Best Marvel Comics Characters


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The Top Ten

Spiderman is the single greatest superhero ever. He is the center of Marvel's popularity. Spidey also has the most awesome Marvel villain of all, Venom. Spiderman is the coolest hero I have ever known and all of his movies kick ass. Tobey Maguire was so great as Spiderman, and Andrew Garfield was great too. SPIDERMAN RULES!
Spider-man is my hero. Every teenager with dreams of doing heroism relates to Spidey's determinations.


The top selling marvel character ever and never turns unlike hulk
[Newest]He is basically the superman of marvel.

A remarkable and interesting character with the most badass powers that enables him to showcase fierce and exciting fighting techniques on the screen. The story of Wolverine and basically everything about him makes him the most intense, grittiest and fascinating character in the marvel universe. The Wolverine 2013 is also one of the best movies. Amazing!
Wolverine is an amzing character! Claws make him one of the most violent heroes ever to exist. A rule to me is BLOOD makes a character (Wolverine) awesome!
Wolverine is like the BEST OF THE BEST X-Men Charcter. Wolverine is amazing because of his claws and the power to grab and kill right away.
Wolverines a beast! IF you have read the civil war wolverine series you know what I am talking about. That might just be the best one I have read so far


[Newest]Stronger than all the others

3Iron Man
Iron man is the coolest guy ever he has 42 different powerful
Armors, he can even control it in at the same time. He is the one who
Save the entire city and the avengers in the movie the avengers.
Different times have seen different characters popularity rise and fall. In 2013, there is no bigger superhero than Tony Stark. RDJ in the 3 Iron Man films plus the Avengers has made Iron Man bigger then Batman, Spider Man, Superman, Wolverine and all the other.
This should totally be #1. Tony Stark is like the best Marvel character ever. He may be a bit arrogant and the is the whole playboy thing, but he defeats bad guys all thanks to his genius.

Are you kidding me deadpool should be number 1 his health regeneration is faster than wolverines and he survived the battle against hulk when wolverine threw him at hulk and wolverine was the only other character that survived.
The funniest ninja on the planet that is getting his own video game!
He should at least be in the top 5! He is Deadpool. He is not the average superhero. He is the one that breaks the mold of average superheroes. He isn't as serious as the other heroes.
[Newest]He is so cool no one stands a chance against him

Watch any movie or read any comic, it takes multiple heroes/characters to bring down the HULK, or to calm him down. He destroys anything or anyone in his path, the only time I believe where he was in trouble was against COSMIC Spiderman, but please... that's pretty weak. HULK is clearly the #1
Dude, hulk has infinite strength and is known for these deeds. Holding up a mountain, killing the red king, taking down almost all the marvel characters, and (My personal favorite) cracking onslaught's indestructible armor. All the avengers couldn't do it but then they just let out hulk.
I think the hulk should be the greatest marvel superhero because he has unmeasurable energy and great power over the other heroes. Hulk can single handedly defeat every hero ever created. Hulk may not have the brains to know what exactlly he is doing but he can still woop any of them.

6Captain America
Though Siderman's great, Cap. is the hero that makes others look like students. He practically is the face of Marvel, underdog to hero. Everyone's favorite story, he's above all the modest and true hero. Not wanting to do it for someone, not revenge, plain and simple. Humbleness is the ruler of great qualities, he takes the gold, silver, and bronze for that. So great that it goes around.
The movies...
The comics...
The game...
What more can this superhero do
He is the first avenger!
My brother hates him whats up with that!
I voted him cause he is one of the famous heroes of marvel universe.

Virtually a god, a mystical hammer, can control the weather with super strength to boot. You just should not logically be able to beat Thor.
We are talking about strength and Spiderman does not deserve any of that. Thor is definitely the one unless One Above All just destroys him from all his comics. Thor wields one of the strongest weapons in the universe, a hammer called Mjlonir.
Thor should be in the top 5

Ororo Munroe is the most recognizeable female mutant in marvel universe. I like her mohawk look and the different costumes that she wear. I like her style. And most of all, I like her attitude. Her powers are really awesome. She is even considered an omega level mutant. She's my favorite X-man character and her team X-men gold is my favorite too. Storm has a great heart.


