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1Mega Man 2

Oh man, I could never put down this masterpiece. It is part of your lifetime. Play it, for your own sake. It never gets old at all! I especially adore the graphics! And the music? What can I say? This is classic!

Go classic & old Mega Man games! This game could have crossovers such as Mario & Mega Man: Worlds Collide w/ Mario-based robots of Dr. Wily such as Mario Man, Yoshi Man, Goomba Man, Rosalina Woman, Daisy Woman, Waluigi Man, Toad Man & etc joining w/ all of Wily's old & new robots from the Mega Man franchise respectively. Also, Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land will be seen having frequent & bitter rivalries with Bass.

This game isn't as great as everyone says it is. - Frouze

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2Mega Man 3

This game brought a lot of staples that woud be later used I.E. sliding and Rush

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3Mega Man 4

Best weapon arsenal before 9, best castle bosses, 2 castles, lots of platform elements!

4Mega Man X4
5Mega Man X5

WHY BE A MODERNIST?! YOU CAN LOVE VIDEO GAMES WHETHER THEY'RE THEY'RE RETRO OR MODERN! The Mega Man X franchise is one prime example (but it excludes remakes/ports of the original Mega Man X and Mega Man X6's successors).

This is by far better than MM2. Also, MM2 is the wost

Far better than the lameness that is 2

6Mega Man

These are good old games. But still, Super Mario should be in it, although Capcom didn't know about Super Mario yet.

Honestly the first is the best! Mega Man all the way!

MARIO IN MEGAMAN?! You really suck at crossovers...

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7Mega Man X
8Mega Man Zero 3
9Mega Man Zero 2
10Mega Man Zero

Such a fun game I loved it first mega man game I played and taught me that mega man was a hard game

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?Megaman & Bass
?Megaman & Bass

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11Mega Man 9
12Mega Man 5

This game is good, but Nintendo's mascot should be in ALL Mega Man games! Imagine Mario & Mega Man: Worlds Collide.

How could this game be so low on the list? It's a masterpiece! I love the graphics and the music! Everything! I want this game so bad.

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13Megaman Zero 4V1 Comment
14Mega Man 10

This game is great. I only encountered one actually bad boss, and that was Pump Man.

15Mega Man X2V1 Comment
16Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
17Mega Man & Bass

The only this to dislike was the utter difficulty. Great bosses, awesome weapons, challenging level design, and awesome music (I'm a sucker for Dynamo Man's theme).

At least it's easier than Mega Man 3.

18Mega Man ZX Advent

A super cool Mega Man game! Great action and gameplay. Soundtrack is awesome. Everything is great about Mega Man ZX Advent.

19Mega Man X3
20Mega Man Legends 2

Can you please shut up about Mario?

Super Mario Sunshine vs. Mega Man Legends 2

Mega Man Legends 2 wins.

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