Best Massive Attack Songs


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Maybe the greatest song of the group included in the House M.D. Soundtrack and it passes really well


Should have been used more than just the one scene in prison break, epic influential song
Best song to relax to ever
[Newest]My new favourite song

2Paradise Circus
The sexiest beat I've ever heard
One of my favorite MA songs, brilliant!
Really different in comparison to their other songs. For me their best song and album together with Mazzanine.

Wonderful incredible unique the best track they ever made no one got anywhere near
Snatch, the fire of caravan...
Beats Teardrop for me.
[Newest]The one for me

4Unfinished Sympathy
Words cannot describe how this song creates such a powerful sensation. Just listen to it!


It should be number one. Clearly, it's their best song! There is no need to resist the obvious. Not this time, at least.
A great piece of art. Makes you feel high.
[Newest]Resistance is futile - this should be number 1 on this and any list

One of my all time favorite songs! It's a dark, cinematic masterpiece that gives me chills every time I listen to it. Definitely my favorite MA song. Amazing!


7Safe From Harm
One of their best!

8Atlas Air
Really different from their other tracks... Forged with intense emotions, Atlas Air makes you feel the anguish of a war prisoner

9Splitting the Atom

10Special Cases

The Contenders

Should be among top ten at least!

12Dissolved Girl

13Inertia Creeps

14Live With Me
One of the strongest vocal performances on any of their songs and the instrumentation creates a perfect sorrowful atmosphere. Their most moving track in my opinion.

15Butterfly Caught

16What Your Soul Sings
This songs is highly underrated. It's one of their best tracks, full of slick beats with an emotional melody in the voice. It's very smooth and relaxing, but full sentiment.
Why is this song so overlooked? It's beautiful and uplifting.



18Man Next Door

19Any Love


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