Probably the most powerful female X-Man along with Jean Grey, Strom is classified as an Omega level mutant. Seriously, what mutant can create tornadoes, storms, and flash floods with a wave of their hand? Her will is impressive and her skills as a thief are one of the best in the Marvel universe. She's way more powerful than her teammates, if you compare her to Nightcrawler, or even Colossus or Iceman.
Though she is claustrophobic, she tries to be strong and fight against evil at all costs. She tries to see through a problem and find solutions analytically unlike Wolverine. Her ability to control the mother nature is one of the most powerful abilities one can have as a mutant.

Venom is so cool. He is one of the most iconic villains ever.
Venom is off the chain. I especially like Flash Thompson as Venom.

10Ghost Rider
Ghost rider is bad ass in fighting he will beat any character you name.
Ghost Rider can beat anyone in fighting with his fire.
One of the coolest and strongest characters in marvel! Thor, hulk and dr strange are nothing compared to the power of the rider

The Contenders

11Silver Surfer

Part ninja, part acrobat. Superhuman senses and balance. Matt Murdock is the ultimate underdog in the MU.
Part ninja, part acrobat. Superhuman senses and balance. Matt Murdock is the ultimate underdog in the MU.

13Jean Grey



Magneto is the best! He should be 1! ! ! ! !


17Professor X

18Dr. Doom
BEst Villian of all time. I have all the comic books that includes him.

19Green Goblin
Best villain in history, surpassing Darth Vader easily in my opinion. If there is a Spiderman movie in the DVD shops, cinemas; or a videogame dedicated to Spiderman, it is all out there thanks to good old Norman Osborn. I have read almost 500 old Amazing Spider-Man comics. Read about at least 600 characters in marvel universe but none was as impressive as Green Goblin and his genius.

HAWKEYE is awesome, I love the avengers and I love archers

21Howard the Duck
Original cartoon character, original choise





26Kitty Pryde

27The Punisher

28Black Panther
He is just the best superhero every no need for explanation
Need I say more how could he not get a spot on the list

29Night Crawler


31Emma Frost

Ben Grim is one the Greatest Hand-t- hand fighters and one of the coolest characters. He and Victor Von Doom should rank Much HIGHER!




A young Omega-level mutant filled with dreams.


37Mr. Fantastic


The power of 10 million exploding suns, the ability to revive himself, the void, fear of his own powers. He is really one of the best marvel characters

40Human Torch

41Ms. Marvel
Hello?!?! Ms. MARVEL! Her name is actually the whole like brand name!

Loki is awesome in every way possible in the films, I mean he's played by a great actor, has amazing lines, and can do anything really.
Oh come on. Who can't love a villain like this!


How is he not in the top 10?


44Iron Fist


46Black Widow
Black widow is good at skill

47Captain Britain

48Marvel Girl

49Moon Knight



52Phil Coulson

53Maria Hill


55Dr. Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock

56Captain Planet
Saves the environment=one word...awesome!

Don't forget the real man gladiator

The most ruthless in the marvel universe sabertooth




62Black Bolt


64White Tiger


The power of magneto and professor x in one badass dude... More to say?

67Aldrich Killian

68J. Jonah Jameson

69Franklin Richards
Is the son of genius!

70Winter Soldier
The badass nightwing equivalent of marvel. Make wolverine look like chumps, Trashing crossbones, fighting Cap and ironman to a standstill. Hero, Anti hero, soldier, ninja, assasin... Easily favourite character tied with batman.

71Nick Fury


73Pepper Potts

74Melinda May


76Scarlet Witch

77Captain Marvel


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