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the video makes ONE even more powerful than it already was. - wolphert

Their best. No one knows what true horror is. This song and video define. All around epic and amazing song

Even the title says how good it is. It is number One.

this is the 1st song metallica made a video for - seether62

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2The Day That Never Comes

It's THE best video ever. Period. I mean, comon, ever seen a video which totally coordinates with the song SOO well? The car scene in the climax is THE most gripping scene I've scene, I thought the woman would take out guns and go bazooka on everyone!

3Enter Sandman
4I Disappear

Metallica's videos are not very special stuff. But this video is very great actually.

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5All Nightmare Long
6Until It Sleeps
7St. Anger
8Sad But True
9Wherever I May Roam

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11Some Kind of Monster
12The Unforgiven 2

Wow... This video was phenomenal. It just displays the lovers quarrel which I believe the song meant so well... But now I see the suuun.

14Mama Said
15The Unnamed Feeling
16The Unforgiven

Come on guys, this is the best music video that I ever saw

17The Memory Remains

It's awesome guys both song and video are EPIC!

18Whiskey In the Jar
19The View
20Turn the Page

How can this not be even in the list

Come on! Not even in the list?

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