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121HelplessV1 Comment
122The Small Hours
123Killing Time
124Damage Case
125Too Late Too Late
126Ronnie Rising

Best cover song ever made with knocking on heaven doors by guns n roses... as this song ronnie rising by Metallica I.. it features 4 songs of dio... I will give it rank 2 with 1st for whom the bell tolls... best song of 2014 guys just listen once you will enjoy it and listen to old dio versions... this one is 101 times better... but love dio he is legend... and legend always remain's legend

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12753rd & 3rdV1 Comment
128Holier Than Thou

I would go as far and say that this is the best Metallica song ever.
The guitars and the bass is so perfect in this track, by far the best on the black album.

Higher! It's just a cool song and definitely better than others above.
I just love the part when the three guitars come in after the bass

Come on! This song should be higher than 75! Probably the "thrashiest" song on the black album. Pretty much everything about this song is awesome! Especially the solo and the bass part! Vote.

Its not the best Metallica song. It's around the number 40-45 spot on my list.

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Not a big hit, but my personal favorite, it gets my vote.

Love the intro, just so masterful

Like attitude I was disappointed with this song for the same reasons you see the name of the song fixxxer three x's and you think damn this is gonna be full out metal and it's not! A disappointing song!

Wow, this might be the most underrated Metallica song of all time. Easy top 10. Take a listen and prove me wrong.

Fixxxer is absolutely masterpiece. Really nice sound. Great lyrics again.

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130Low Man's Lyric

Great Song Ever. I heard this to million times but I getting close to lyric to this song and what a voice of James his impressing everyone and I love share this with everyone. Please vote this song really great work by Metallica. M not biggest fan of Metallica but m best fan. So keep listening to Metallica. M loving It

So emotional and beautiful, can't believe it's not higher up on this list.

I CAN'T believe this song is not in the top 20! Personal favorite. So I lie, lie straight to the mirror, the one I broken to match my face. Priceless.

Beautiful. Harmony.

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131Where the Wild Things Are

This song is very Underrated, its a very good song. - dragon13304

UNDERRATED?! MORE LIKE OVERRATED! I hear people talk about how good this song is all the time I hate it! It's my third least favorite Metallica song it's above the outlaw torn and the god that failed

A song that shouldn't be at the very bottom of this list, but shouldn't be at the top either. I think it should be a little bit higher on the list.

One of the best on Reload. Nicely done, Jason's base on the second half is kick ass.

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132The Ecstasy of Gold

It is't a Metallica's song, but it' plaid at the begining of their concerts and I think it should've been higher, cause it's an awesome instrumental piece, I love it. Has amazing vibes energy, power and force...

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I DO BELIEVE that Cure is a pretty good song! I DO BELIEVE it is also pretty underrated as well. I DO BELIEVE that this song should at least be in the top 60. The solo in Cure is pretty cool! Nothing else really needs to be said about this song other than VOTE NOW! One of the best from Load.

I agree if master of puppets is the best song, but at least "cure" has to be in top ten.

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134Tuesday's Gone

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

Metallica owned a lot of their covers but not this one Skynard forever R.I.P. ronnie

135Junior DadV1 Comment
136Little Dog
137Mistress Dread

This is a great song.

140Pumping Blood
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