in today's age he without a doubt be the deadliest man on the planet! He was the best in his time, I only wish he was young and around now to show his speed, discipline, power & evacuation!
The combination of unreal speed and presence of mind was unbeatable. Pound for pound, he was stronger than anyone else and his reflexes were cat like. I have seen many fights in my life as having grown up in the San Francisco area, in the 70's- 80's, and have never seen anyone fast enough to beat him.
For me bruce lee is the best, not only because of his ability to kick and to punch faster than others but also he can really understand the real meaning of a martial arts, there's a lot of kinds of martial arts in the world but they only have single purpose and it is to prepare us in any kind of situation and not just to kick somebodies ass. he is the best because when he created the jkd he realize that the old art must transform that's why he created the jkd to make some techniques more practical that can really use in a REAL FIGHT
Bruce Lee is the number one... Any time the world ends... He is the name of Martial art.. No one can attains his level... I love him because he is the inspiration in me and all with lots love and care... We all praying for his second birth as Bruce Lee again
The greatest martial artist in history without a shadow of a doubt the fastest one nobody could see him or touch him the unrivaled one his legend will live forever as the best in history of martial arts.
Bruce Lee Always The Best No Disputes About It. Rest Are All Here Because Of The Foundation He Laid For Martial Arts Which Was Till Him Not So Popular Among Common Man.
Bruce Lee is the top dog, without a doubt. He lost to nobody and many people learned from him. Anyone who disagrees is insane and does not know what their talking about. He's a legend and the ultimate hero! Go Bruce Lee!
Exactly. In fact, those who had the oportunity to have a go with him can certainly and have already spoken about the great Bruce. Who in the world could send to the ground professional marital artists by only kicking them with his fist at a mere one Inch of distance from bis oponent's chest? Just ask the victims... After all, Bruce can not answer that anymore.
Bruce lee is good but not the best by far, he did create his own martial art fighting style known as jeet kune do aka way of the intercepting fist, but his master Yip Man who was a grandmaster in Wing chun trained for far longer and was in my opinion the best martial artist, the only reason everyone believes Bruce lee is the best is because he was in movies. Watch the "Ip man" movies this man is amazing
Master of martial arts faster than any human after his back injury he became a even better martial artist than before amazing he is the jimi hendrix of martial arts
If Bruce Lee was able to punch a 10th degree Dam and he couldn't block any of the eight punches Bruce threw and at the same time let the 10th degree get ready for each punch just shows you Bruce was just was to fast to block and to work out on a 300lb heavy bag with still because his kicks were to strong and ripped the smaller bags. It's also a fact he gave someone wiplash while holding the 300lb bag still. The deadly i" punch and speed and power of his kicks. Bruce was untouchable if we didn't want to be hit and Jeet kun do was his baby and no belt can pertain to Bruce Lee.
The Greatest of All Time and one of the most recognized figures in pop culture ever. Many of the mma fighters of today started because of Bruce.
Bruce Lee is the founder of Jeet-Kune Do, the best fighting style in the world, I don't care what anyone says, he is, and always will be the Best!
He was so far a head of his time, and even today, I don't know if anyone who is comparable in their combination of skill, physical fitness, intelligence, and drive.

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