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141 Mistress Dread Mistress Dread

This is a great song.

142 Dragon Dragon
143 Through the Never Through the Never

Through the Never deserves to be way high! At leat in the 20's! The rapid intro and mad as solo from Kirk really makes this song awesome. Please vote!

This song is really underrated. The only reason it is so low down here is because not many people have heard it. This is one of my favorite tracks off of the black album.

137#? Are you kidding me? This song has a really cool guitar and one of the best drum beats by Lars. Top 40# at least!

Sick riff, Probably top50

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144 Pumping Blood Pumping Blood
145 Frustration Frustration
146 Purify Purify

Such an amazing song by Metallica, although it's got a lot to compete with it should still come out near the top

PURIFY YOU AND I! Great song! The number two song on st. anger second to shoot me again!

147 All Within My Hands All Within My Hands

This song needs to be way higher than 122! It has good riffs and all that. I also like the acoustic version of this song. In fact, I like the acoustic version a little bit more than the studio version. Please vote!

All Within My Hands should at least be in the top 60's. I say 60's because a lot of people aren't gonna vote for this anyway. But I think it's one of the best songs on St. Anger. I also love the acoustic version as well.

Not easy to listen especially the last 2 minutes. Well, James just came back from clinic. Still top 100.

This song SUCKS for one reason: it repeats the title (counted it) 20 TIMES

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148 Vulturous V 1 Comment
149 Slither Slither V 3 Comments
150 Dirty Window Dirty Window

This song and St. Anger is WAY BETTER than All Within My Hands, and its way better than that poopstorm album Load.

Upvoted this song because in my opinion it's the saving grace from St. Anger.

151 Brandenburg Gate Brandenburg Gate V 1 Comment
152 We Did It Again We Did It Again V 1 Comment
153 Free Speech for the Dumb Free Speech for the Dumb

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

154 Temptation V 1 Comment
155 Cheat On Me Cheat On Me

I want a song from lulu to be in the top ten just so the more narrow minded Metallica fans get annoyed

156 Frantic Frantic

The second best song on the album St.Anger. Frantic-tic-tic-toc.


Frantic is so good. I remember when I was listening St Anger album for the first time. I smoked weed and I put the headphones. First sound and I thought "It's sounds like the band in a garage, very raw sound but cool at the same time, wow I want to hear it again" I was listening Frantic twice that time!

Best song off this album. Should be top 50 for sure.

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157 St. Anger St. Anger

Too underrated, the drums sound so cool and are the vocals are great. I don't see why Metallica fans don't like this song.

So underrated. I love this song, probably my favourite. Don't know why no one else likes it.

Such a great song deserves a much higher position

I'm a long time Metallica fan, and this is definitely my favourite song they've done. Love everything about it.

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158 Mama Said Mama Said

This song is really touching.. Great sentiment, rhythm, melody and lyrics... Great to listen and play... You will hardly find any other songs like this from any other artists...

Ummm... this song should be in the top 10. One of Metallica's most beautiful songs. Expertly written and very touching.

This song should be on the top great vocals great lyrics I always remember my mother while I listen to this really heart touching great guitar music too.

Top 50 no questions. Give me any metal band in the world and let them create song with so much country vibration. Trust me, no band do it better than Metallica.

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159 The View The View V 4 Comments
160 Invisible Kid Invisible Kid

This is an amazing song! I think that is just really underrated because of the fact that it's from St. Anger. It's such a good album and its just so underrated it hurts me. This has to be at least the 2nd best song on the album.

This song rocks! This, along with Shoot Me Again, are the best songs off of St. Anger. Ronnie is better than both this song & Shoot Me Again? Ronnie is one of the worst Metallica songs ever!

Invisible Kid is a good song. It has okay lyrics. This is one of the only good tracks on St. Anger, but that's just my opinion.

Repetitive, but catchy and great riffs. - NikBrusk

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