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21 That's the Truth That's the Truth

What?! This song should be on top. Guys please vote this song or you should hear it first.

Man, this should be on top, not just in the top tens but this song really desserves to be on top. Tom and danny has sung this song so nicely. People please vote for this and make it on top and if have not heard it hear it's sample or the whole song and please vote.

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22 I'll Be OK I'll Be OK

Awesome song can't believe it was number 1 for 1 week should have been longer but it was still good to be number 1 SHOULD ALESAT BE IN TOP 3

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23 Umbrella

Umbrella (cover by McFly) is amazing! I like it better than the original and they put there own spin on it! I think the song's amazing and it deserves more credit then it gets and needs to be more well known!

24 Don't Know Why Don't Know Why
25 I Wanna Hold You I Wanna Hold You

This is one of the BEST songs EVER!

26 Broccoli Broccoli
27 Little Joanna Little Joanna

This song is so cute! And I love everything about this song!

This is my favourite mcfly song what

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28 No Worries

I just love this song, Danny's voice in it is just amazing and the words and melody are just perfect.

29 Nowhere Left to Run Nowhere Left to Run
30 The Ballad of Paul K The Ballad of Paul K

A hugely underrated song! It was written by Dougie and Danny about their fathers and it's definitely one that touches you emotionally and gets you thinking about life. It's also very easy to relate to.

31 Lonely Lonely
32 I've Got You I've Got You

I love this song and I love the film just my luck as well! Xxx

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33 Get Over You
34 Sorry's Not Good Enough Sorry's Not Good Enough

Don't know why this is not higher and why it was not on their memory Lane album. Its brilliant.

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35 Ultraviolet Ultraviolet
36 Walk In the Sun Walk In the Sun

An amazing song! Danny's voice in this is just amazing, so it should at least be in the top 5!

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37 Only The Strong Survive Only The Strong Survive
38 Baby's Coming Back

This is a jellyfish cover

39 Corrupted Corrupted

An amazing song! On there memory lane tour this was the craziest one! There was so many strobe lights and every one was singing along! The lights were s crazy I couldn't see danny who was about 2 metres away from me! It was the best night ever though!

40 She Falls Asleep She Falls Asleep

This song, along with Ultraviolet and Memory Lane, should be way higher up. They seem to really be focusing more on the music than the mass appeal on these songs.

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